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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~ What Running Has Taught Me ~ Shoes

I know there are a gazillion websites and blogs that talk about the greatness of running. I read them too.

But since I have started running again, after my 3 month break, I have learned some valuable life lessons. Each lesson is great for running, but can be translated into every-day life as well. I will be sharing these life lessons with you while training for the Jingle Bell Run, which I am participating in on December 7th. (Donate HERE).

Today, I must stress the importance of good running shoes.

The Shoes.
I know, I know, everyone talks about the shoes. And here I am again stressing their importance. But let me explain.

When I started back running, 2 1/2 months ago, my running shoes were already old. I justified keeping them because I had taken a 3 month break, and thought I could get some more pounding out of them. 

I am not sure when it started, but I really noticed my legs hurt. They hurt when I ran, after I ran, and most of the rest of the day.

I worked on my form (which I will talk about in the coming weeks), I walked some days instead of running (which didn't help at all, my shins still hurt), I stretched, massaged, and basically complained. But I did nothing about the shoes. 

Until last Sunday.......I got NEW SHOES!
ROCKIN' my new shoes.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Besides the total awesomeness of the color of my NEW shoes, they are super comfy too. (PURPLE! And see the bells? I am ready to Jingle Bell Run, baby!). And okay, the socks rock with them too, don't they? 

LIFE LESSON ~ A good pair of shoes is essential to a good day.
If you wear uncomfortable shoes, your mood will show it. You will be grumpy, not to mention in pain. This will affect everything you do that day. Wearing comfortable, and gorgeous, shoes will boost your confidence, energy levels, and make not only your run but your entire day completely awesome. 
I want!
photo from
My new running shoes were so overdue. I didn't even take a picture of my old ones, they were so badly worn. The entire outer heel was missing on both shoes, worn down so much that when I showed hubby he said "Oh my God, throw those away! Those are so f*&$ing bad! I can't believe you run in those!". (yes, he likes to cuss for effect) No wonder my legs hurt every time I ran! I threw them right in the garbage, not even in a garbage bag.

Happily I went out for my first run in my new shoes, excited to get in a great run! 

It wasn't totally a great run, I ended up walking quite a bit. But my feet didn't hurt, my legs did NOT hurt, my shoes were comfy, and they are totally awesome looking shoes! I still enjoyed my workout, I still went 3.81 miles.

It made my whole day great as well. I was able to accomplish more than I thought I would that day, I worked hard and felt pretty good, even though it wasn't the awesome run I wanted in the morning. (Why was the run bad? It had to do with my insomniatic ways, but more on that next week.)

My awesome shoes set the mood for the whole day!
Do you notice a big difference in your mood when you change shoes? 


  1. Whoo for new shoes! I haven't gotten to run for a while (bad ankle that I need to fix with exercises that I couldn't do when I was pregnant :( ), but oh yes, I remember going from some department store "running" shoes to my first real pair and oh man! It's like running on clouds!

    I love the shirt! Now I want one... :/

  2. I love new shoes. What a difference. I hope you can get back to running, or at least walking. That is how I got into running in the first place, walking.
    I want one of those shirts too. It is awesome.


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