Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Want a Curtain How? You Sure? Okay, I Got This.

Yup, this was the converstaion I had with my youngest after I got back from the store yesterday.

You see, we had the wonderfully aweful vertical blinds in every room of the place we have now. The ceiling fans blow the strips so they make noise, they stick so you can't open them without a fight, and well they are just plain ugly. And they let light in. A 17 year old doesn't like this fact in his bedroom.

So I went to the store, got these great curtains, on sale. Was waiting for the sale.....

They are light blocking. What the boy wanted. A normal 17 year old request, yes, but also because there is a light right outside his window that shines right in his room everynight. 

Easy Peasy, hang and ready to go. Except they were WAY too long. So some alteration was needed. But then we discussed options, and he just wanted one piece of fabric going across the full window. He wouldn't be opening them - ever - and didn't need the bulk of two. Wanted a clean no fuss thing to keep the light out. 

Uh, that is more than just cutting off the bottoms and hemming. Okay, I got this. I got out my trusty, somewhat discolored from a bit too long in storage, sewing machine and got to it. I acquired a roller cutting tool, by the way this is the BEST thing ever, and cut, hemmed, and sewed. Popped a tension rod up and BAM, done. He slept till noon today. 
(yes, we still have to take down the brackets, one thing at a time! and yes, tension rod - these are concrete walls and a BITCH to drill holes in.)

So I had an extra curtain. And a kitchen window with the same trouble blinds.
This is not the original idea what we had for this window. But our budget is dictating our actions at the moment, and what we want will take some saving. So, BAM. 
And sitting here, we just came up with an idea to make this more interesting, so I might dress this up a bit. To make it even more BAM. 

I must say, I was in rare form yesterday. More than a year and a half, nothing. Then here I am sewing and shit stuff. I ROCK. 

(I know, the blinds we took down are expensive custom things, but they were so old, discolored, they jammed and were difficult. Plus, the kitchen ones were too close to the faucet. You might be thinking we were crazy for ditching them, but they were a constant irritation - we are glad to see them gone. And I am trying to talk hubby out of going to get the sections to make something out of...the hoarder artist in him....) (what do you think? Improvement or no?)

I do have a bit of fabric left, and these broken terrible blinds on the door. 
I have plans for these too, but hubby is not completely on board. He says these are so damn cheap just throw these away too, and yes they do not go up and down very well and the string is currently tied to the door to keep them up this way, but  I think I can make them into Roman Blinds like this:
Instructions to do this can be found HERE.
I can make them the size of the window and not worry about putting them up and down. But perhaps not today. Yesterday kinda took it out of me. Need a rest day, and some football. 
Next weekend, look out!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Simple Sundays of Chili and Chocolate

Photo Courtesy of Raige
Tea, those deliciously 'evil' hazelnut and chocolate sticks, and the chili stirring spoon makes for a lovely Sunday.
It means all the chores were done by the time football starts. The laundry folded and put away, the dinner prepped (just stirring intermittenly throughout the afternoon), showered and in Sunday comfy clothes. 

You might not understand the big deal of the Pirouline's . These, once upon a time way back when we were a younger family who was content with enough to be able to treat ourselves with yummy treats and the time for tea, were our favorite. A very fancy to us, decadent treat we allowed ourselves when times were good financially. When we took the time to enjoy tea, sweets, and each other. 

We then hit tougher times, busier times. We were working harder, for less rewards. We cut back, we skimped, we scraped by. No chocolate hazelnut goodness. No tea time. 

Years went by living under these circumstances. We accepted it, tried to find other ways to enjoy things. Then, honestly, I forgot all about these lovely, creamy good treats. 

When hubby was with in the store yesterday, he found them and said, 'OH, remember these? We HAVE to get these!" 

Immediately I thought, 'too much! too much money, too much sweet (I want to lose a few pounds!), just too much'. 

But he was adament. "No, put them in the cart, get them. Yes, it is fine, remember how good they are? It has been so long since we had these, and they are SOOOO GOOOOOD!" 

A slight argument ensued. People were looking. I gave in. 

And today? WOW. I can just say, it is so nice to indulge every now and then. So simple, just a few extra bucks, nothing that will break the bank these days, thankfully. Simply chocolate and hazlenut, together in a nice wafer. With tea. Wow. 

We had that little argument after we decided to not splurge on a much needed wanted patio set. We have crap furniture out there right now. We so want to be comfortable out there, but decided to wait. Other things took priority right now. So I thought NO to the treat, even though it was a small short lived treat. But I gave in. Thankfully.

Enough saying NO to things that really won't break the bank!

It's the little things. It's what makes life good. 
Remember it is okay to indulge, enjoy. Be happy.
Picture found on Pinterest.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I love the rain, today

Not much more to say about it really. As we all feel different about a good rainy afternoon turned night downpour. But tonight, the last night of my vacation, I couldn't have asked for a better day. It is the perfect day to be home, a rainy day.
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I didn't really accomplish all I wanted. But I did make chili, been simmering alllllll day. And I made some marinated conch, actually a time consuming dish only that it takes great care and time to cut up the tough conch. I all did this before lunch, and then have been enjoying intermitten naps with the smell of chocolate chip cookies my friend made this afternoon.

Imagine this: dinner simmering, delish appetizer to snack on all day, rain and naps to smells of chocolate chip cookies. Sounds like a dream day, right? Something we would ache for on most days.

Honestly, this was a totally unplanned chain of events that has made this the day we all promise to have every now and then. And that is what makes it all the more beautiful, I didn't set out to have these chain of events takes place, I didn't plan to have this nearly picture perfect vacation day.

The key is to accept these events as they happen, and let the day unfold. I perhaps did feel a little like I should 'accomplish' something, 'do something' and I did have to talk myself down from that. It is my nature. I also, eventually, accepted that and relaxed.

And now, will enjoy the chili, the rice I did just manage to make, and have chocolate chip cookies, maybe with a little ice cream for dessert. Tomorrow may suck, after a week off work, but I will still have today.
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Friday, November 13, 2015


No, not the new Adele song, I have yet to hear that believe it or not.
But at least I am not out of the loop enough to know there is a new Hello song that isn't Lionel Ritchie....

Yes, it would appear I have been MIA for quite a while.
And in some ways I have been. It has been almost an entire year since I have posted a blog.
I have some drafts, but also almost an entire year ago.

But I have been around. Just distracted by real life (which honestly has been wonderful).
I gave up my smart phone, and do scroll around Facebook and Pinterest, but writing has taken a back seat to actual life and work.

So, now I wonder if there is anyone out there that still would like Raige's thoughts of life, motivation, and creation? Yes, the Floyd song does fit here.
Is there anybody in there? 
Just nod if you can hear me.
(But since it is not Monday, no music today.)

I will still try to write, because as I realized something: I often wrote thinking I was helping others, but as I was reading over all the posts I did, it occurred to me that I was writing for me. The posts I wrote to help others were never near as good, to me. So at the end of the day, I will write for me, when I can.

But if you are out there, and would like to see more, do say so!

I will leave you with the a thought for the day:
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