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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Would You Be More Productive Using A Typewriter?

photo courtesy of: Blue Rage of Asheville
I spent most of the day Thursday on the internet, reading blogs, writing a little, browsing Pinterest (I know, I vowed to stop, but Thursday was just one of those days.....).

I didn't go for a run, in fact I didn't even get dressed until 2 o'clock.

My original plan was to check all my emails, maybe finish my blog I started, go for run, and then accomplish more of the de-cluttering.

What happened was the internet sucked me in, again. I wasted the majority of the day. I know this has happened to you once or twice, right?

I couldn't help but wonder if we all wrote on typewriters, would be be more productive? (You can actually buy this great typewriter pictured here!)

What do you think? Would you go back to writing on a typewriter if it meant you would write more, and write better?


  1. I am the queen of WhiteOut! So there is absolutely no way I could go back to writing on a typewriter. I make too many errors typing and have become to accustomed to the wonderful DELETE key. :)

  2. I'm old enough to have started my writing career on a typewriter. NO. You might try an Alphasmart however. It's cuts you off from the internet, but gives you function of a computer. :-)

    (popping over from BlogHer/NaBloPoMo)

  3. Oh yeah, WhiteOut! I kinda forgot about that. It is all coming back to me, I used that a lot.....yes, as a matter of fact that delete key is very nice, Deb.

    Pauline, I am not familiar with the Alphasmart. I do remember my mothers old green manual typewriter, used that for many a high school paper.
    Thanks for stopping by from BlogHer!


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