Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, September 30, 2011

NaBloWriMo! Huh? National Blog Writing Month, silly!

"The idea is simple: every day, for a month, you write a blog post. Any blog post. You can blog about anything you want: your hubs, your kids, that weird lady who smells the bananas in Hell-Mart...really, the possibilities are endless. The only catch is that, for the entire month of October, you write an entry every single day."
From Heather, at NaBloWriMo.
This about sums it up. Starting tomorrow, we will post a blog every day, and do so for the whole month of October. We are a group of bloggers who want to challenge ourselves. But as this sounds daunting, we are supporting each other. 
I have been saying for months how I want to blog more consistently, grow my readership, begin offering advertising, and make the 'dream of being a writer' (one I have had for several years now) less like a dream and more like reality. This sounds like a great way to get myself in the habit of writing, meet some wonderful bloggers, and have a little fun!
Now, you may have a blog, though maybe you do not have such dreams as me, but maybe you do want to challenge yourself. Maybe you want to find some new bloggers. Maybe you just want to have some fun blogging. 
If you nodded to any one of these things, then head on over to NaBloWriMo and join us in this crazy month long blogging party!
Does a post a day scare you? No worries! Heather says:
"The whole point of NaBloWriMo is to increase your posting, but we don't exactly come out with sticks and beat you with them if you miss a day or two."
There will also be prompts regularly. Writing ideas suggested to you, to help with that creative writers block we all experience from time to time. There is now even a Facebook page dedicated to this endeavor. It will be hard to miss a prompt that way. And if you have an idea for a prompt, well then share it and help us all out a little!
It will be tough. It may sometimes feel like work. But isn't that true of nearly everything after a while? Some days it is easy, some days it is not. 
At least with NaBloWriMo there will be a great bunch of bloggers who are in the same boat, who want everyone to succeed. There is still time to join! Go now, join up, and let the blogging begin

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - What to do if you WASTE an entire morning

The other day I got up early and saw the kids off to school, sat down at the computer anticipating a very productive day!

Suddenly, it is 11am, and I had wasted 4 hours messing around on the computer. 

I got some food (realized I was hungry after all that wasted time) and went right back on the computer. Oh, I re-sized a few pictures, networked, read up on some pertinent blog news (I found a great website for such things!click for link). I read some unrelated things, as I always seem to get sidetracked, and of course that pesky FB game kept me busy for much longer than I realized too.

Suddenly it was 2pm. Can you believe it? another 3 hours!!!  I know we have all experienced days like this. But this time I was so mad at myself! So much time wasted!

I decided I had 2 choices.

1.  Embrace it!
Enjoy the rest of the afternoon just rummaging around the world wide web. After all, I DID find a great new site, made a new FB friend, and networking always is a good thing. Indulge in this, because you know it won't happen often, if ever again. And take comfort in the thought that you will be so sick of the computer that you won't want to go near it for days, and thus have several very productive follow up days.


2. Get the heck up and DO SOMETHING ELSE!
Change your location, change your clothes (out of your pajamas that you are no doubt still in), change your mindset! Go somewhere, do something different. In essence, start your day over. Tell yourself, "that was fun, now for accomplishing something tangible...."
For me, I had to go with #2 it turns out, because I had to pick up my son from school so he could get to work. (he gets his full license in a few weeks!). I HAD to change my location and do something else.

It turned out to be the best move I could make for that day. Not just in the fact that my son got to his job on time, always a good thing, but also, I created something that afternoon! I took my idle morning and turned it into a productive day.

Chicken Vindaloo
I felt so motivated by then, I made Chicken Vindaloo for dinner! I had never tried to make it before - and it was delicious.

So, next time you find yourself sitting in front of the computer for a ridiculous amount of time, know that you have options. 

Either one can work, for that day. 
And know that whichever one you choose will be just fine for today. For tomorrow is a new day, to accomplish something entirely different, or even enjoy the same, whichever you choose.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Collections to Keep Me Busy - Collection of Purple

Because I love PURPLE!

Couldn't hold it in any longer. 
Here are just a few of the great purple finds.

Feel free to comment on AF too!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday! Good Life

I try to be the optimist. Stay positive. I guess I try to be the Yin more than the Yang. The one with the bright outlook. But sometimes it is difficult to stay positive. Especially in these difficult times we are going through lately, I am sure you know what I mean.
  • You work so hard, only to get lackluster results. (i.e. lots of promotion, few sales). 
  • You interview for jobs, and they hire someone else.
  • You GET a part time job, and they only schedule you for one day a week for the second week in a row.

Times are tough, and sometimes it is very tough to remain positive. But then along comes a song, and you like the music, you listen to the lyrics, and suddenly you feel better. You find that Yin as the Yang fades in the background. You feel good inside.

This song does that for me. Even though I have lived more than half (I assume) of it, this song makes me believe, yes, this is gonna be a good life. You are never too old to say:

Oh, this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life
A good, good life

And I just heard that they got rid of all the art and music classes at my kids old school in NY! Can you belive that? It is hard to stay positive knowing that - that songs like this are because music and art, and creativity in general, was taught, even fought for (Save the Music) once. Let's hope those schools get their sense back, and continue to encourage these avenues that we all need, at one time or another, or even all the time.

I do. I need it. We all need good music, and good creativity. 

Without it, it is hard to believe this could really be a good life. So let's do like the lyrics say and keep the positive going:

When your happy like a fool, let it take you over.
When everything is out, you gotta take it in.

'Cause hopelessly
The hope is we have so much to feel good about.

One Republic

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Collections to Keep My Busy - I've Gone Batty!

With all the Halloween preparations, 
I seem to have gone batty!

I wonder how my dog would like to dress up as a bat this Halloween, with a costume like the little doggie has in this collection?? 
What do you think, 
would she be cute or what??
A Buff Bat!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween Toekini's!

Boo!  Are you ready for Halloween?
Sure you may be, but ARE YOUR FEET??

It is right around the corner, and to celebrate, 
Raige has made some 
FUN and SPOOKY Toekini's!!
My regular model was at school, 
so luckily, and spookily, 
Bones stepped in to help. 
Meet Bones, modeling some Halloween Toekini's
His feet are incredibly small, so they didn't fit him right, but at least you get the idea.  In this shot, he is wearing the Pumpkin Orange on Black Toekini's. (Yes, he is short with incredibly small feet, so we tied them at his knee...not the ideal Toekini model, but you work with what you've got)
Pumpkin Orange Toekini's

He was a super model, really. The first set is not too scary, some festive Pumpkin Orange Toekini's. 

Perfect for that hay ride, and bobbing for apples.

Or even that barn dance party. Not too scary stuff.

Batty Orange Toekini's

But be careful of the bats in that barn.

They can swoop right down and bite your ankle! Oh, no these aren't vampire bats, you should be okay.

Lucky Black Cat on Hot Pink Toekini's

But beware of the black cat that may cross your path. It is said they are nothing but bad luck....but not always.

Wait a minute, look at this cutie. No way she is bad luck, she is good luck! She is from the Lucky Black Cat Toekini's. That hot pink could get you in trouble with the boy kitties at night though....

Glow in the Dark Ghost Toekini's
Speaking of night, isn't that when the ghosts come out?? Will we have to appease any spirits of the dead?

Let's be careful not to practice necromancy now...

Oh dear, these are spooky! These looked the best on Bones, don't you think?

And they even glow in the dark! 

There is no hiding......from the the dark........

A fun assortment of wonderful Halloween Toekini's, featuring charms from the talented Daresa, of Clay Art by Daresa

Dressing up as a pirate perhaps? Well, finally the Silver Skull Toekini's may be just the right thing for you.
Silver Skull Toekini's

These scared my poor model, Bones, the most! He wondered where the skull and cross-bones came from ~ thought of his poor old uncle Jack. 


Was poor Bones a Pirate in his past life? Perhaps!

Raige has these in limited supply, so if you need your feet to scream Halloween, you better get yours now.

Just contact me via, or via the 'contact seller' link in my Artfire store, to order yours. If you Zibbet or Etsy, there are contact links there too - just let me know!

I will make and ship your favorite one within 2 days of your order. All requests will be made to order, because all of the ones pictured here are on their way to Florida to scare some salon goers into making their feet an accessory to be all the Raige. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Art in Autumn


The time of transition from warm to cold, 
the harvest time. 

Last Saturday, here in Weaverville, it was time to harvest the Art. Weaverville hosts the Art in Autumn Festival every September, and has been doing so for five years now.

This year, it was a festival of over 100 juried artists and artisans, musicians throughout the day, and lots of happy, friendly people. (One vendor told me she will be back next year just because the people here are so friendly and have such a good attitude.)
The Art in Autumn Featival booth, sponsored by
the Weaverville Business Association
I decided to volunteer to help sell the Art in Autumn merchandise and raffle tickets, proceeds going toward the festival costs.  I thought it would be a great way to meet people (moved here just a year ago and we still don't know too many people), and experience the festival a little, as I want to apply next year. 

I met some wonderful people, and some wonderful artists! Being on a real tight budget, I mostly browsed. But when I found Puzzle Pots, I found my reserve to 'not buy' slipping. 

Belle and me, with some of her magnets on the right.
Belle, the creator of Puzzle Pots, is completely inspired by puzzle pieces. Not that she completes puzzles. In fact, she told me she does not enjoy doing puzzles. (!) She simply loves the pieces, and that each is unique, no two are alike. Doing puzzles does nothing but frustrate her. She would rather just enjoy each piece on its own.

I was so intrigued with her booth, so many pieces, all of clay, some put together in pots, some in business card holders, the fridge pockets and the magnets and ornaments, oh my! How cool was this booth? VERY.

My three little elves.
I am a succor for ornaments, and because they are generally within my budget, I made a beeline to them.  I thought the elves were just the cutest, and I hadn't bought ornaments for my kids in years, so they each got a little elf.

The Twilite Broadcasters
The walk up and down the street was full of wonderful sights, sounds, and people. We got to enjoy live music too! Even though few sat to listen, the sound carried well so we were entertained while we walked.

I walked past many talented artists, and when I saw a sea turtle, I had to stop. The years I spent in Cayman, visiting the Turtle Farm with the kids holds a special place in my heart. I love sea turtles. When I looked closer, and realized it wasn't a painting, it wasn't a photo. What was it? It was a Magazine Mosaic!

A what? Yes, exactly what I said. It starts with a great idea and sketch. Then old magazines are scoured for the right color, textures in the colors, etc. The appropriate magazine pages are torn into pieces, and the artist, Shelly Schenker, painstakingly arranges the pieces to fit in her sketch. 

The outcome is stunning. The depth and movement in each one is amazing. Her booth was humming with people, and I was lucky to get a minute to talk to her. She is passionate about the process, and doesn't understand why most people are so secretive about how they do their artwork. 

Now this is the kind of pink flamingo you
wouldn't mine having around.
She loves to teach her process, noting that each piece uses different pieces, and her vision is one thing while someone else's vision will yield very different results. Each one comes out different, even if it started with the same sketch, no two are alike. She avidly volunteers to teach her process to anyone who wants to learn. Spreading the enviro-friendly way to create beautiful artwork. What's not to love about that?

The glass wind chimes are hard to see,
but look on the right, there's one.
I was also impressed with the stained glass and wood artists, but my champagne tastes on my beer budget meant I had to look from afar. Maybe next year, when I have a successful booth of my own, I can get the 'Early Hurricane Warning' (the tag calls them just that) glass wind chimes this clever glass artist makes. 

And who doesn't need some propeller thingy's? Those are cool!! Not sure where I would put those......

It was a wonderful Autumn day, the sun came out, it wasn't too hot, and the people were great. The artists, the attendees, and the volunteers all made this festival successful, and one I will definitely apply to next year. It is growing each year, and with such talented people around, it is something to put on your agenda to attend. 
Blue skies + wonderful people = successful festival
With the blue skies like that, and with more great crowds like the ones that showed up this year, Art in Autumn will be THE place to be in Weaverville next year.