Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Music Monday! Afternoons & Coffeespoons

'Times when the day is like a play by Sartre
When it seems a book burning's in perfect order'...

As I sit and stare at the boxes in the basement, living room, and piles of stuff throughout the house, at least I have this peppy tune to make light of the situation.

I am prepping for a yard sale, compiling piles of our things that we no longer need or want. Add to that about 20 boxes of books just picked up at an auction, and I wholeheartedly agree with the lyrics posted at the beginning. A book burning may just be a good idea!
A few of the boxes
But no, these were bought in the hopes of re-selling to make a wee bit of money to actually help us in our move. The reality is that this is a task I am quite overwhelmed with. I love books, but this is ridiculous! 

'Too much of a good thing can be taxing', as Mae West said.
A few more of the boxes
If I had the time, it would be great to sort through, scan some, and read others, If I had time to wear pajamas in the daytime, and measure afternoons with coffee spoons, I would do just that. 
But, sadly, that luxury seems so far off.
And even  more of the boxes
Back to pricing, sorting, and gearing up for a humungous yard sale, with GREAT DEALS on some very interesting and hard to find books! 

I hope people show up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ T.Rusk4U

Welcome to this week's Featured Artisan from the group On fire for Handmade.


Meet Teresa! She is a fellow creator from just up the road from me, here in North Carolina!

Teresa says:
"I have been a creative and resourceful person ever since I can remember.My first real crafting love was sewing,and I have tried countless other crafts. Jewelry making started as another hobby, but has grown into an obsession! I love everything about it from choosing the materials and actually designing something beautiful! I am always looking to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge and skills.My love of handmade has inspired me to open Hollyhocks, LLC. My store in Mebane, NC sells handmade items from local artists Stop by if you’re in the area!. I am happily married to my best friend, have 2 grown children,a daughter in law,a dog and our first grandchild!"
T.Rusk4U Featured Artisan 2013


Featured Artist

T.Rusk4U is this weeks featured artist on Share the Love Blogger Unite! You will find Handcrafted Jewelry for Every woman in her shop on Handmade Artists! An eclectic mix of handmade jewelry to suit nearly all styles and budgets! Custom Orders are always welcome at T.Rusk4U! A Must have for every jewelry box!

Find TRusk4U on:
Blog: Facebook: Twitter:
Be Sure to Visit her B and M store : 

Are you On Fire for Handmade? Shop at On Fire Gift Guide!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Music Monday! Sweater Weather

We thought it was Spring.
But no.

Even though the calendar says Spring,
Mother Nature has other plans.

I heard this song on one of my walk/runs (got 3 in last week, this week so far, a big fat none...but the week is still young....) and it was a good pace to walk to, a little slow for running for me. Still, kept me going. And yes, I was wearing a sweater (well, sweatshirt)

And Yes, the forecast has SNOW in it this evening!

But, hopefully, it won't be long until we can put our sweaters away. 
And for me, maybe put away for good!

I will be dreaming of no more cold winters......and a Spring that really is Spring when the calendar says so......and walking and running in shorts and a tee! Can't wait.
Video and photo by The Neighbourhood.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ready for SPRING - How About You?

Click here to vote!
I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way, but I am SO ready for Spring. In fact, this week's Great Finds is all about SPRING, so head on over there to get your fix.

And while you are there, give Raige a vote.
These Toekini's are being featured.
Sunshine Yellow with Groovy Red Heart
Ready for Spring, bare feet, beaches, pools, and to not be cold any more!

Who is with me?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walking on Wednesday ~ Life is Like......

I have been taking so many pictures these days.
And no, not the fun, inspirational ones I usually like to take.
I have been taking pictures of things we have to sell.

So lately, the way I am seeing my life is through all the crap we have, that we don't need.  How did we get this far away from living simply??

I don't want to see my life like that. In what way would I describe what life is like?
There are so many monkey bars....
source: MotivateHopeStrength
Yes, I am letting go of so much stuff! 
So we can move on. 
I can't wait to be done with the 'getting rid of stuff'! It is hard to be letting go of some things. The change is hard, but I am ready to move on already.
You could say life is like.......underwear?
source: TARTORA Lingerie could say that. And yes, I keep talking about moving, and yes we are moving, so you could also say that life is like riding a bicycle....
Or.... that life is like a book....
source: Pinterest
Or... that it is like chocolate.....
source: verses4cards
Yes, I had to include chocolate, remember it is powerful, and delicious in more ways than one.

But I think I would rather think of it like the ocean.....
source: IamPoopsie
But to get me even close to the is probably best way to look at it like it is a road trip.....
source: Pinterest 
Have you heard a different "Life is like..." quote? There are some funny and wacky ones out there. Share!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ Expert Craftss

Each week, there is a feature for a different artist, a great way to find beautiful and fabulous handmade items. Thanks to the On Fire Team and it's Share the Love, Bloggers Unite group, for organizing this each week. 

This week, meet Maria, from ExpertCraftss! She says:

"When I was just 9 years old, my grandmother taught me to crochet. She truly passed on a wonderful gift to me, the gift of putting love in to everything I make. Patterns and unique baby to adult items. If you don't find what you're looking for, please let me know and I'll be happy to do it up to your specific request. 

Make a registry and let your friends know you'd like something too! Wedding, baby, housewarming, you can do it all!"

A registry? Brilliant idea! Be sure to stop by any one of her venues and share the love.


ExpertCraftss is This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite. Maria Pickard is the owner of this fun Shop! You will find Unique hats, newborn photo props and cozy baby gifts. Everything crochet! Also Available are darling patterns.

You can find ExpertCraftss on:


Monday, March 17, 2014

Music Monday! Into The Wild

Into the wild....
I heard this song while on a walk/run.

It is such an inspirational song to me, I love the whistling, and the strength of her voice, and the lyrics........

Somebody left the gate open
You know we got lost on the way
Come save us a runaway train
Gone insane

How do we how do we not fade
How do we how do we how do we not fade away
How do we how do we oooh

Into the wild
How are we living living living
Into the wild
How are we living living living

Are we lost on the way?
I say only if the gate is closed.
With the gate open, we are living.
The gate is opening for us...and I myself am quite looking forward to be on a runaway train, gone insane! {also metaphorically}

Am I more scared than not....not this time!
It is about time we got up, out of this rut, ask that important question - how are we living - and take off down that path we need to go....Into the wild....



Is there a song that gets you up and out of a rut? 

This one is it for me these days. 
(and no, I didn't remember seeing Citibank using this for one of their campaigns...I don't care, I still love the song...)

Please share, you may inspire us to gain new motivations!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Find ~ Finding Memories and Savoring the Sweetness

Thanks to M.L. Gardner,
my chocolates
source: Raige Creations
Yes, I will be talking about chocolate, again.

I so enjoyed the Godiva chocolates I won, not just because they were SO delish, but because it made me stop, relax, and enjoy the company I was with.

It also brought back memories of when I was young. My father used to buy Whitman's Samplers every holiday, no doubt bought from the pharmacy on the corner. 

It was his special treat for the family, probably one he continued from his childhood. His young years were during the Great Depression (the era of Author M.L. Gardner's 1929 series which are my latest favorite books), and I am sure chocolates were a fine treat indeed. His family was from Philadelphia, where the chocolates originated so no doubt this tradition came from his father, my grandfather. A true family tradition.

Not the fanciest, and certainly not expensive, the Whitman Sampler chocolates were all his family could get, and certainly not often. So it continued, on throughout my time in my parents house, Whitman's Samplers were there only at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. 

Sometimes we loved randomly picking the chocolates (never paying much attention to the 'guide', at least until we got the dreaded chalky one, or for me the chocolate covered cherries {yuck}), and really loved bragging when we got the caramel one!

Side Memory: During the summer our treats were marshmallows burnt on the charcoal grill, because burnt marshmallows "made your teeth white", according to my father.
Another Side Memory: My grandfather convinced me I should have hair on my chest from his proclamations every single morning we had breakfast at his house - that honey and toast put hair on your chest! but that is another story....

Funny how once memories first creep into your head, they then flow like a floodgate. They go far, far back...I was 5 when my grandfather passed away.
Assorted YUMM!
source: Raige Creations
Anyway, this box of assorted chocolates reminded me of our treat of Whitman's Samplers, and I just had to share with my kids. (Of course if I didn't they would have never forgiven me.....)
Tea and Truffles
source: Raige Creations
So we put the kettle on, and opened the box to see these beautiful, round, and colorful chocolates! Which ones were what flavors? 
Picking is half the fun!
source: Raige Creations
The kids tossed the 'guide', because knowing what you picked ruined the fun apparently. So we just picked, took a bite, and were pleasantly surprised with the flavor, color, and tastes.

It was an event, really. We sat together in my little office area, at my hand-me-down desk, and enjoyed the tea, showing each other what was on the inside of our chocolate balls, had a few hearty laughes, and shared a wonderful little bit of time.
Inside the Yumm.
source: Raige Creations
Since they are all teens now, this quiet, quality time together with them (no TV, no video games, no phones) is quite rare. In a few short months, my middle child will be off at college, my oldest back to his off campus apartment, and there will be just three of us left in the house on a regular basis. 

I will miss these spontaneous quiet times with my kids together, enjoying the sweetness of chocolate, and the sweetness of just being together. Thus, we enjoyed the chocolates, just one each at a sitting, until they were gone. 

They are gone, and now we are busy preparing for the all the big changes each of us face in just a few short months. 

I hope there will be time again where we all can savor the sweetness, unwind and relax together, share sweetness and love, like we did over this box of chocolates. I hope they too will have fond memories of sharing the spontaneous, little treats like I remember sharing with my Dad and brother and sisters.

Even if I have to force it with more chocolate, it will be completely worth it.

Do you have a small, little things, family tradition or ritual you treasure? 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ Frauke from Handmade Fuzzy

This week, the featured artisan is a very talented, good friend of mine - Frauke from Handmade Fuzzy

I 'met' Frauke online, we are both Zibbetters, meaning we sell on Through forums, facebook, and some great groups, we developed a friendship, and finally met in person a few years after conversing online. 

In person, sweet as ever. I so wish we lived closer as I think we would be getting together all the time to chat, share ideas, and basically motivate each other to be the best that we can be. Because that is the type of person she is. 

Her talents are so many, she just lets creativity take over and 'wham', she has a beautiful finished product. (Her mice are just the cutest, btw. And I almost can't wait for my oldest to be in medical school so I can get him a Stethoscope Cover!)

You will have fun browsing her shop, you are certain to find something you must have. Show her some love, comment, and visit her shop.

Handmade Fuzzy

Featured Artists Handmade Fuzzy

Share the Love, Blogger's Unite

This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger's Unite is Frauke Avent of Handmade Fuzzy! At Handmade Fuzzy you will find Knit and Crochet Creations. There is something for everyone in this Zibbet Shop!

She says:
"Hi, my name is Frauke. 
I am a German feeling at home in the US. To fight the homesickness that sometimes sneaks up on me I use my crafts as an outlet.I knit, crochet and sew.I have picked up micro macrame over the last few months and enjoy creating with the cords and beads. 
All of my things are one of a kind. I love to try out new things. Go have a look and find something you like !!"
Find Handmade Fuzzy On:
Zibbet   Blog   Facebook  Google+

Grab the Code for your Blog HERE!

Are you On Fire for Handmade?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Music Monday! I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

It is that time of year, the frickin Time Change.
Or more officially, Daylight Savings.
(I have lamented over this odd custom for years....)

I spent all day Monday walking around in a tired stupor, wishing it wasn't so dark when I got up and wasn't so light for so long in the evening! (it was weird eating dinner with it so light out!)

But at least we can wear our sunglasses at night again!
(and not appear as someone who is utterly ridiculously wearing sunglasses when it is totally dark out and obviously clinging desperately on to the 1980's lyrical fashion suggestions)

I think the whole point of Daylight Savings in the beginning was fine, but in the modern world, it has lost its value. It is pointless these days!

Time does not change - it continues steadily, no matter how much we all wish to stop it, or make it go faster.

We aren't saving anything.

I will pose the question again..... Can't we all just keep the clocks where they are and continue on with our lives?!?!

We can still wear sunglasses at night if it's dark out...because... "Because when you're cool, the sun shine (sic) on you 24 hours a day."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ The Power of Chocolate

source: Pinterest
Especially GOOD chocolate!
I was lucky enough to WIN a box of Godiva chocolates. A huge thank you to M.L. Gardner - one of my favorite authors. Her books are a wonderful place to visit, in my favorite era, and that she gives away chocolate too! I love!!

Book 1 of the 1929 Series.
Right now, it's FREE!
{Right now you can begin the journey into her wonderful series with Book 1 of the 1929 Series, Jonathan's Cross - for FREE! Click HERE! }

I never, ever bought Godiva chocolates myself. I always thought is was a luxury I could not give in to. 

I heard they were good, but.....that, it turns out, is underestimating their decadent deliciousness. 
The chocolates I WON!!
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
More on my chocolate escapades later....but know this:

Chocolate has a power. 

It has the power to bring people together, to relax (especially with tea), and to help us enjoy the simple pleasure in life.

So never feel bad about enjoying a little bit of chocolate. Especially with a good book, and a cup of tea. It's the little things, after all, that make life wonderful.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ The Sticky Wrapper!

Today we have some yummy goodness to feature! Meet Sara, I am dubbing her the Caramel Queen. Her shop is full of caramels, each sounding better than the one before!

I am a caramel fan, so this shop has me drooling. 
Flavor of the Month Subscription!
And a Flavor of the Month Subscription? Oh dear...I could be in trouble. Be sure to visit her shop, blog, etc. (Links below)

The Sticky Wrapper

The Sticky Wrapper

Featured Artist Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite

Sara Kamla of The Sticky Wrapper is This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite Come to your senses with The Sticky Wrapper, where we spend our time reinventing classic flavors. We love to push the envelope to bring you new and creative treats that are sure to become fan favorites. You will always find creative and classic treats that will bring you back for more. Indulge yourself in "Yummy" Goodness!  
Find The Sticky Wrapper on:
Craft Cafe   Etsy   Blog   Facebook   Pinterest   Twitter

Are you On Fire for Handmade? Shop at On Fire Gift Guide!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Music Monday! Fly

Spread your love and FLY!

Just a feel good song today, much needed after a very busy weekend of letting things go. 

We are cleaning out stuff, prepping for a move. Lightening the load gives a weightless feeling (for a brief time)!
(Details not available as yet, just knowing we have to pack up and begin a new adventure.)

I hadn't cleaned out my closets, dresser, or anything really, since we moved here! (over 3 years ago!!) Long overdue. And I will probably do it again before we move, getting rid of more stuff. 

There is something quite lifting about letting go of things. Got lots more to purge, but I already feel the lightness of letting them go. 

The reward - not flying - but less to hold me down.

How often do you go through your things to lighten your load?