Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ Creative Solutions

I have not been one to be very good at creative solutions. It is generally not my strong point. If you think of a solution, I can certainly get it done for you! I can help you, I can encourage, and maybe perhaps add to that idea, but creating one myself, all by myself - not so good at. 

Even the solution to this problem.

This is not a new problem. Nor are there many solutions to this problem. A paperclip is the common one. Unless you opt for the PROPER solution and go to the eye place and have them properly fix it.

But me? Well today I HAD to find a fix and fast. The kids missed the bus, and at 7 a.m. I am not ready for contact lenses. And of course, I DID need to see when I was driving. (I won't tell you about the time in high school when I tested this hypothesis)

So I resolved to find a quick fix. Upon investigation, it became clear that the screw hadn't just fallen out, it broke and there was still some left in! UGH. And I had brought ALL the paperclips to the shop, there wasn't a single one in the house. 

What does one like me do then? A straight pin. I happen to have an abundance of those, and some even already bent, thanks to my quilting attempts. So Voila!

Straight pin pushed in as far as it would go, then wrapped around for added strength. A sewer's fix. Much more stylish than a paperclip, no? 

Alas, this fix lasted only until I put on my hat to go running. I guess I bumped it too much, and it came apart. Strapped for time this time, I put on my contacts and ran. Along the way solved some other problems that were in my head, so hopefully those issues will work out and go as the creative solution played out in my head. 

Now if I could just get this Walking on Wednesday done on Wednesday, now there would be a timely creative process, not a late one. Ah well, sometimes you just can't rush creativity.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Featured Artisan ~ Deni of BreitWerk Designs

Featured Artisan - Share the Love, Blogger's Unite

BreitWerk is this week's Featured Artisan! You will find Unique & One of a Kind Handmade Accessories and Gifts in her shop!
Deni Breitenbach,creates accessories, crafts, gifts and revalued items! She
does EMBROIDERY and bead-work.

Deni is incredibly creative ~ with a huge variety of items in her shop. Plus she is so helpful to us other creators ~ she is the first to promote YOUR items and help you in any way that you may need.  
Mini Clutch Necklace ~ check out the bead work!!

This is one of the items that is so great - of course it is purple (my fave) and a necklace! How cute it that?? On my wishlist..... Please check her shop and see the many talents she has.

You can find BreitWerk on:

Zibbet     Facebook     Blog     Google+

Grab the code for your blog HERE!

Are you On Fire for Handmade?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Music Monday! I Ran (So Far Away)

I am searching for a good playlist for my runs, which now I can call them because I run for the entire distance, well minus the warm up and warm down. I also measured the distance, and found I do run 2 miles on this path that I have been taking for the last several months, walking and running. 

I need a playlist good for 3 miles now though, as I am joining the Arthritis Foundation this year for their 2012 Jingle Bell Run - my first public race. (And now I am only $35 away from my humble goal for the cause) It is a 5k, 3.1 miles. One more mile than my regular workouts.

Hubby started the search, and somehow we got lost in the 1980's. (something that happens with regularity it seems....) With great songs like Dexy's Midnight Runners (get it? runners... heehee), and The Proclaimers and 500 Miles. With a good beat, and a running theme, I think we were on to something. But when he played this song, I knew it had to be on the list AND today's Music Monday!

It's a great song to run to also - a good beat, running theme. Perfect. Hopefully, I won't get visions of garbage bag dresses, painted faces, or that wave of hair while running. I don't think I could laugh and run at the same time......PLUS there is the alien abduction risk, but I am willing to take that chance.....
If you have any other good running song suggestions for my playlist, please let me know! I need enough for 3.1 miles. And the last mile of songs better be good because I will need all the motivation I can get for that last mile. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's Run ~ Yes, That Is I Ran The Whole Time!

I did it. I ran non-stop today. No middle of the trail walk because I was so out of breath, no "I'll just walk for a little bit then run again".

I did my normal walk down the long driveway and up the first hill ~ this is my everyday warm up. 

Then I ran. I did not slow to a walk at the road with the hill, I went straight, to the second school. Then I turned and went down that road, and back up that hill, all at a run

I dealt with others walking ~ meaning I had to reel LadyJ in and keep her from trying to greet each person as we passed. All at a run. This is not really an easy task when running, as she always seems to try to run right in front of me, tripping me. OR runs behind me tangling us up in the leash. 

Then there was the other runner with his dog. He must have the same problems because he quickly got off the sidewalk and into the road so we could run past each other not too close, as both dogs seemed to want to get near each other. This meant I was running in one direction, the dog a completely different direction. Luckily I won, all at a run.

I kept running too, all the way back to my driveway. I don't think it mattered that I skipped the road with the steep hill. I would have had to slow to a walk on that one for sure. So today I decided it was more important to run the entire way than to do that hill and end up walking part of it. 

And I did it. I ran the entire way. I proved I could complete a workout with running the entire time. And it felt great, even without that extra leg of it. I accomplished a goal I have had, but had never been able to accomplish until not. 

I was so inspired, that when I saw this race going on next week, I thought, "Hey, I can do that!" 

So, I am going to do that. Next Saturday, the 2012 Jingle Bell Run/Walk. Though I will be running. My first public run since middle school. Probably with bells on, and maybe a Santa hat. Yes, now I am completely comfortable with humiliating myself, something I would have never done in middle school.

If all goes well, next weekend's blog will be of my successful run, hopefully with pictures that someone else takes. Because lately, taking pictures while running is something I have yet to master. Thus no pictures in this post. 

But that is my next goal. I will soon be able to run AND take pictures. I am not promising they will be good pictures however........that will take some time.......

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ Thanksgiving Game Plan

One Organized Person - this is NOT my list....
There is much talk about 'how to handle' Thanksgiving:  How to deal with extended family, how to cook the bird, how to make the pies, how to make certain side dishes ahead, the secret to carving breast meat, how to set the table, what to wear on Thanksgiving, and there are even playlist suggestions for Thanksgiving music
Now THIS could be fun to try to do.....
Just reading all this stresses me out!

Our game plan this year is much simpler. The big thing for me is I took today off, meaning 3 days in a row off for me. Ridiculously huge. So did I choose to spend today running around preparing home made desserts and prep-ahead side dishes? 


I am sitting with my entire family, hubby and all three kids, enjoying the banter of video game talk, joking about being so hungry but everything to eat involves work (! - like getting a bowl and cereal out is tough...oh yeah, milk too...oh the effort!), Dad trying to work a little, and me trying NOT to do much computer work.  The kids are all still in their PJ's at 2pm, and I am happily planning the menu for tomorrow, to do DO IT ALL tomorrow.

A simple turkey, Stove Top Stuffing, mashed potato's, my daughter's yummy sweet potato casserole (she is making it, yay!), canned corn, and a nice store bought pumpkin pie, with some angel food cake and fresh fruit for those who don't want pie. The most complicated thing for me has to be done today ~ going to the store to pick up the pie and cake, and already cut fruit from the salad bar at the store. 

Simple. So that we can concentrate on really being thankful. Thankful that we do not have to be stressed out about Thanksgiving. Thankful that we are all together, spending time together, laughing together.
Skyrim, the game of choice today.
 I might even get in on one of the kids video's that for a game plan? ( I totally suck at video games, by the way. The kids might not be thankful that I am playing, but we should all have a good laugh.)

That is what this holiday should be. We should be truly thankful for those dearest to us, and show it. Show it by just being together, eating, laughing, playing, loving. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, Laugh, Play, and Love!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Music Monday! My Name Is Mud

A Name. What's in a name? 
Sometimes a whole lot, sometimes absolutely nothing. 

Looking for some inspiration from my 2 kids while taking them to school yesterday (missed bus), the car ahead of me had a license plate with BCK in it. This reminded me of my name - Beck. Most of you know me as Rebecca, but really this is a more recent preference of mine. I spent my whole life being Becky or Beck. (Sometime  Bekkage, Beckarooni, Roo, and even Beth-a misunderstanding of Beck). Not Rebecca. But here - and now - I am Rebecca. 
The radio kept me thinking about names by playing 2 different songs with women's names on the ride - Allison, and MaryAnn (well, the song is Tree By the River). And then there is the famous Peggy Sue or Delilah. There is a song Beth, and even one for my sis, Sandra Dee (except she is Sandra J, close enough), and my other sister Suzie Q, (tho she is simply Susie). 
Names. Shakespeare really got it right: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 
Unless your name is MUD

Still, better than Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie, that's long for MUD, so I've been told.

When we were little my siblings both wanted completely different names, my sister even made Christmas stockings with their 'chosen' names on them! Me? I only decided when I reached middle age that I wanted to go BACK to my given name. 

How about you? Have you ever wanted to change your name, or be called something other than your given name? 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Zibbet Exhibit ~ Gifts for Men Part 2

Continuing on the difficult task of shopping for men, I have found a bunch of things that I think my own men might like. All found on Zibbet!
 Cigar Design Coffee Mug by Mug Quotes on Zibbet
Cigar Design Coffee Mug 

by Mug Quotes
Large Ceramic Mugs - Black and White Starry Night by River Rock Arts on Zibbet
Large Ceramic Mugs – 

Black and White Starry Night 
by River Rock Arts
 La Cafe Gift Basket by Gifket on Zibbet
La Cafe Gift Basket 

by Gifket
 Irish Breakfast Tea by Brush Creek Wool Works on Zibbet
Irish Breakfast Tea 

by Brush Creek Wool Works
 Men's Leather Dragon Cuff by Juju Bee Jewelry Designs on Zibbet
Men's Leather Dragon Cuff 

by Juju Bee Jewelry Designs
 Recycled Skateboard Custom Dog Tags by All Deckd Out on Zibbet
Recycled Skateboard Custom Dog Tags 

by All Deckd Out on Zibbet
 Men's Organic Eyes in the Dark Shirt by The Mighty Squirm on Zibbet
Men's Organic Eyes in the Dark Shirt 

by The Mighty Squirm
 DNA Tshirt Graphic Science Tee MENS Shirt by Nonfiction Tees on Zibbet
DNA Tshirt Graphic Science Tee MENS Shirt 

by Nonfiction Tees
 Large Wet Shaving Lather Bowl Mug by The Mud Place on Zibbet
Large Wet Shaving Lather Bowl Mug 

by The Mud Place
 Shaving Soap For Men, Made with Natural Clays by Scumsoaps on Zibbet
Shaving Soap For Men, Made with Natural Clays 

by Scumsoaps
If you have any ideas that you haven't seen here - please share in the comments. I know I can't be the only one who has difficulties. Happy Shopping.

Zibbet Exhibit ~ Shopping for Men Part 1

It's not an easy task, shopping for men. But we all have to do it, at least once a year.
Here are some great ideas for your men from Zibbet. Practical ones, sophisticated ones, silly ones. 

20 Tightie Whitie Mens Underwear Adorable Charms by Chubby Chico Charms on Zibbet
Tightie Whitie Mens Underwear Adorable Charms 

by Chubby Chico Charms
 Vintage 1970s McCalls 3436 Sewing Pattern Mens Classic Retro Pants by Sew Mrs P on Zibbet
Vintage 1970s McCalls 3436 Sewing Pattern Mens Classic Retro Pants 

by Sew Mrs P
 Mens Necktie in Bright Blue Cotton Print by White Cross Designs on Zibbet
Mens Necktie in Bright Blue Cotton Print  

by White Cross Designs
Gray and Black Mohawk Hat by Unexpected Treasure on Zibbet
Gray and Black Mohawk Hat 

by Unexpected Treasure

Men's Stimulating Scalp Massage 

by Beazers Garden
 Ultimate Campfire Gadget for Men by Grate Outdoor Solutions on Zibbet
Ultimate Campfire Gadget for Men 

by Grate Outdoor Solutions
 Money Clip by Glass Half Full on Zibbet
Money Clip 

by Glass Half Full
 MEN AT WORK - Tiny Holographic English Pin by Portable Graffiti on Zibbet
MEN AT WORK - Tiny Holographic English Pin 

by Portable Graffiti
I actually had so much fun looking I have a whole other post planned. So stay tuned......

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ Not the Vacation I Wanted

I could say I took a vacation of sorts, just not the vacation I wanted. I took a vacation from my run/walks. I took a vacation from even just walking. I hadn't been exercising in about 2 weeks! 

This morning, as I sat in front of the computer, a usual morning event, I scrolled through FB bored, I checked email finding nothing exciting, I avoided my spreadsheet knowing full well there was lots of work to be done, I sat looking at my Artfire and Zibbet shops thinking of all the listing I had to do. I kept pushing out of my head the bills coming due and the panic of how the heck we were going to pay them. 

Suddenly I knew my exercise vacation was over. I needed to get out there and clear my head. I think my companion really missed our walks too.  So off we went. But dang it was cold out.
Frozen bird bath and everything. Looking at this reminded me of my mosaic projects. Another bunch of projects waiting to be done. I didn't even finish getting the tiles from the bird bath!
The dog was much more enthusiastic than me. I was just plain cold. Frost was everywhere. I was only feeling like going back inside. The whole way down the driveway thoughts like 'This sucks', and 'I am cold', with plenty of 'I just want to go back in'. 

This was the view when I got to the road. More Frost. Ugh. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I happened to be out at the time parents are dropping off their children to the primary school at the top of the hill. This meant I had to concentrate on not getting hit by cars, making sure the dog didn't chase the cars and get hit, and suddenly scoop up some poop. 

Just the distractions I needed to get up the hill and start really feeling the benefits of this exercise thing again. Now the thinking was, 'hey this isn't that bad', and 'it's actually nice that it is so early still'. I was finding motivation for exercise, PLUS finding thoughts of things I had to get done not so daunting. I got over this hurdle, the rest didn't seem really so difficult. I just had to get down the proverbial long driveway and up that first hill. 

I was back at it, back exercising and feeling good about it. I was even taking pictures along the way, even though it was just with my phone. It meant I was noticing things either way. Noticing things other than the stresses in my life. 

When I found this poor little guy, it stopped me abruptly. He didn't fly off when we came upon him! The dog even pushed her nose into him.

Poor little guy was injured! I thought about picking it up and taking it home. Then I thought of all the animals I already had at home (stress creeping in perhaps), and the fact that touching it would not benefit this guy at all. In the end we just kept going, letting nature take it's course, whatever that may be.  

It was nice to be out in life again, in nature. I was reminded the world keeps going, nothing stops for us, it goes on whether we like it or not. The days go by whether we notice or not. So my little vacation from exercise didn't really accomplish anything. I didn't enjoy life more, I didn't get any more done than I would have if I just took that 30 to 40 minutes and got my walk in. And a vacation from work - what would that accomplish?

Well, I still would love to find out! I think it would accomplish quite a lot. I may find my sanity, I may find relaxation, I may get back to really creating. I have been taking a long break from creating...there is that quilt I have been wanting to make.....

Now I am ready for my real vacation, one where I can work on all my other projects.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Featured Artisan from the On Fire Team ~ Hide a Heart

Little Hearts That Say So Much 

Meet Mary Cahtherine Lunsford
I am known as the 1969-71 Polydor Records recording artist Mary Catherine Lunsford. My performing career was cut short when I developed head and neck cancer. Years out from treatment, my heart and spirit was disconsolate until now. Hide A Heart® has turned into my story of hope and healing. Read More…

Hide a Heart

This weeks Featured Artist is Mary Catherine Lunsford, Hide a Heart! Little Hearts that say so much! Keep the language of love alive with one of our glass hearts to create an enduring, positive, sentimental, romantic, fun and charming expression of affection for a lover, family member or friend.

You can Find Hide a Heart on:
Etsy     Facebook
Blog     Twitter

Are you On Fire for Handmade?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Music Monday! The Universe Expanding and The Scale of the Universe

Whenever life gets you down Mrs. Brown, and things seem hard or tough, and people are stupid, obnoxious or daft, and you feel you've had quite enough.....just remember:

It helps us get through days like my experience with the 'daft' staff at KFC last night, where "fast food" took close to a full 20 minutes. I had to deal with baffled looks and 'you didn't get your order?', and 'oh she must have given your order to those other people'. Duh. Particularly frustrating because my order included an unusual request that the cashier had to ask for help with. Not the normal 'blend in', 'I'll have the Number 8 combo meal' order. You would think she would have remembered me!!

Anyhow, my son was right. 'Just calm down mom!' that he had to repeat about 5 times as I was getting more and more frustrated. 

It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. We got our food, and even tho my thoughts kept going back to 'that was a friggin' long wait for mediocre food', our bellies got full and we all sat together as a family eating and talking. That was the big thing. Getting the food, not so much.

Whenever you think things small things matter, click here to remember just how we fit into the universe. It is a nice interactive model. Scroll in and out to see how complex, and simple, life can really be.

Don't sweat the small stuff. And don't get KFC next time.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ Is Everybody Happy?

A simple question, without a simple answer.
Or is there?

There are many studies on happiness, theories on how to be happy, web pages dedicated to telling you how to find happiness, discussions about why we are NOT happy. We have complicated something that really isn't that complicated. 

It really can be simple. Over at the Zibbet Community, a great thread asks Is Everybody Happy? Here we, quite simply, name 3 things that were positive about our day. 

That's it. Just 3 things. It is said we will love how it makes us feel.

Some days it is hard to find 3 things that made us happy during the day. But if you really think about it, I bet you realize you do not spend every part of every day unhappy. There are little things that bring you out of the grump, the negativity, the unhappy. 

You may have to dig deep to find them, but they are there. In fact, I have found that often if I am having a bad day, I can take that negative and turn it around to a positive. Like having to take the kids to school because they missed the bus (frustration) turned into stopping by the grocery store early, not rushed, to get a home cooked dinner planned so we can enjoy stress free evening.

So I challenge you to find 3 things that make you happy EVERY DAY. Try it when you are feeling angry, frustrated, or just unhappy. Change your perspective. Find that little thing that actually made you feel better, made you smile, or just made less grumpy. Find the little thing that can turn the negative to positive. 

Then SHARE it. Write it down, post it in the forum
Sharing happiness is waaaaayyyy better than sharing misery. I bet after a week of this, you will find life isn't that bad. You will find that happiness is a journey. It is a never ending path we can walk. 

It is something we have with us all the time, just find it and let it out. It really is in the palm of our hands, ready to be given. It can be something big, small, or itty bitty. Find those 3 things every day, you will love how it makes you feel.

What are 3 things that made you happy today? 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Featured Artisan from the On Fire Team ~ Chrysalis Designs AND Aphordite's Attique

Today I am featuring 2 very creative artisans from the On Fire Team. (to make up for my lack of motivation-thus-lack of posting last week)

First, Gina is a wonderfully talented creator - and of course I love that she is using vintage flatware in her pieces. 

 Featured Artist

This weeks Featured Artist is Regina Mcdonald - Chrysalis Designs by RM. Stunning creations, works of art you can wear! Quality handmade jewelry created by Gina. She truly has a gift in designing jewelry pieces! Her cuff bracelets are beautiful works of art and she now has beautiful upcycled vintage flatware, silver plated, serving piece bracelets too! All of Gina's designs are One of A Kind!

You can find Chrysalis Designs on:

Grab the code for your blog HERE Are you On Fire for Handmade?

Second, Michele is multi-talented with a shop of all of her unique and beautiful creations from jewelry to graphics, with a little something for everyone in between. 

Featured Artisan

Featured Artisan

Share the Love... Blogger's Unite

This week's Featured Artisan is  Michele Wolfe - Aphrodite's Attique! Beautiful Creations by a talented lady!  At Aphrodite's Attique  you'll find beautiful handmade originals, each one unique and carefully crafted with love.  From beaded and twisted wire jewelry and home decor, crocheted accessories and apparel, and printable graphics for crafting and more, indulge YOUR inner goddess with one-of-a-kind creations from Aphrodite's Attique! You can find all of Michele's Creations in her shop on Craft Cafe! Everything from A to Z!

 You can Find Aphrodite's Attic on: 

  Craft Cafe  Blog  Facebook  Pinterest  Twitter            

Are you On Fire for Handmade? Grab the code for your blog HERE

Now, back to the regularly scheduled lack of motivation I will enjoy on my day off. 

Well, actually I hope to spend today de-cluttering my completely packed closet and the upstairs former work-space turned to disaster area. Wish me Luck!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday! Gangam Style

Thanks to my children and hubby who were discussing this when I got home from the grocery store today.
Don't ask I am sitting here listening to it they are 'gangam stylin' across the living room.
Making me laugh - and the dog go crazy, which makes me laugh even harder.

So - 

Heeeeeeeyyyyyy Sexy Lady! 

It's good to laugh on a Monday.

Now if we could get Dad to do it....that would be the best gut laugh ever!