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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meal Planning ~ Taco Tuesday, Meatloaf Monday, Spaghetti Sunday, Whatever Wednesday

If I hadn't made it clear in any of my earlier posts, I think I have hinted at it, planning dinner stresses me out most of the time.

I have tried having the kids cook, hubby cook, asking for requests, and planning days ahead. Ultimately, these things fade away, and I am back to stressing about what to cook at the last minute, order, or suggest for dinner.

This morning, having this discussion with my 2 kids who had the luxury of a 2 hour delay of school, we had some fun with weekly dinner plans.

Today, being Tuesday and having our oldest son coming home from college who loves anything as long as a tortilla is involved, we decided to have our 'Taco Tuesday'. This is a popular one we have been doing for years now.
Celebrating a Previous Taco Tuesday
My kids drew this for me.

photo: Raige Creations

This led to 'Meatloaf Monday', since that meatloaf was a huge hit the other day, and 'Spaghetti Sunday', since we have pasta at least once a week anyways (it's so easy). 

I added 'Whatever Wednesday', since we often have a night when I say 'get whatever you want for dinner'. We normally call it a Get Your Own night, but 'Whatever Wednesday' fits our weekly planner so well.

So that covers 4 days, not bad! We were stumped at the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I suggested 'Fish Friday', but the jury is still out on that one. We DO need to eat more fish, but I am notoriously bad at cooking fish, with only one success to date, and that was really only a mild success. It was actually edible.

So I ask you, my fine readers, what are good suggestions for the rest of the week for our weekly meal planner? How can Pizza fit in, for example? There are no days that start with 'P'. Plus, hubby can't have dairy, and we don't eat beef, and think Tofu is not bad but I find it difficult to cook. 

I know I have some highly creative readers, so have at it. Give us some good ideas for meals on Thursday, Friday , and Saturday. 


  1. Soup(er) Saturday? I'm blanking on the other two, but you could do an ethnic night - meals from around the globe, and a "make it easy" night... I do loaded baked potatoes (not so bad for you with greek yogurt although I know your hubby has dairy allergies), nachos, tuna pasta salad...

    Also, one thing that helped me for a while was using SayMmm. It's a website where you can store your recipes and make meal plans, and then depending on whether you pay the subscription or not (I have and haven't, on and off) you can make grocery lists, store grocery prices and other things like that.

  2. I love the Soup(er) Saturday! I like making soups, and the family likes them too. Great idea!

    Meals from around the globe is good too, I like to cook Indian food and the family likes this too. Great inspirations, Dakota! thank you so much!!!

    I think storing them is good too, because I do forget...yes. lol. thanks.

  3. Flatbread Fridays would include pizza.


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