Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Monday! This is Halloween

Boys and Girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Poor Jack Skellington and his obsession with Christmas. There IS something about the holiday season that most of us can't resist too. Remember MY recent obsession with Christmas and Mini Stockings???

But today, it is about Halloween
Pumpkins, Trick-or-treating, spookiness and skeletons.
'Bones' modeling some Halloween Toekini's.
One of my 3 Halloween decorations.
Enjoy the roasted pumpkin seeds and candy, and the ghosts and ghouls.
Glow in the Dark Ghost Toekini's, glowing.
And trick-or-treat some for me. My kids are too old now to be interested in that. Plus our driveway is too long and spooky for us to be getting any trick-or-treaters. So it will most likely be a normal night for us. 

I am thinking Spaghetti for I mean Worms and Blood....with garlic bread. How does that sound?? That is about as scary as things will be around here. 

What scary things do you have planned?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mini Stockings - and other GREAT gift card holders.

A Zibbet Community thread was started at the beginning of October, called Easy Challenge For the Fantastic Five

A call for a challenge always intrigues me, and apparently other too. I wandered over and saw that Judy, of Portable Graffiti Graphics and the author of The Fantastic Five, was asking us to come up with handmade gift card holders  to showcase for last minute shoppers in December. This thread has sparked the imagination of many Zibbeters, and had me thinking all month about an idea for a gift card holder. 

Finally, Friday morning had me try out a pattern I found for a tiny Christmas Stocking. I needed to make SOME kind of Christmas things for the local gift shop, so I tried it out. After it was done, I realized it fit my business card perfectly so I popped it in there for the photo shoot. As I was taking pictures of it, I thought DUH me, the gift card holder for the challenge!
Mini Stocking Gift Card Holder OR Tree Ornament Small Gift Holder
available in the Artfire shop and Zibbet shop.
So right now I am taking a break from making a whole bunch of these to ship off to customers and for the Craft Bazaar on Sat. I am realizing no one wants just one...ultimately a good thing, but also realizing my fingers hurt a little.....

The Challenge on Zibbet has been a great inspiration for me, and no doubt, for other Zibbeters as well. 
This one, from Nancy of Millions of Stitches, is a great Gift Card Sleeve with Christmas Tree.
Creations by Gena has great little envelopes for gift cards.
Pulpa Paper Products got in the holiday spirit with these Happy Holidays pocket cards
And Handmade Fuzzy took the challenge and RAN with it. Her first entry was these clothes pin Gift Card Holders. One of her famous little mice is painted right on there!
Then she came up with these awesome Santa Pants Gift Card Holder. See what I mean about creativity?
No, Mrs. Clause was not forgotten. Here the Mrs. Santa Skirt Gift Card Holder.

We are not even half way through the list of submissions! But now I MUST get back to making more Mini Stockings! I am hoping these stockings will hold more than just cards. They can fit almost any small gift, candy, money, jewelry, etc. Did I mention they fit Toekini's very nicely too??

Look for more great Gift Card Holders from Zibbeters later in the week here. If you can't wait that long, check out the Pinterest page dedicated to these.
And if you have an idea for one - be sure to get your entry in!

Have an idea you want to see, but don't have time or energy to make it yourself? Comment here and we will see what we can do to create just what you want to see.

And don't worry, tomorrow won't mention Christmas at all....maybe....

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Saturday full of Raige! and Christmas Toekini's!!

I knew I had a lot of work to do today. But I didn't realize just how much I had!
I was supposed to get a package to South Carolina mailed today, for the Craft Bazaar on Nov. 5th Moncks Corner, SC next Saturday, Nov. 5th. But after my coffee this morning, I knew I would never be able to make the Post Office deadline of noon. 
A package of 22 Toekini's had to be carefully packaged, half of which still needed to be sealed. (I seal the ends of each Toekini with wax to delay the fraying of the yarn)  Not to mention I had to take pictures of the latest Toekini's before they took their trip to SC. I needed pictures so they could be listed. 
 Furry Snowman Toekini's - Artfire / Zibbet
Of course the sun was not out. And it was quite cold outside, so outdoor pictures was not going to happen. 

After deciding the deadline would not be met, I decided Monday mailing would have to be the plan. Then I would be able to relax and find the Christmas Tree skirt for the photo background. YES, Christmas Toekini's!!!

The first, the Furry Snowman Toekini's, were actually quite a challenge, if you remember my mention of it in this blog, and thus the last one's I finished. But how FUN are they?! Perfect for your daughter, (the ones in the Bazaar are a size small) on Christmas morning still in jammies, opening gifts
Candy Cane Toekini's - Artfire / Zibbet

The second of the Christmas Toekini's going to SC are a sweet set. The Candy Cane Toekini's. A set -One sized small, for the daughter, one sized medium, for the mom. Yummy. 

Are the charms reminding you of someone? Who is my favorite polymer clay artist? You got it, Daresa, of Clay Art by Daresa. And she will be the one at the Craft Fair with Raige's Toekini's. So if you are in the area, GO THERE and stop by, and get some Raige!
Santa Toekini's - Artfire / Zibbet
What Christmas would be complete without Santa? Santa Toekini's to truly get in the spirit of the season of giving. The ones in the Bazaar are a size medium to large, for the mom to sport. 

The listings in the Artfire and Zibbet shops are made to order, any size you need. Just let me know what you would like ~ Raige loves special requests ~! And don't think I am crazy for being in the holiday mood so soon. Well, I actually do think I am crazy - this is the first year I have planned so far ahead for Christmas

Have you started thinking Christmas yet? Are you one of those that is finished shopping a month before Christmas, or like me usually, running around Christmas eve trying to get everything you need? 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Family Jewels - Bridget's Bracelets

It is time again for Friday's Family Jewels, and that means featuring some beautiful Jewelry by Bridget.

Today I get to show off her beautiful bracelets.
They are Di-chromatic glass, hand cut into shapes. She painstakingly cuts each square. Then they are kiln fired to reveal the beautiful colors. They are vibrant and shimmery, and each has a very special texture
Each square is then attached, by hand, to hardware and assembled to beautiful bracelets. Each bracelet is one of a kind. There are no two bracelets alike, and there are only three available right now.
Ocean Gold Bracelet

The Ocean Gold Bracelet is beautiful sea blue with traces of gold through it. It is as if you found the hidden treasure in the ocean blue.

Flamingo Gold Bracelet

The Flamingo Gold Bracelet is perfect for the pink enthusiast. The textures with the pinks and golds are classy fun

Waves of Pinks and Blues Bracelet

The Waves of Pinks and Blues Bracelet is the best of both worlds. A little cool blue, and a little hot wavy pink. Add touches of gold and you have a fun one of a kind bracelet.

There is one other unique thing about these bracelets. Each one can be adjusted  to fit any sized wrist. Simply remove a link or two to fit, and you are good to go. Bridget thinks of everything.

These will make perfect gifts, stocking stuffers, or a treat for yourself. Along with the introduction of these to my shop, I will be offering free shipping on these bracelets until November 14th, in honor of Bridget's birthday. (Don't tell her I told you!)

In my Artfire shop use the code Nov14 to get your free shipping. If you shop on Zibbet or Etsy, please contact me to get your bracelet in either of these shops with the free shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions about these. I have a feeling they won't last long. Remember, these are the only 3 I have right now, and it may be a while until I can get more. Bridget will be traveling for the next few months before she gets back to creating her jewelry. Lucky her
I am extremely lucky to have Bridget as my mother-in-law. I am also so proud to be in her family, and to share the "Family Jewels" she creates. I would love to be able to tell her that her bracelets all sold by the time she comes to visit us around the holidays. That would be the best present I could give her, and she would really believe that I am not the only one who loves her creations....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday...what's for dinner?

Sitting here waiting for dinner to finish (yes, it is 7:30pm and we still haven't eaten!) I am searching my brain for what to write about! I checked the NaBloWriMo blog and none of the prompts spoke to me.

So maybe I will just write about what's for dinner

I had a great idea this morning to pan sear some seasoned boneless chicken breasts to brown them, then put them in the over to finish up. Add some super easy Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (done in 90 seconds!) and voila - and easy scrumptious dinner.

But when I opened the freezer, the package of boneless chicken breasts I swore I bought were not there.
What was? Pork Loin, pork chops, ground chicken, and fish. I really wanted the chicken.

But the pork loin ended up the winner tonight. A nice roasted pork loin with potatoes, onions, and carrots. On the meat, I put salt, pepper, a wee bit of ground hot pepper, chicken rub, and sprinkled with Worcestershire sauce

Basically, I seasoned it like I would have the chicken, except I may not have put on the Worcestershire sauce. I then added cut up potatoes, onions, and carrots to the pan, seasoned them the same way I did the meat, and covered it.

Then I shoved it in the oven at about 7pm, and now I am on the computer while it cooks catching up on everything I didn't get done on the computer today because I was creating

Oh yeah, I have to clean off the table full of what I created.

When it's done, all I have to do now is get up, open oven and make sure it is done, and serve dinner. A nice, fashionably late, dinner at 8pm.

See that steam? YUM! And notice the table is cleaned off, all my creating stuff shoved in a bag, sitting next to me waiting for a clean table so I can spread out again.

Do you have that same problem? Do you have to clean off the dining table before you serve dinner too? 

And do you sometimes have fashionably late dinners too? Or am I alone in the procrastination of cooking?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - HIKE

All week I have been teasing you with mentions of the hike I took with the kids. 
So here are the details.

We went to the Pisgah National Forest Big Ivy (Coleman Boundary) area, and found the Lower Douglas Falls trial.
It is a beautiful drive into the forest, over 8 miles of gravel road from this entry into the forest, passing waterfalls, trees, and gorgeous mountain views.

Once we (finally) reached the parking lot where our little trail began, the kids took off, and I quickly fell behind.
Sometimes, I caught up.
And sometimes we all stopped to enjoy the little things,

as well as the big things
An amazing display of tree rings. Then an amazing display of tree roots. (The tree happened to fall, seemingly deliberately placed, right on the side of the trail.)
We sometimes had obstacles.

But the effort was well worth it. The reward was beautiful.
The 70 ft. Lower Douglas Falls. The water was refreshingly cool, and we could walk right behind the falls.
That log apparently has been at the base of these falls for a very long time, still getting pounded.
We explored all around the falls, and found interest everywhere.

When we had exhausted the area, and felt exhausted, we started back down the inviting trail.
and appreciated when the trees were cut so we didn't have so many to step over.
I was still last. That is how our hikes always go. And that is okay with me. 

We caught a stow away after about 3 miles down the road out of the forest.

Luckily, my daughter kept her cool, calmly asked me to stop the car,

and let him go in his new home...along the side of the road.

I also found a spider on my leg...but I didn't take the time to get a picture of that guy...I quickly put the car in park, and jumped out of the car and wriggled and brushed him off my leg. Okay, I let out a small giggly scream...but otherwise handled it well.

We all had a wonderful afternoon, and are now looking for another trail we can hike. If we can make this a regular thing, I just may achieve my goal of getting thinner and healthier. Not to mention the priceless time with my kids...who are not really kids anymore.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stop and Smell the Flowers - Before I miss another NaBloWriMo day...

I have only missed 2 days of posting every day this month for NaBloWriMo. So far. But the end is so close I would hate to add to that based on the lazy feeling that has kept me from posting today. 

Well, not completely lazy. I DID get a lot of work done. Made some cute Santa Toekini's, and worked on a custom order I got from the local gift shop. AND struggled with the Snowman Toekini's...they are still in progress. (It is the yarn I am struggling with, but you will soon see.)

The lazy feeling relates to not feeling like writing. It is something I have to force myself to do tonight. But the funny thing is once I start, it comes naturally tonight. This does not happen very often! I think I will let it flow, and enjoy the ideas as they come

Stop and smell the flowers, so to speak.

Come to think of it, we did just that on Sunday, during our hike. (more on the hike tomorrow in the Walking on Wednesday series) 
Grouping of small, beautiful flowers among the rocks and leaves
So here are some simple picture reminders, to stop and smell the flowers
One lonely flower, can you see it?
It may take some effort to notice the flowers, as sometimes they are quite small....
Beautiful picture taken by my daughter,
who wanted to bring home a memory of our hike
....but it is well worth it. 
It is in the little things that we sometimes find the most joy.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday! Ramble On

The Leaves are falling all around.....

I know I will be rambling on all week about that, because well,  leaves have fallen and continue to fall.
The mountains are really beautiful, with the reds, yellows, oranges, and tiny touches of green filling the landscape. 
Mother nature is a wonderful painter. Though this picture doesn't do it justice, the drive to the trail we hiked yesterday has some spectacular views of the 'canvas'.

As we drove the gravel road out of Pisgah National Forest after our great hike, single leaf by single leaf, they fell. They floated down, leisurely it seemed, and landed right on the windshield. We must have hit about 10 of them right smack in the middle of the windshield.  We could only drive about 15 miles an hour because the gravel road was quite bumpy in areas. 

We got to enjoy each leaf as it landed, and witnessed all the others, one by one, floating down the mountainsides. 

And today, we will be raking all the leaves that have fallen all around our yard. Not an entirely horrible task, as the smell of fall is ever apparent when you rake, and nothing brings feelings of fall better than the smell of it.

 Finally, I am embracing Fall, Autumn, and everything gorgeous about it. And you will be hearing me ramble on about it all week.

What is your favorite part of fall?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Sleep Time Show

I know it's early for the sleepy time show - but I have been busy today. The normal chores, laundry and such took up the morning.
Then I took the kids on a hike on a great easy trail in the mountains. (more on that in the Walking on Wednesday Series). Here is a sneak peek of the beautiful scenery.
Waterfall seen on the drive to the beginning of the trail
We are all a bit tired, so we put on my sleepy time show early tonight. I have a couple shows that just knock me out, put me right to sleep. They are:

  1. any History Channel show, and 
  2. many Discovery Channels shows. 

Hubby is already dozing off, and the boys are so relaxed it won't be long until they are snoring too. My daughter soon will be in the same boat, cuddled up here with me.
Whale Shark
What is the show that has us near comatose?
Discovery Channel's Planet Earth


It has beautiful images, soothing music, and Sigourney Weaver's soft voice
This is the perfect trio of things to relax, subdue, and knock us into a nice cozy sleep.
Tonight, it is  Deep Oceans. So lots of dark, blues, and water sounds. Beautiful corals, colors, and bioluminescence.

Ahhhh...good night.......

Nighty night. Sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite
If they do, grab a shoe
and smack them 'till they're black and blue.