Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Sad Halloween ~ End of 2013 NaBloWriMo

Bones sez Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween!

It is a sad one for me today, as it marks the last day of NaBloWriMo 2013And yes, it's Halloween, but we really don't celebrate that much anymore.

For one, I have no candy for trick-or-treaters (we don't get any because of our long, beautiful yet potentially creepy even on a normal day, driveway).

Second, my teens don't dress up for Halloween anymore (well, except my daughter who gets to dress as a literary character in AP English class - she is Elizabeth from Frankenstein, but I won't get to see her in costume!) 

The most I do for Halloween is hang up my dear old friend Bones. He was an excellent Toekini model, but lately he just hangs around.

I have really enjoyed this year's NaBloWriMo. I made some good new blogging friends, and my passion for blogging is even stronger now. I am sad in a way that it is done for this year. Also, I suddenly have a desire to make more Toekini's!

How different a world that we consider people we only type to as friends, but it is true. I have made some great connections, and met online people I consider good friends.

So, my online friends, what are YOU doing this Halloween? Dressing up? Handing out candy? Turning off your lights and hiding? 

Me? I am updating my resume, which is really scary. (I am needing a job my friends, at least until my writing is enough to help with the bills, so if you know of any, let me know!) 

I will be having tea, and making spaghetti...err intestines und blood my little I mean dinner. Maybe I will make some new Toekini's, and I will definitely be blogging some more. (perhaps NaBloPoMo ???)

If you are dressing up, share where to find your pics, I love seeing great Halloween costumes! Have spooktacular day, and evening.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~ Beautiful Day

That is all I can think of right now. No other title for the day.

Though there is plenty on my to-do list (neglected yesterday), I am going through the pictures of the beautiful day I had yesterday.
View from Craggy Pinnacle Hike
photo by Raige Creations

The kids were off school, I have family in town, and we all spent the day together.

The lunch at 12 Bones was great! First time I tried grits. I know, I know, living here in the south and first time trying proper Southern grits. I never thought I would like them, having only tried instant grits as a child. Since I tried those instant grits (like cardboard baby food), I never even considered trying them. But when I saw them on my son's plate, they looked nothing like the ones I tried as a child. And let me tell you, they are damn good, especially at 12 bones!
Lunch at 12 Bones
hope they don't mind I shared this.
you can tell my son is not too happy...
photo by Raige Creations
Full bellies, we traveled up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Craggy Pinnacle. It is a gorgeous drive this time of year. Sorry, no pics as I was the driver. 

Once we got there, the views, spectacular as usual.
The Asheville Watershed
So still you could see the clouds in the water.
photo by Raige Creations

The company, also spectacular.
Good Family
Relaxing View
Floating Through The Mountains

All Pictures by Raige Creations
This morning came way too early, and my list of things to do is long. But there still is a chance today will be beautiful too. 

I am going  to Biltmore! I have never been there, and I actually like being a tourist in my own town. 

Keeping things in perspective, my to-do list isn't going anywhere, but the chance to enjoy history, with family, well it doesn't happen near enough. 

I will cross a few things off my list, but the important thing is that we take the time to notice the beautiful days, and enjoy them to the fullest.


photo courtesy of Structure in an Unstructured Life on FB
Would you care if you were a couple days late paying that cable bill?

Would you care if you left that laundry in the living room for 2 days waiting to be folded?

Would you think you should have taken that day off and spent it with family, or would you be glad you did?

Even though I didn't get this posted yesterday (late for NaBloWriMo again!), I am sure glad I did take the time to enjoy yesterday.

Keep things in perspective.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Monday! Dream On

photo courtesy of Draculina on FB
I am truly blessed, even though times have been rough. I can still smile, laugh a lot, and I never stop dreaming. 

This powerful song is perhaps the best way to start a Monday. 

Dream On. 

Does it sometimes take a great song or a great saying to get you going on a Monday? 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recipe ~ Slow Cooker Pork Loin Roast Stew

I get tired of roasts. They are just boring sometimes. I sometimes want something more cozy, comforting. Less dry....

So this time I decided to try a slow cooker stew. I found some good recipes (like this one that I AM going to try when I get some squash), but ended up using several as a reference and tweaking, as usual.
Potatoes and onions in the Crock-Pot
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I started with using the same ingredients I would with a roast.

Ingredients: Potatoes, onions, carrots, meat. 

I cut up the potatoes and onions and popped them into the Crock Pot dish.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I got a Pork Loin Roast, it seemed like a better deal, and tried to cut off some of the fat. Leave a little, it adds to the flavor. 
Cut that into cubes, about 2 inches square-ish.
The supporting cast
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Then I assembled some spices and the juice needed to make it more stew-like, and added them along with the carrots. 

Ingredients: broth (about 1/2c), cooking sherry (about 1/4c), thyme, crushed red pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic. 
(I didn't actually add the garlic when I made it, but as we were eating it, I thought garlic would have been good to add.)
I only had chicken broth, so that is what I used. Perhaps a beef stock would have been better.
Ready to start cooking!
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I added everything to the Crock-Pot, turned on low and set to cook for 7-8 hours. 

I thought that a stew would be excellent with beans, and we happened to have Pinto Beans in the cupboard.
Pinto Beans, or your favorite beans,
make this stew even more hearty.

photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I added the beans about 30 minutes before it was done because they were canned. You could use dry beans, soak them as directed, and put them in at the beginning.

Ingredients: Pinto Beans, Wondra flour

The Wondra flour I also added toward the end, mainly because I didn't think of it sooner. I realized the stew needed to be thicker, so Wondra to the rescue!
My favorite go-to thickener - Wondra!
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Now, if you have read any of my other recipes, you know I don't usually measure. In fact, the only thing I measured here was the liquid because the liquid is important in slow cooking and stews. 

Here again, I didn't measure the Wondra. I just added it little by little, stirring until it blended it each time, until I thought it was thick enough. 
(I know I know, you shouldn't lift the lid on a slow cooker....blah blah blah, but I did anyways and then let it cook another 30 minutes or so, so the meal was not ruined....)
Pork Loin Roast Stew
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I encourage you to tweak your own versions. Next time I make this I will undoubtedly tweak it some more.
They boys added more hot sauce to it, and hubby complained there was no rice to go under it in his bowl, so these are ideas to add next time too.

In the end it was the hearty, yummy, comfort food, and it wasn't boring. 

I would love to hear any slow cooker stew recipes you love! Share in the comments.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why I Got Up At 6 AM On A Saturday? Driving.

Why did I get up so early today?

Since we moved the business out of its downtown location, and I no longer have to work 6 days a week, including all weekend long, I have completely enjoyed sleeping in on Saturdays. I do still wake up, but the freedom of not having to get up, going back to sleep....ahhhh. There is nothing quite like it.

But today, alarm went off the normal weekday time. I got up by 6:30 am (yes, I like to press snooze for an excessive amount of time), made coffee, fed the animals, the normal morning routine.

WHY? My youngest son had to meet his drivers ed teacher at 7:30am!
photo courtesy of  Travelers Point.
Yup. It has happened. All of my children are now drivers. I now have to dispense the advice that has been handed down from my father
My youngest is now on the road. He took the class, and now is out there with all those other crazy drivers. I honestly don't know if I can handle sitting in the car with him while he drives.
Not that I think he is a bad driver, but after his first day of driving, he said "It's kinda like driving in a video game, but better."

photo courtesy of Eileen on Pinterest
I should mention here that his driving in video games is rather horrible! He can't stay on the damn road!!

The last time I was the required adult in the car with a new driver, (I have been through 2 new drivers now) I noticed just how incredibly tense I was. I had trouble breathing, I was on the verge of panic the entire ride, every time! This is not because my daughter or my oldest son was a bad driver, it was because I was so worried that something bad would happen.

Visions of accidents, crashes, going off the road, all going through my head. I was unreasonably anxious each and every time we got in the car. This time, I really don't know if I can handle it.  It is almost like torture! 

But this is what we parents must endure, for our children. I will not let any of my immense anxiety show. I will be the calm force of knowledge. Stressing #4 on this list, Don't Panic.

I might feel better, though, if he didn't tell me that his sole motivation for getting his drivers license was so he could get his motorcycle license.
Vintage Motorcycle 12
photo courtesy of
No worries there, haha. No wonder my hair is grey and my nerves are shot.  

Feel free to share any driving advice you may have learned along the way. This list may help jog your memory of how you learned to drive. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall...Fast Forwarded

Leaf Filled Path
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Just as the leaves were falling, and changing color, we were hit with freezing temperatures! There was a chance of SNOW last night. (luckily that didn't happen here) 

The sun is so very misleading. It was 32 degrees this morning!
I almost didn't go out for a run, almost. But I did.
And I rocked it. 
It felt good, and somehow my pace was better than it has been in, well, ever maybe. That I am not sure of, but definitely recently. 

I just may be ready for the Jingle Bell Run. 43 days left and there is still time to donate, click here!

But seriously, so many leaves with the chill doesn't make ya feel like raking. If only we could do this.
photo courtesy of Diply
(formerly Different Solutions)
Does anyone else dislike raking? 
(I do, especially when I realized it now really hurts to jump in a pile of leaves.)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday ~ Clarity Through the Mist

Clarity Through the Mist
photo courtesy of Raige Creations

This is the beautiful scene as I was running on Monday.
The fog was drifting over the water so brilliantly, it was a great distraction from the run. I was on a route that I don't often use, around Lake Louise. 

I ended up going farther than usual, mainly because I had to go around the loop more than 3 times to get my usual 3 miles. Then I had to get back to where I head home, so I logged 3.38 miles. Almost all of it a run. The day started out pretty good. 

Hard to believe how the day changed, but it is a lesson in enjoyment of the moment, because moments change, moods change, and if I didn't have that good morning I can't even image how truly bad the day would have turned out.

I was glad to see this picture today. It reminded me of the beauty right outside my door. It reminded me that I will see clarity at some point, I will find my way. Even if I can't see it exactly, once I get settled after moving my business, I will continue to forge a new path. Where will I end up? 

That remains hidden in the mist at the moment, but I am still looking. And enjoying the little moments.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~ True Test

The true test of any relationship is the assembly of cheap-ass Chinese pressboard furniture. We have spent the last 20 years testing our relationship doing this. This Ikea furniture thing wasn't around back then like it is now, but I imagine it's the same kind of test.

photo courtesy of George Takei on FB
Monday was one of the more recent tests. When the day started, we had no idea we would end up putting together 5 big-ass displays, with no directions, but a memory of how they went together.

We started out the day looking forward to spending it together. Normally a treat. But as the day went on, after moving a huge amount of heavy furniture, (remember, we have been moving crap for the last 2 weeks....) after re-arranging our new booth at The Regeneration Station, and "disagreeing" over many, many things along the way, we were then tasked with putting together those Chinese made, pressboard displays with some very heavy parts.

Keep in mind too, that we have 20 years experience with putting together Chinese-made pressboard furniture pieces. Your Wal-Mart bought pieces of garbage that when put together resemble nice furniture. 

photo courtesy of Jeff Klinger Research
Entertainment centers, bookshelves, desks, store displays, etc. We have been deciphering terribly translated directions for pressboard furniture assembly regularly throughout our entire marriage. Throw in years of childrens toys assemblies (many done last minute Christmas Eve), and we pretty near could be called 'experts'. 

Well, Monday tested our 'expert' status. We got the things together, but like experts? Well, they were put together well, but not very professionally.

After 20 years, we know how to disagree quite well. We discuss (talk very loudly..ok shout sometimes), repeat as necessary (up to 4 or 5 times the same thing), blatantly blame each other for our frustrations, until ultimately one of us gives or we both do, in and we come to some 'agreement'. 

We had to re-assemble these store displays from the shop. They had to be taken apart to fit through the doors and moved, and thus had to be put back together to be sold.
a Mind you, when we got them new, my children put each and every one together, no help from us. They didn't even argue (much). They just sat there, read the directions, did each task, voila display put together. 

Our CHILDREN (teenagers!) put them together - without arguing! 

We were already tired and frustrated. By the third display, after finding damage by the movers (which made our assembly a little challenging to put it mildly), we were at each other so badly we were making a scene. It sort of reminded me of trying to get our live Christmas trees in the house and on the bloody tree stand. I have heard other couples test their relationships at this time as well.

We 'disagreed' through the entire third display. Over the years, we learned that when things were going so badly, sometimes it is just better to not say a word, and get the job done. So, by the time we got to the last one (which had a damaged top so I didn't see the point of putting it together fully, but we did anyways), not a word uttered to each other since display 3, and we discovered we were one screw short. Icing on the cake.
photo courtesy of Wikipedia

We got it done, went home, and collapsed on the couch, next to each other. We both agreed (finally) we haven't had a worse day in as long as we could remember. 

After much Advil, a quick nap, and food, we realized really what a horrible day it had been, and we took it out on each other.

The stresses have been so many lately, and have affected everything we do, this is true, but we never should take it out on each other.

This is one lesson we have to learn over and over, but we do learn. We talk it out, we acknowledge the error of our ways, and we learn again. 

We vowed to not let it ever get that bad again. Especially assembling crappy f*ing furniture. We then vowed to never, ever, purchase a piece of crappy pressboard furniture ever again. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Music Monday! Two for Tuesday ~ Born Slippy with a Lust For Life

Yesterday I just couldn't find a song I related to. Well, I did while running, but couldn't remember what those songs were by the time I was done. So instead I randomly searched for inspiration.

I spent a long time looking for a song. Somehow, Born Slippy got on my 'suggestions'. I forgot how much I liked this song! And wouldn't this be great for a running playlist? YES! I just hope I am not on my way to a new tension headache.....

Why Born Slippy? The title of the song comes from a greyhound the band bet on and won.

Then the 'suggested list' showed Iggy Pop, Lust For Life. (If you hadn't noticed the Trainspotting theme, yes these are on the soundtrack. Great movie!) 

Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens. (My new favorite lyric.)

Nothing is better than Iggy's endless energy, never a shirt, dancing around like a crazy person. I might add this to my running playlist too.....

If these songs don't get your day going, I don't know what will.  

Do you have any favorite 'get yourself going' songs?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Runday ~ Relax

Second full day at home, doing home things, and I love it! I am much more relaxed today, in leggings and a big-ass old stained sweatshirt, and my fuzzy socks

It is amazing what 2 days in a row off can do. For one, I got back to running. I took 2 days off this week, and could run more today than the last workout. Plus, I still have 5 days working out for the week. 
Rest is good!

Still 5 days on the calendar for the week!
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
(This is what I want my calendar to look like most of the time, between 4 and 5 workouts, walking or running, each week.)

Believe it or not, this run today WAS relaxing for me today. There was no rushing, nothing plaguing my mind that I had to get done today (except for dinner, which I thankfully already have planned as Chicken and Noodles! recipe here). Oh, and getting a blog in today for NaBloWriMo, still keeping with that goal of making writing more a part of my life.

Today, my run could be as fast or as slow as I wanted. I could take my time, run if I felt it, walk if I had enough running. No pressures of the rest of the day. Writing could be done on the couch, with my family, at my pace, no rushing to finish because I had to get out the door. Beautiful. 

The best kind of run.

photo courtesy of Pinterest
I hope you remember to take some time for yourself, keep calm, and relax! Happy Sunday.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"You Look Like You Need to Eat Something"

"You look like you need some water" she said to me.

I stopped in my tracks. Did I look that bad?

photo courtesy of world pics dot com Kosovo
Yes, I did misplace my bottle of water 4 hours ago. Okay, I hadn't showered that morning either, so my hair was a little frizzy, and perhaps the makeup I put on had worn off with the sweat as I was unloading boxes and unpacking and tagging. 
"You need to eat something too" she said again.
Well, yes I didn't eat any breakfast that morning, and that doughnut hole just gave me sugar rush 2 hours ago. But was it that obvious? 
"We have a drinking fountain over there by the men's room, you know."
No, I didn't know that!!! 
I have spent the last 2 weeks, almost every day full, moving our business out of its downtown location. My days, each one, for these past 2 weeks has looked something like this:

  • get up, coffee, run maybe, clean something in the house, shower, blog, eat - all before 10am
  • go in to shop and pack boxes, load car, make phone calls, plan logistics of huge move
  • sort loads of inventory, pack more boxes, get through some of the loose ends of moving a business out
  • move heavy furniture, supervise movers to move the things I could never help move, argue with movers they can take more, wrap that better, or be careful not to break this as it is 120 years old and curved glass is ridiculously expensive to replace so you can't put anything so close to it, etc.
  • take full car and unload in warehouse that I finally found after calling 8 companies to find an empty one.
  • go home try to get everyone fed, pass out on couch by 9pm.
  • wake up at midnight, go to bed, stay awake for a couple hours thinking about everything that was left to do.
  • sleep another couple hours, get up and do it all again.

(Yes, I made the font smaller because the list took up too much room....)

Then, we found a place to set up a small booth to try to sell some of our inventory. So my days turned to setting up our booth and unpacking the boxes that I had just packed. Tagging, creating a new inventory for a new spot, placing everything so it fit and didn't look like we crammed it all in haphazardly.
The little exchange regarding my appearance of thirst and hunger happened yesterday, the end of more than 2 full weeks of stressful, sad yet liberating work. I was unpacking some boxes, marking each little item, adding to my new inventory list, and then trying to place in our booth so it still looked nice. 
Blue Rage Booth at The Regeneration Station
photo Polaroid style, courtesy of Raige Creations

I had just opened a box full of little, mismatched things I have to unpack, tag, organize, and set out on the shelves. It was suddenly too much for me to tackle- more sorting, tagging, and having to think about how it should all look. I decided that was all I could do for today, closed the box, and dammit I was going home. 
I was incredibly thirsty, tired of eating breath mints because that was all I had with me to eat, and ready to just go home. 
After learning water was so nearly the entire day, I went over to the drinking fountain the nice lady told me was right here, and I drank for at least a full minute. Non stop. 

My phone rang, I only stopped to say 'hello', and while my daughter talked to me, I drank some more. 
"Are you on your way home?" she asked.
I stopped drinking again, said "Yes, after I drink some more water here, I am heading home!"

I was so happy that I had the flexibility to leave a place where I have stuff for sale while the business was still open. I didn't have to stay, greet people, sell. I didn't have to be there until 8pm on a Friday! YAY.

I got to my car, opened the back seat door to put my bag in, and guess what I saw. 

My water bottle.
photo courtesy of  Livid Ambition
I had left it there when I took my bag out, 6 hours earlier. I drank the entire 24 ounce bottle on my way home.

Lesson: Don't run yourself so ragged that you deprive yourself of something that was there the whole time and you were just too ragged to remember where you left it.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ All Great Changes

all+great+changes+are+preceded+by+chaos+copy.jpg (1600×1600)
photo courtesy of Pinterest.
I just want to know when the chaos will end.

The only thing that has helped me through this crazy chaos is the vision of less stress, more family time, and greater creativity. I still see it ahead, but am not quite done with the chaos.

I am taking a chance on something new. I am starting again, right after closing one door. I have questions that this is the right move, but after voicing my uncertainty to my daughter, she simply said 'you don't know if you don't try.'

The wise words of my daughter are getting me through. I think I can handle just a little more chaos, then take a real break and enjoy the little things in life again. Wish me luck!

Walking on Wednesday ~ Once It Sinks In.....

 When will it sink in? Will it sink in?

Door Closed
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
What will I do, now that the move is done? 
Even the moving truck is tired.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
The truck was filled once on Monday, and 4 times today.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Now I can re-group and focus. But focus on what?

'An Open Road?'
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Well, I suppose the way forward! I can now walk down that road!
I can get to the next door, actually pick the next door maybe.

photo courtesy Pinterest
Just don't let me get caught up in the hallway while I open that next door.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mid Month Mantras and NaBloWriMo Motivation

It's here. October 15th.
Half way through the month.

Been so in incredibly busy, worn myself out almost every day trying to finish up business at our downtown location and figure out our next steps.

Somehow, I still have managed to get some running and walking in.
Plus, helping me achieve my NaBloWriMo goals, it gives me great motivations for writing.

Looking at the summary of the month, I can hardly believe it. 
31.31 miles.
6.55 total hours.
2,966 calories!

So, I guess it was okay that I ate some cupcakes (even though they didn't turn out like I planned), treated myself with some ice cream with chocolate syrup and walnuts, ate pizza (too much), and attacked those sour cream and onion chips. 

Imagine if I had eaten a little better! I believe I can start thinking I will break that plateau, well I did break it but the wrong way, I gained weight, and maybe lose a little weight.
Tentative Scale Calibration
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
It doesn't really matter though. I haven't weighed myself since I found I put on the 5 pounds I lost last spring. Plus, I am hoping the next time I do I will be pleasantly surprised with those five pounds gone, so I am waiting a few more weeks.

I am just happy to be active. I can tell it is helping my balance, and I can feel the difference in every-day life. Especially since my every day lately has been packing and moving heavy things, dealing with stress, and having to make huge decisions.

At the end of it all, I can say....
photo courtesy of Run with Your Heart on Facebook
Even not so good runs make better days, as my calendar above has a few not-so-good runs, but it still looks good on the calendar. This is a good mantra to get me out the door to run.

Though the days have been hard, I can say they have been good overall. I remember my hubby's great encouraging quote often.
One Day Closer
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Now, to just get through the rest of the month. 
One day at a time. 
Another mantra I have used this past week. This mantra I have used to get out the door to get the work done.

What is your mantra for the week?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday! Breathe In Breath Out - Machinehead

Some songs just pop in your head.
And then repeat. Over and over. 
But just certain sections of the song, not the whole song. 
And then you can't remember the rest of the song, just the section that plays over and over in your head........

As I was checking email (I have 3 different accounts), having received no new emails since last night, this song popped right in my head as my mind said:
Sign in sign out, sign in sign out, sign in sign out

And it took me forever to remember what song had the breath in breath out lyrics, because all that was repeating in my head was breathe in breath out, breathe in breath out. I could not remember what came after, before, anything. Just breathe in breathe out.

Incidentally, this would be a great song to run to.

With that, I am off for a run!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Serendipitous Sunday ~ Who Knew It Would Turn Out This Way?

"Serendipitous Timing"
Uttered to me today by a wonderful new person I met.
Before I jinx anything, I will just say a few things.

All my worry last night, lack of sleep, and stress about getting everything done, led to a huge relief of sorts. After some driving around and few phone calls, I made the best phone call which made the end of my day rather pleasant.
photo courtesy of photobucket

Of course, lots of prep, planning, organizing, logistical figuring was figured into the day. Working to achieve a smooth transition out of one location is not an easy thing. 

But if all goes well, this wonderful new person will be saving me from dread and unpleasantness beyond what I could handle at this point. AND, as it turns out, I will be helping her in a way she didn't anticipate happening at this time, yet wanted to. I am bringing her closer to a goal she has had, she is bringing me close to a goal I have. Serendipitous.

We met not quite by chance, as most serendipity quotes go. It was through a bit of research, panic on my part, plus reaching out to anyone who would listen. This met with and research and dreaming on her part, and seems to be leading to something that we both want, things that would benefit each of us, and the other. 

photo courtesy of Corie on Pinterest.
It is still early, but as I said, if all goes well, this will work out smashing for both of us. I should sleep like a baby tonight, but really there is still so much work still to do to make it all work. But it just might work!

For anything to work good, lots of good work goes into it. 

(Hey, did I just do a quotable quote? I will put that into picture form tomorrow. Remember my tendency to procrastinate?)

Keep your fingers crossed, this Serendipitous Sunday will lead to a Magical Monday.

Twelve Oh One ~ NaBloWriMo Day 12

photo from ClipArtETC
That's what the microwave said when I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.
12:01 a.m.
I had been laying in bed for about an hour.
This, after being woken up from the couch to go to bed because we have another very big day tomorrow.

We spent the day packing and organizing the shop downtown. 
My business, Blue Rage of Asheville, had a good run in its 8 College St. address. After a very hard summer, and saying so many times I couldn't count, 'There has to be a better way', the time had come to let this location go, and go find the the better way.

8 x 10 print by The Love Shop on Etsy
I spent all week carefully packing the fragile inventory, making sure all the consignors picked up their inventory, taking pictures of displays, dealing with banks, utilities, etc. Over 30 boxes, and probably 20 pieces of furniture and displays, and oh yes, the track lights and drop down lights, all packed up.

Still more to do tomorrow. Taking apart displays for easier move, trying to secure a warehouse space, hoping movers can really sweep in and move everything.

I am stressed. I was sleeping fine on the couch. Well, not fine really. A light sleep, comforted by the sounds of my family so closeby. Having to move to bed only woke me up and got my brain going. It was telling me 'This is impossible', 'You can't possibly get everything done in the time you have to do it.'

Thus, 12:01 is what I saw on the microwave, when I went into the kitchen thinking a glass of water would cleanse my head and help me relax, then sleep. However, my brain said Twelve Oh One! Crap!! Twelve oh one meant the day got away from me (as it seems has been happening regularly, since suddenly I can't get everything done in the time I need to), and I realized the blog had been neglected.  Another day of NaBloWriMo missed.

Why was I not willing to let this slip by? I thought getting it all out would help too, but really since I want writing to become a bigger part of my life, it seemed logical I get down to writing. 

photo courtesy of  Tammie on Pinterest
Even if it was twelve oh one. This counts as day 12, at least in my book. Tomorrow really hasn't happened yet, I have to get some sleep first. Then I will be able to tackle my day, and get as much done as I possible can, and try to figure out how to get more time to do everything I have to do. 

I am on my second glass of water now. (and will probably be up in a few hours to pee) 

Hopefully this will wash the worry away. I can't create more time, but perhaps I can make it all okay that some things take longer. It will have to be, for what is the alternative? There is none. It is what it is, I can only do my best, work my hardest, anything more is not possible. I will have given it my all. 

Will any of this help? At least I got my blog post in for NaBloWriMo. That helps. Little by little I will get everything done, somehow, some way. Maybe I can sleep now, though I am on my third glass of water (yes, will definitely get up to pee in a few hours), and it is now approaching One Oh One! (1:01 a.m.). Nighty night.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Find ~ I found my Kindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greeting Card
We all have our 'I can't remember where I put that' moments.

I have them more regularly than I like. I get teased relentlessly for it. You might remember if you follow me on Facebook, that I went searching for my Kindle, with no success.
Many, many months ago I misplaced my Kindle. I searched high, low, in between. I looked everywhere I thought I would put it, safely. I looked everywhere I thought I would put it that made no sense. I looked under the couch (found far too many hairballs), under the bed (found some socks), cleaned out my closet (where I found far too many clothes that I don't wear anymore). No luck.
I was teased, lectured, and felt completely terrible, like an idiot. I could not for the life of me remember where I put it, but I KNEW it was in the house, somewhere. I just could not for the life of me remember!
We STILL have boxes that
were't unpacked from
out last move.

photo courtesy of
Raige Creations

I had resigned myself to believing I would find it when we packed to move again, the only time when I would put my hands on every single thing in the house, carefully organizing and wrapping, if I decided it was worth taking, and put in a box. I believed that this would be the only time I would have time to launch a search that was needed to find my poor, misplaced Kindle. 
But as it turns out, organizing came sooner than I thought. We were preparing the downstairs studio to be a comfortable place to create and hang out, not the catch-all for stuff we didn't know what to do with, didn't have space for upstairs, etc. 

The future studio! Getting there, but still work to do.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I started to move collections of 'art materials', papers that I had to deal with, and even a box of towels (don't ask). I cleared off furniture that will someday (SOON!) make its way up to replace the dining room set I currently have. 

Mystery Bag, still don't know why
all these things were together.....

photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I had to pick up a bag I didn't remember placing downstairs. It had a doll and some doll clothes in it, our old telephones (from 8 years ago...yes I still have them....artist husband who wanted me to save them for 'materials for a project he wants to do'. Oh, that explains the doll and doll clothes too). It also HAD MY KINDLE IN IT TOO! Why they all were together I still can't remember......

I picked up the Kindle, and carried it around with me while moving other boxes, organizing pile of things. I didn't put that thing down until I plugged it in, in a very visible location. It charged, and I turned it on, and immediately bought a book.
The Kindle and the Cozy Quilt.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
I haven't had much time to read it, but I have so enjoyed reading it on the couch while the family plays video games, and have joyfully fallen asleep with it several times. Oh how I missed it.

It has interrupted the purging and organizing downstairs slightly. The furniture I mentioned needs a quick sanding as well, which I am working up the motivation to tackle. PLUS I have to sell my current dining set. There seem to be many excuses why the downstairs project has taken a mini-vacation, but we will get there. 

Ready for New Books!
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
Now that I have my Kindle back (just in time for winter by the way. cuddling under the quilt, reading...ahhhhh), I can search for some good books, and get even more motivation for writing.

So, now is the time to tell me some of your favorite authors, books, etc. I am ready to add to my collection of good reads. Comment away!