Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Music Monday! Feelin' Groovy

I wish I was....

This is such a peppy tune, I hope it makes your Monday feel less terrible.

I need all the help I can get to feel groovy. This cold...

And that is all I am going to say about that.

Instead of more complaining, I will wish you all the joy you can find in chatting with a lampost and kicking down the cobble stones.

After all, complaining don't do no good.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Yep, It's Fall ~ I Have A Cold

It used to be the norm. Change of season = Onset of the Common Cold.
But now that my kids are older, well not even kids anymore, we don't get sick regularly anymore.
I love this aspect of children growing older, by the way.
click for source

Used to be me and the boys got strep throat ever few months when they were little. They were prone to it and without fail every time they got it, I got it. Hubby and daughter didn't seem to be affected, but me and the boys - every damn time. And the colds, we got those every other month! Kids in school = Colds every other month.

And I don't even want to tell the story of that stomach flu they brought home from school. Let's not go there. (Besides that it hit every one of us 5 days before Christmas the one year that I was hosting a huge, like 20 people over, family Christmas. That goes in the books as THE WORST.)

As they kids grew and went off to college, we noticed seasonal colds, flus, sore throats, etc virtually were non existant to us. And let me tell you I relished in the fact that we didn't get sick very often.

Then, this happened. Hubby started complaining that he was getting sick. There was some doubt on my part I have to say...after all you know how hubbies can complain at the slightest discomfort and love to be babied. But it was true, he had a cold. Now, this time, for him, it was just a slight congestion, a few sniffles, and lots of complaining of how terrible he feelt. I have gotten used to this. I encouraged orange juice and rest, and gave lots of sympathy and attention, thankful that I didn't have any of those symptons. He didn't even need a box of tissues!

Then it hit me, Friday night. The onset of congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing. I was weak, and feeling terrible. I had a roll of toilet paper next to me at all times! (we were out of tissues, again)

click for source
I managed to get to the grocery store early Saturday. Okay it wasn't early - I slept in till 8am! (I am normally up a little after 6am on days I am not up at 5am to make it to 6am yoga or cross fit class.) So I got to the store before I felt like real poopoo. I came home, took the cold medicine and parked myself on the couch with the box of kleenex and spent the entire rest of the day between heavy naps from the medicine and waking hours with kleenex constantly wiping my nose. I was wiped out! (no pun intended...didn't do that on purpose..teehee)

Today, I feel only mildly better. I got up at 6:30am, took meds and coffee. I felt good enough for a 3 mile walk - but not run. (I do think that the medicine and coffee helped with that) But the heavy naps still are necessary.

What do I mean by heavy nap? The nap that you suddenly need because your body and head are extremely heavy. Thus, the sleep is the heavy, 'I am not lifting my head or eyelids until this feeling goes away' kind of sleep.

My nose is red from wiping, I am sneezing, Yes, this all sucks.

I completely blame hubby for giving this to me, by the way. He got it first, 3 days after store, and like clockwork 3 days later I got it. But why was I so much mroe congested than him? Totally random explantaions : I have allergies...he doesn't have tonsils....who knows really. Who cares this still sucks. (And after 23 years of marriage, I am allowed to blame him for things like this, right?.)

Back to wiping nose, and I think it's time to take more meds, and perhaps a cup of tea with honey, and the inevitable medicine induced heavy nap. Thank goodness it is the weekend. Hopefully tomorrow I will be better, who can call in sick for a measly common cold, right?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Music Monday! You Get What You Give

It's been a while. I keep wanting to get a Music Monday done. I keep picking songs, even have a Two for Tuesday picked. But when it came to writing, I was at a loss. Nothing to give.

Yes, I have written about having nothing to write about. A few times, and then some more. It is every writers problem, at one time or another. So I will save those songs when I feel the reason I picked them in the first place.

But this song I heard, and I just felt like writing. I was avoiding the Debate last Wednesday, actually. Hubby wanted to 'witness history' or something like that. Me? Nope. I honestly have such a strong dislike for Trump, that listening to him at all gets me in such an annoyed and angry state it takes me a long time to recover from. I haven't uttered much about the election or the candidates for this reason. It is best for me to just put headphones on and listen to some good music and stay in my happy place.

Anyway, to drown out the blathering on TV, I put on my headphones and started a very decent playlist on YouTube and enjoyed some good 90's music. This song came on, and I loved the happiness in the video. The lead singer just looked like he was enjoying the crap out of the whole song. Then, everyone running through the mall was having a ball.

Yes, it is time to enjoy the crap out of stuff. Enough election crap. Enough negative crap. Enough fighting. Let's just have some plain old fun! 

Wake up kids! We got the dreamers disease! 

Okay, yes I know this song is about being fake. New Radicals' front man Gregg Alexander said he chose this setting because he sees the shopping mall as a metaphor for society—a fake, controlled environment engineered to encourage spending. But the title says it all, really. You do get what you give. If you don't give anything, you don't get anything. And it is peppy. 

And peppy was much, much better than the debate, though you could draw some similarities to the theme of the song {fake} and the presidential candidates {fake}, I won't go there.

You've got the music in you
Don't let go
You've got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don't give up
You've got a reason to live
Can't forget
We only get what we give 

I think I will continue to listen to music until all the blathering about the candidates and the election is over. Actually, I will continue after that as well, because music is my happy place. And I will fantisize about letting puppies free in a mall, because that would be so much fun!

If you are curious about the is a good one.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Music Monday! Rock You Like A Hurricane

First, let me apologize. I am sorry for subjecting you to The Scorpions. They are far from a band I like, but after this weekend, and until Hurricane Matthew has inched it's way out of the Caribbean, hurricanes have been in the center of our daily activies. What other song could I pick??

I moved to the Caribbean back in 1993. Being from Western New York, I was not familiar with hurricane tracking. Snow storm tracking, yes, hurricanes, no. But over the years, it became a part of daily life during hurricance season. In June, we get the little newpaper insert that has a tracking map, the list of supplies you should have on hand at any given moment, and with each Tropical update you either add the new tropical depression to what is on your radar or you sit and wait until the next one. 

There were many times we prepped for whatever storm might pass close by. Got the supplies, moved our 'important' things where we thought safest from wind and water, hunckered down and watched tropical update after tropical update until we were in the clear. For 11 years, it was all practice runs. We got good at it, then we got tired of doing it, as (thankfully) we never had a storm hit. 

So when Hurricane Ivan was barreling through the Caribbean, we all went through the motions. I could go on about the severity of the storm, how scary it was to see shit flying through the air like trees, roof tiles, etc. I could go in to the horrible madness of the aftermath (I honestly think the aftermath was far scarier). I could describe how the shock of losing everything leaves you lost, how starting over with 3 small children who knew nothing but security their whole lives leaves scars on everyone. (for years any thunderstorm worried my kids more than it should have)

Instead I will fast forward to this weekend and Hurricane Matthew. An eerily similar path to Ivan thus faras of Sunday afternoon, same late in the season storm. Category 5 hurricane in the same place Ivan was when we started watching him. 

So we have spent all weekend checking every update. The ineternet has made it so you can watch, over and over just hit update, the movement of the storm, get the latest forecasts, watch the effects it has where it has been, etc. So we have been watching, worrying, planning. (I even encouraged hubby to prepare a sacrifice to Poseidon to spare us another disaster...desperate times.....desperate measures and all that......)
From Weather Underground
Let me tell you, I did not miss hurricane tracking when we moved out of the Caribbean in 2004. I enjoyed each summer blissfully ignorant of what was going on in the tropics. And even last season, nothing much to worry about. 

Thanks to Matthew, we slipped right back into hurricane season anxiety. What if it doesn't turn? It looks like Ivan did, what if it keeps heading North West? What will we do? Should we stay and rough it out? Should we leave? Where would we go? Where are our passports?? A unanimous decision - we would book a one way ticket outta here. We started looking at ticket prices Saturday night. Thanks, but no thanks do I want any part of a storm with 150 mph winds, and really, no thanks to the aftermath of that!
From Weather Underground

So what did I do? I had to go to the store to get some staples we ran out of, like bread and such (soda for hubby who doesn't like know necessities....). But for some reason I could not help getting some canned goods, 24 bottles of water, and started thinking 'okay we have flashlights and lanterns, and we should really use up some of the things in the freezer'. Old habits die hard...I was prepping even though we plan on leaving. 

Hurricanes...I don't like them. The anticipation is stressful, and you can't help but to keep checking! I just don't like them. Much like The Scorpions, but can't help this song popping in my head...I don't like them either. Both just seem to keep forcing their way in. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Music Monday! Who Can It Be Now?

I was in the kitchen the other day, cooking something I can't remember, when I noticed this little guy spying on me.
Who can it be, knocking at my window?
Like he was trying to figure out a way to get in, he stayed there for quite a while. As often happens, 80's songs pop in my head in certain situations, and this was no exception.

Now, I like lizards. It wasn't that I didn't want him to come in really, it was just that he was there, peeking in at me rather suspiciously. Almost creepy.....

I feed the lizards out back, but the ones out front are not as friendly. They run off quckly and do not let us get very close. But I do enjoy seeing them just the same.

However, I can't say we say the same thing about human visitors. In fact, hubby hates having visitors. Several times last week he uttered; 

"I just want to be left the *&$% alone!" 
(edited to not expose you to his use of colorful language that he uses quite regularly).

He does not like surprise visitors, and lately doesn't even like planned visitors. He likes his pivacy. Understandable in our small aparment. There really is nowhere to run and hide. And the older I get (or just the more he rubs off on me), the more I can understand the uncomfortable feeling one gets when there is a knock on the door unexpectedly.

This song was inspired by bill collectors hounding Colin Hay prior to his success, and we can certainly relate to that too. We are still paying off renovations to our home, at the same time gearing up for finishing some unfinished projects we will have to figure out how to pay for. 

I believe we all go through  a 'leave me the *&$% alone' phase at one time or another. That is part of the reason this song was a hit. And sticks in our heads. And creeps in our minds when there is a knock at the door you weren't expecting, or some little critter is stalking you at your kitchen window.

Best off if you hang outside

Don't come in, I'll only run and hide....

Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Sunday Wog Fall and Good Samaritans

I got to sleep in a little today, a nice Sunday, perfect for staying in bed a little long, just because. I got up a little after 7am, but I was feeling very guilty about not getting up earlier to go for a run/walk, or Wog (walk/jog) as I now like to call it. I was a little groggy, but got on my running gear, decided that coffee after the run would be better than before the run, got my Tom Tom Runner searching for a satellite, and turned the ipod on and headed out. 

Photo By Charlesjsharp - Own work,
from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0,  
The 'Go!' beep went off on the Tom Tom , so I started walking. Got on the road and I heard this banging on metal. Strange, but then I saw the culprit. A woodpecker, probably the one I saw in the Almond tree yesterday, was searching for food in the gutters. Cool.

I decided to start to run, and after a little trouble getting going with all the thoughts going on in my head - the questioning of the run, the little bit of soreness as my muscles warmed up, the wonder of it all that I was actually running a mere 20 minutes after I got out of bed, etc. - I eventually got in a 'zone'. The music was good, it wasn't unbearably hot, and I was just running along. I forgot all the reasons I was questioning this run, I was tuned in to the music and the breathing and the pace, and I felt pretty good. 

Ironically, Skinned came on the ipod, and I was totally in the 'Running Zone' (I only made it to #3 on that list as it turned out....)

I waved to other runners, enjoying all the views and smells of beautiful flowers, plugging along. Suddenly, I was falling! I was headed down, and then I was rolling. The music suddenly stopped. I didn't quite know what was happening! 

By the time I realized I had fallen right off the road, the edge of the road dropped about 3 inches to the shoulder, I was on my right side, ipod in the dirt. I looked down at my left knee and saw the blood. I was a bit stunned, but righted myself and got the ipod, all the while actually cussing out loud that I actually wiped out and fell OFF the road! 

As I was getting my bearings, I noticed there is a car stopped next to me and I hear:
 'Are you all right, Miss?'
My first thought was:
 'Damn, how embarrassing, they probably saw the whole thing!'
Then I realised:
 'It must have looked pretty bad if they actually stopped to check on me!'
Then thought:
M. Scott Byers
 'Wow, they actually stopped to check on me, that is so nice!'

I was fine, and I told them so. I just skinned my knee good, and I told them that too. I also added:
 'Hey, thanks for stopping to see if I was okay'.

Because, really, it was nice that they stopped in the middle of the road to see if I was hurt. Who does that anymore, these days? It was so nice to see that these kids (well they weren't really kids, but probably in their twenties) were nice enough to stop and ask if I was okay, and be there if I needed help. 

I tried to keep running because really I didn't feel hurt. I ran on for a little while, but when I saw that blood had dripped all the way to my ankle, I wiped it and decided I best turn around and go home to get cleaned up. No one wants to see a bloody Wogger. 

When I got home, I realized I was missing more skin than I had originally thought. That really didn't bother me. What I kept thinking was how nice it was that someone stopped to see if I was okay. Well, that and that they called me Miss. That made me feel old. But really, I was so glad to know that there are still good people, good young people, out there. I told the story to Hubby, and he said 'their parents raised them right'. 

Right he is! If they listened to the majority of people out there, they would have kept driving, but instead they had the goodness that must have been passed down from their parents, and they stopped to help someone was down, literally on the side of the road in the dirt. Sadly, this seems rare these days. I wish it wasn't, and I am glad I got to experience this all too random kindness. I hope they know they did something very special, it was greatly appreciated, and hopefully they will never lose that urge to help those that may need help. 

My Sunday wog, though cut short, a bit painful, and no doubt will leave me with a nice big scar on my knee, was also a wonderful example of random kindness. I didn't get the 3 miles in that I wanted, but got something much more rare and wonderful - Good Samaritans.
Source: Postitive Success Group

Friday, August 26, 2016

Best Laid Plans for Apple Cake

I tried.
Had this recipe up for almost a week, vowing to make this delicious concoction of healthy apples and sweet cinnimon, so easy, no dairy so safe for Hubby.

I procrastinated, as I am prone to do, and have blogged about many, many times. But finally decided that I would be Miss Accomplishment and bake it before work today.

I put on some music, and began the mixing and cutting of apples, wondering why I don't spend more time baking and cooking. It is these simple pleasures that I want to bring more to the forefront of my life. There has been too much negativity, fighting, and just plain unpleasantness going on, yet while I was mixing and cutting to music, it all fell away and I was relaxed and enjoying the process.

The apples and cinnamon smelled so good, the apples weren't browning, I stirred often. The wet mixture was ready.

Then all that was left was the dry ingredients - and only two of them. I was in the homestretch with time to spare. I pull the flour out of the cupboard and it was....well....alive! Lots of little tiny things were moving about, a pile of them at the bottom of the bag that had apparently lived out their lives and died in a pile. When I put the flour in there, in a Ziplock bag, there were no tiny brown things in it. Right then, it was teeming with them.

With the clock showing I did not have time to run to store, finish this, then shower and get to work, I bitched a little (okay more than a little...I was finally getting this done and now THIS?), and then covered the wet ingredients and put them in the fridge, resigned to getting new flour at the store on my lunch hour.

Lunch hour came and I totally forgot. So then I resigned to get after work. Well, you can guess I didn't feel like going out to the store after work. The next day, rinse and repeat. So finally, after 2 days in the fridge, the wet ingredients were mixed with new flour with no little things moving about, and the baking soda and into the oven it went.

The verdict from Hubby: It's like Apple and Cinnamon Brownies!

I would say, a success after all. Plus, the wise words of my Mother-In-Law will now stick with me "You have to keep the flour in the fridge, that is the only way." Though I do wonder if all that does is chill to death the little crawling things that must have been in there to start....I guess we will never know.

Here is the recipe for those who would like "Apple Cinnamon Brownies" or probably more aptly named Apple Cake. Use unmoving flour and you will love this with a nice cup of tea.

Apple Cake
2 eggs
1 3/4 cups sugar
2 heaping teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 cup oil
6 medium Gala or Fuji or Honey Crisp apples
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder

Preheat oven to 350°. In a large bowl, mix the eggs, sugar, cinnamon and oil. Peel and slice the apples and add to mixture in bowl (coating as you go to keep apples from turning brown.) Mix together the baking powder and flour and add to the ingredients in the bowl. Mix well (best with a fork) until all of the flour is absorbed by the wet ingredients. Pour mixture into a greased one 9x13 or two 9″ round pans. Bake for approximately 55 minutes.

Perhaps not the prettiest, but it did taste yummy. It is almost gone, and I finished it yesterday. Not bad for a disaster of a start. And the most important thing is, no extra protein from tiny little creepy crawlies. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

First Day of Vaca = Car Trouble

Of course. The first day of my vacation, I get in the car to make it to the early morning cross fit class, and turn on the windshield wipers to get the dew off - NOTHING.

I should have been preparing for this, I know. Last week the noise started. A loud, tired whirring when the wipers were on.

But did I prepare? Nope.
Who ever fixes anything on a car unless it completely stops working? Especially a 20 year old car.

I am left with the question - worth fixing the wiper motor to sell or just unload as is? We have been talking about selling this one for a slighty less crappy piece of crap.

Tough call. The part locally is twice as much as is should be. We don't have all the tools to follow the instructions on the You Tube videos I have spent the morning pouring over. But who would pay good money for a car that immediately needs repairs?

That is the problem with old cars. I am just not sure I want to spend time on my vacation to muck around with this. Perhaps just order the part and give it a try....and then take to the mechanic if/when we realize this is over our heads.

I went out and looked at the one there, and think that I can handle it. But, could be overly ambitions as I remember of the time I said 'I can check the oil, no problem, don't worry about it I got it!' Then, proceeded to check the steering fluid. The oil thingy is in a very hard to reach spot on my car, I learned.

Oh well, I learned. I learned I desperatlye need an oil change too.

Time for a new used car methinks. Think I can use this pic for the ad to sell it, this is from when it was new to me, and I still liked the car. Got to get in the right frame of mind to convince someone this is the car for them.
So, I will spend one last effrot, money-wise and time-wise, to get this crappy car on the market and then try to find another, less crappy, car to get me around. Would be nice if it fits all the grown kids too. Hopefully the sale of this, and a wee bit more on our tight budget, will lead us to something better.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two for Tuesday! I Will Buy You A New Life with One Hit Wonder

It's another installment of 'get this song into your head - so it gets out of mine'.
And a bonus Two for Tuesday, because I just didn't have time to hit "publish" on this blog yesterday.

We have this album, Everclear's So Much for the Afterglow, released in 1997, and it got put in the CD player the other week.

Yes, we are old-skoolin' it with actual CD's in a CD player.
(Not completely okd-skoolin' it with an AM Radio though)

As you may have forgotten, when you start a CD player, it plays only the songs that are in there. I do think we are lucky to have a 5 disc player, and I believe it does have a shuffle feature, but that is not set at the moment so it plays one CD, moves on to the next, repeat 5 times. Also, if you forgot, it is kind of a pain to find CD's you actually want to listen to from your 15-25 year old, rather large and vaired collection. So you put in a set of 5 CD's and there they stay for weeks.

So, this CD has been in the player, getting played again and again and again. It is actually a great CD to listen to from start to finish, not one song that you cringe to or want to skip. But, the songs do play over and over in your head as well.

Add to this the fact that we did more gardening this past weekend, and bam, "I will buy you a garden where your flowers can bloom..." is playing in your head, over and over, as you are planting the plant with flowers that will bloom.

The "new car, perfect shiny and new", would be nice as well. My ancient beater of a car is shaking rather oddly lately.

And that "big house in the west hills" ? Yeah, I do love the mountains so add that to the list.

Over and over the lyrics play. So give it a listen, I give it to you so I can get it out of my head.

The bonus song, One Hit Wonder, also is a sticker.

Especially when one comes home to their hubby painting on 5 small canvas boards at once, (I know I mentioned before he is an artist) all spread out on a table in the middle of his workspace, which just happens to be off the kitchen on the way to the living room. So, I walk in, the stereo is BLASTING loud, like at volume 52, to this song and he is there shaking his wee little booty like no tomorrow (or as they say here 'wee little bonky') singing along.

"They can't hurt you unless you let them
I will say it again
They cannot hurt you unless you let them"

Tru Dat! 
The lyrics talk about Loopy succeeding and making it to the big time. Only he can determine whether or not he can survive, which leaves him in control, which is what he wanted in the first place.
Sounds about right for a motivational song for an artist.

And good luck getting that chorus out of your head. Just typing the lyrics makes it play in my head.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ Your Mind Will Quit......

from Pinterest via
My mind was the one that had the bright idea to try the early morning Cross Fit class.
I knew I had to do it, get back to seriously exercising, but I was afraid.
I had not been to Cross Fit since the end of May.
Plus, I did very little in the way of any other exercise.
I stopped getting up early for run/walks.
I hardly walked on the beach.
Swim? Nope.
Kayak? Once.

Eat? Hell yeah! I ate. I ate pizza, fried fish with French fries (yumm), and more pizza, had cookies, pies, ice cream. I even broke down and had a Wendy's burger with French fries (yummm). (I LOVE French fries)


By yesterday, after polishing off half a pie in 2 days, I was downright feeling fat, disgusted with myself. Now, I DID enjoy everything I ate. I made sure to. I knew all along it would catch up with me. And yesterday it did. I felt like I was rolling down the hallways at work, sloshing around the house. When I sat I felt like Jabba the Hutt.

I know this is largely all in my head, but I sure felt it. Add to it the fact that my balance started getting worse, making me feel like I was drunk by losing balance in the shower, going down stairs, having trouble getting up from a crouched position, etc. It was time for some action.

So I did it. I consulted hubby, and the sweetie he is supported me 100%, even said he would get up before 5:30am with me so I could get out the door and be there by 6am. (In reality, I think he noticed me fluff up and finally admitted that me working out isn't such a bad thing.....) (He did not actually get up with me, as it turns out. He didn't come to bed till 3am - he was creating some artwork (!) so I forgive him)

I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon afraid, anxious, a sort of nervous dread. I knew what Cross Fit was like. I was in for a hard WOD (workout of the day for those of you not familiar with Cross Fit jargon). So I had to keep reminding myself: My mind started this whole thing, my body would be just fine.

from Pinterest via
Well? Was it fine, you ask?
Well, yes it was! I didn't sleep well, for fear of oversleeping and missing the class, but I made it there, and I survived. Dare I say it, but I really enjoyed it! YES, I really did. I even thought I could have used a heavier weight! True: I am sore and I am tired. If I sit for more than 10 minutes it hurts to get up. But I survived. And to top it all off, I heard Journey's Don't Stop Believin' on the radio on the way home......I won't stop believin', rock on! I could not have planned that if I tried.

So, I am going to go back. Next week, Thursday early morning class. The early morning workouts really are pretty good. There is some logic to 'get it done and out of the way' so you can get on with your day. It is not a crowded class either. Only truly crazy people can get their asses to the gym for Cross Fit at 6am. And have just as crazy hubby's who support that crazy. Again, thank you, hubby.

from Pinterest via

Monday, July 18, 2016

Music Monday! Thank U

Not often enough do we say it.
I started this blog last night, thinking how thankful I am, despite the all the stresses and unknowns.
It was a very nice weekend, time spent with family relaxing and doing some fun stuff too, so this song seemed to be perfect. I WAS thankful, content.
But then, this morning - not enough sleep is never a good way to start the day - I could feel the grumpies set in. I was in a foul mood.
Then I remembered I was going to use this song.

At first, I thought - No way, this does NOT fit today at all.
I almost wrote it off completely, wasn't going to do a blog at all, but then I thought about the song.
The questions in it suggesting we just be thankful. Why not? How bout it?

How bout stopping eating when I'm full up

How bout me enjoying the moment for once

How bout remembering your divinity

Well, how bout pushing the grumpies right out?
How bout approaching the day with seeing things through eyes of gratitude instead of through the eyes of things not going according to my plan or how I thought they should go.
How bout just concentrating on the beautiful things, the things that make me happy, and not give merit to the things that were irritating me? Which this morning was nearly everything. Everything irrelevant to a happy life - like putting your dirty cups by the sink, and the napkins you use actually in the garbage, and the full dishwasher that needed to be emptied, and the fact that I got a little over 3 hours sleep and have to go grocery shopping later. Why were these things so irritating to me?
How bout being thankful?

These things are not things that sour our lives, at least they certainly don't have to.
Look at the day through grateful eyes and those little things mean, well, very little.

So I let go of the grumpies. Instead I concentrated on the wonderful things I do have.

And you know what? My day got a little more pleasant, I felt the grumpies float away. I could get through this day, and it will be great, especially if I remembered how thankful I should be, remembered all the little things that are actually pretty great, which honestly outnumber the things that are irritating. I gave more weight to the great little things than the irritating little things. I started finding the good in even less than good situations.

The moment I let go of it was the moment
I got more than I could handle
The moment I jumped off of it
Was the moment I touched down.

Thank you disillusionment
Thank you nothingness
Thank you clarity
Thank you, thank you silence.

Thank you Alanis, for reminding us to be thankful.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Find - Stories, A Stormy Start, Snails, Plants, Flowers, and Coffee (or late coffee really)

Taking a minute to take stock of the week. It boils down to: Stories, A Stormy Start, Snails, Plants, Flowers, and Coffee (or late coffee really). Sounds nice and simple, right? Even if a little horrifying (late coffee....). But dang I am tired. It has been a long week!

Stories: I did manage to get some writing in, but I have to wait to share because it will be published (!) on this great site, Women Who Live On Rocks. It is a site featuring a fabulous group of women who, well, live on rocks. It is a collaboration of funny women writers celebrating the humorous quirks and eccentricities unique to island living. (See regular postings on the Facebook page.)

It will be my first article published there, and I am so excited to have a new outlet. Hubby stumbled across this site, and thought I would like to expand my writing a bit. As hubby said, it is more a story telling style, which he knew I would find rather challenging.

I also have been taking some photos, again, which I forgotten how much I like to do. So I am finding a wonderful relaxed joy in taking pictures on the whim. Mostly it is things I see right after I sit on the couch, out on the back patio or while sitting on the patio. So I just get up, grab the camera, and snap.

A Stormy Start: speaks for itself really. And YES, that is our kayak there, teasing me. Hubby even stenciled a jellyfish on it for me. Now, if I could only get out and use it more often.

Plants: I am ever thankful hubby has a green thumb. I love a lush porch.

Does anyone know the proper name of this tree hubby is growing? They call it a peanut tree here, but it does not grow peanuts - the seed looks just like one.

Snails. Tree climbing snails. They visit us each morning on the porch, usually at least 3 or 4 by the time I get up. Hubby says there are tons more before I get there, but I wonder if he sees snails that aren't there sometimes.....

Flowers: On this bush they are so incredibly fragrant! It flowers regularly, but not regularly enough that a new flower blooming doesn't make me smile. I always go and take a whiff.

Coffee, late. I woke up this morning, saw the flower, put all the water and coffee in the maker, and grabbed the camera to take the picture, then sat down waiting for that first, wonderful cup. After 15 minutes - nothing. DUH! I didn't press the power button. I uttered a few cuss words, pressed the damn button and plopped down waiting for that coffee, realizing it has been a long week. A good one, but long just the same.

I find I am so grateful for Fridays.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Music Monday! Young Turks...Young Hearts....But Why Just the Young??

This song is on my 'Mom's Run Playlist - Fun' (as opposed to the 'Race' one or the plain one with a whole heap of songs that really aren't good to run to....)

I added it when my kids let me know about this AWESOME tool to make any YouTube video a file you can put on your (or on my hand-me-down) ipod, otherwise known as MP3 file. I went on a bit of a binge on YouTube of 80's music, and that is how this made the list. It actually has a good running beat! (much to the surprise of hubby that I would put ANY Rod Stewart song on a running playlist...needless to say, he is not a fan.)

So I was running, and at this point in the run I was concentrating on the words (it was hot, and I was tired). I remembered this song from my teenage years, where some of the lyrics were inspring to a young mind, who was a bit bored with the suburban life, and dreamed of more exciting things to come. Like this line:

"Young hearts be free tonight. Time is on your side,
Don't let them put you down, don't let 'em push you around,

don't let 'em ever change your point of view."

But as I ran, sweating, breathing heavy, and trying not to trip and fall into an oncoming car, I thought: "Why are these lyrics just for the Young?" 

I can say, I am not that young anymore. But, why should I not have a free heart? Why should I let anyone put me down, push me around? And certainly, no one is going to change my point of view, right? RIGHT!

These apply just as much now as they did then! 

"We got just one shot of life, let's take it while we're still not afraid.
Because life is so brief and time is a thief when you're undecided.

And like a fistful of sand, it can slip right through your hands."

Take any shot, never be afraid! Life is so brief, take risks, go for it!
There were times when I got complacent. Hubby and I got comfy in our place, even tho it was using up everyting we had saved. We didn't look far enough for a solution, and more of our savings were used. We reached a point where we just had to lose that fear, and expand our search, and take a chance. And we did! 

It was really the best thing we could have done. We gave it all up, sold almost everything, uprooted the family and moved to the one place we could make it work. It was over ONE THOUSAND miles away! It was a risk, it was a scary move, and it hasn't always been easy. But sometimes you DO have to take that shot. In our mid 40's we took that risk, and we hav enot regretted it. 

You are never too old. Time is a theif when you are undecided, no matter how old you are. So decide, and DO. Life is too short to sit still. 

Like a fistfull of can slip right through your hands.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Music Monday! Take A Walk

This song is included on one of my playlists for my run/walks - or Wogging (a term I just heard this past weekend at a 5k that I signed up to run, but ended up doing the walk with a jog in the middle mile. I love that term!)

My oldest son made me a playlist just for Wogging, in his smart-assy way included songs with the words walk or run in them, but this one actually has a great beat for walking.

The song also reminds me that taking a walk, run, or exercising in any way, really does wonders. It makes you exert energy, which lowers stress. It takes your mind off all those stressful things that have been bothering you - or else it helps you work through issues that you have been struggling with. 

If you are oustide exercising, it helps to remind you how awesome nature is - either the views, the rain, the hot, the cold, the earth and plants - awesome in positive and negative ways, all keeping you humble to its power. 

After you are done with your walk, run, Wogging, or any other excersise or exhertion, you feel great! You did it! Your mood is better, you are calm, you have a sense of accomplishment. 

So, next time you are irritable, and someone tells you to take a walk, no matter if it uses the F-word or not, do it! Get up, get out there, exhert, even if it only Wogging. You will feel so much better afterwords.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Music Monday ~ Digging In The Dirt

Take this as literal, as in actually digging in the dirt and sand.
The song relates to, as says Gabriel, "During this period I discovered the most unbelievable phenomena within myself, characteristics which I value for myself, but also characteristics with which I would rather not be confronted, like unlimited rage, or merciless hatred."

But no such rage or hatred was involved in this digging. Only curiosity and awe at the finds. This led to research, a digging of sorts, for information on practices long changed and nearly lost.

The site was next door to a cemetery, and after the earth and sand was greatly moved for a new development, these things were near the surface!

Very interesting finds, and the mind does want the stories that go along with such things. Thankfully, hubby is a pro researcher, having the interest and curiosity to search and search until every possible thing is found out, every possible theory, scenario, etc. At times, it is tough to keep up with him, but in the end he usually succeeds and we have a much clearer picture of our little treasures.

The full story would be a book, no doubt, so for now I will just say the theory is there was a settlement in this area as far back as the mid 1600's to early 1700's. Yes, these pipe pieces are suspected to be that old! We suspect part of a burial ritual.

It is a hobby that we all enjoy, finding little treasures. I have a whole bunch of pottery pieces that I have found just walking on the beach. The pieces are just rolling in the surf.  Some pieces we suspect to be very old, others still old but not as old. The shells, well they are just cool, along with the tiny little sea urchin shell found just washed up on shore.

Hubby has found rocks and glass and has amassed quite the collection. This glass collection he brought back the other day has old bottles, and we suspect pieces of an old glass buoey. 

And if there were better regulations here, developers would need to have an assessment done prior to their digging up the earth and sand. But, there is no such environmental assessments required, and the digging will continue, a large condo complex will soon cover any other evidence of a possible settlement. Most just see this stuff as garbage. "Progress" will continue.  Evidence of past lives will be buried, the stories with them.

It saddens me, sometimes enrages me, to think that the history will be lost. It seems the government is happy with the history the way they wrote it, and that is that. Our theories of their errors in history will be just ours, and we will continue to wander the beaches and pick up anything that catches our eyes, and perhaps do a little digging along the way. 

Because there IS value in digging in the dirt. Both existential, as Gabriel's song makes clear, and real value of touching the history, of learning of the past. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sunrise 4-29-16 - A Friday Unfolds

Sunrise 4-29-16
Apparently I only needed 6 hours of sleep last night. I was up at 4:30am. But, make the most of every situation, right? So when it started getting light, I popped out and put my feet in the cool sand, snapped a pic, and have high hopes this Friday, and weekend, are as spectacular as the view this morning. 

At the same time, I know I will be getting tired, and know that when I am tired, the grumps set in. I may just want to hide this afternoon, kinda like this wee little froggie I caught in the banana plant. 
Wee Little Froggie  Hiding
Sunrises and hiding froggies.....could either be a great story of beauty and nature, or a tale of impending doom. It will be interesting to see how this Friday unfolds.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Music Monday - (Give it to me, baby)

So, what comes to your head when you read that?

"Uh huh, uh huh!"


So when I told hubby "I brought you some coffee" to wake him up, he said "Give it to me, baby" to which I replied "Uh huh, uh huh" because, yeah, what else goes with that request?

And, all day, in my head, this song was. Yup, I was keepin' it real.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Music Monday - The Curse

Two weeks in a row, my Mondays have been "cursed."
I won't go in to the details of last week, let's just say just when I though things couldn't get worse, well they did. (I mean, a car accident in the middle of that bad day wasn't even the worst.....bad stuff kept happening!!!)

Thankfully last week ended 100 times better than it started, so I wasn't even worried this morning.
I did my normal morning routine, get the coffee pot ready and sit down and check emails (and of course FB to 'see what was going on the "world"') while it was brewing. After 10 minutes, I realized I didn't hear the usual gurgling from the coffee maker. Yup, didn't turn the damn thing on. Annoying at best, I had not though much more of it.

Then, while getting ready for work, I was sipping coffee. Yes, in the bathroom, which I have already heard is a "no-no", "unsanitary", "you know better", etc. But then, the worst part is, this is what happened.

It slid off the back of the toilet (I know, I know, gross, yes , I won't do it again) and I broke my recently favorite, cool and interesting Bermuda mug. {Only recently favorite because I broke my other former favorite mug....}

I became very fearful of how the rest of the day would play out. I mean, I had this feeling of dread, this fear that something truly awful was going to happen. So much stress and things going wrong has made me a tad emotional at the drop of a hat, and perhaps a bit irrational in the face of things going wrong.

I began believing my Monday's were cursed. After last week, that Monday was so bad, and then the start to today, I now have this irrational fear that the day is just going to get more terrible and awful. The cursed Monday.

Thank you, Disturbed, for having a song to say everything I was thinking this morning.
I sure hope I am wrong....

**By the way, be sure to watch their "The Sound of Silence" video. This has given me an all new respect for this somewhat hardcore band.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Slow Sunday

I commented to hubby this morning, "there is nothing better than having coffee with you, out here, on a Sunday morning".
"Bee Happy"photo courtesy of Raige Creations.
I totally felt that, right then, in the moment. I was truly enjoying my slightly sweetened and slightly creamy coffee, after a very good 3.1 mile run (I went past our place to get over the 3 mile mark....yes I was that runner today), and just relishing the moment (even tho hubby was trying to talk least favorite subject).

I feel I should add - this was all before 8am! I just realized at that moment, I was thankful for the slow Sunday we were enjoying.

You might say, "SLOW? you call getting up before 6am and running 3 miles slow?"

And to that I say, "YES!!"

I could get out of bed at my leisure, not because I HAD to at that moment. I got to go for that run, and witness a most beautiful sunrise, and watch an older gentleman line-fishing off shore in the forefront (I so wished I had a camera!). I could come home and have my coffee on the porch, with hubby. I did not have to rush anywhere. I could savour the moment. 

And what do I have planned for the rest of the day? Nothing, really, other than cooking a fairly easy dinner.

A nice, slow Sunday.

Oh, I might plan Music Monday too, thankful to get back to publishing a few little blogs here and there. But again, at my leisure. Nothing to rush to do.

It really has me thinking: Why aren't we thankful more often? Why don't we take the time to enjoy those little wonderful moments we experience? 

Slow things down, and take this slow Sunday to savour those little moments. Today, my was was with coffee and conversation. What is your way?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Music Monday! She Blinded Me With Science

I heard this on the radio the other day, and it made me want to bring back Music Mondays.
I love when old songs pop up, songs from the great days of this new channel - MTV!

That day, this song made me think of my son, the "science-y" one. (a term coined by my artfully creative daughter, the Art major, who was explaining her difficulty in a required science class, Psychology 101 - "yeah, the science-y stuff I dont' get).

He was explaining to me what he was wanting to study in graduate school - Molecular Biology and Bio Technology. Of course, he went in to more detail, all of which I listened to, probably looking like a lost child trying to keep up.

I am fiercly proud of my son, who is about to graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, for his brilliant mind and passion for "science-y stuff" (including cellular biolgy and DNA sequencing). I just can't wrap my head around most of it. But I will always listen, with the glass-eyed "what the heck are you talking about?" look. I will never fully understand it, but I will always listen.

And, yes, I will now always associate this great song from the early MTV days, way back in 1982, with my "science-y" son.

[And yes - I have used this song before for Music Monday! But in a totally different way. (with my other "science-y" son, who now is into Computer Science!) It may have been a One-Hit Wonder, Number 13!, but it is entertaining enough to post many times, and if I think about it, many many songs make me think of my kids. ]

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Breaking Waves and Rain in the Distance

That is a good summary of my week, actually. Didn't realize it until I started writing.

It was a week of negotiations for a bathroom renovation (due to an unexpected leak - pain the...well wallet, ass, life, etc), loss of a family member, and injury of my stupid quadracept in a Cross Fit class.

Breaking waves, and rain in the distance. 

As I see it, it is still a beautiful view. 

First, we now have a contractor we think we can work with - thankfully for a decent price.

Second - the loss of a family member is sad, leaves an empty spot, but she lived a beautiful life. Through her life, she taught us how to be caring and giving. She was both to the extreme.

Third - the injury. The burning pain made me realize perhaps I jumped too hard and too fast into the Cross-Fit class. I like the class, but it is HARD. Nothing like an injury to help us set our boundaries and limits. So I will have to find other, less strenuous ways to get my workouts in. 

The waves broke, it rained. But it is still a beautiful view.