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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Garbage Theif

As we sat comfortably in our living room on Wednesday night, watching Cloud Atlas (which I have been wanting to see for some time), we had a criminal in our garage.

Hubby went out for a smoke, came back in and asked why the garbage can was between the cars, with the lid off. Huh? I said "I put a bag in it earlier today, with the lid on, and certainly not between the cars!"

He said the dog was sniffing by the door just as he was going out, so we assumed that he just missed the culprit. Tracks showed that it could very well be a bear. 
Fairly Large Footprints
photo: Thoughts of Raige
This morning, we investigated further. 
We followed a trail of egg shells, 
Egg Shells in the Driveway
photo: Thoughts of Raige

onion tops and napkins, 
Onion and Egg Shells
photo: Thoughts of Raige
More onion
photo: Thoughts of Raige
and the tissue box right in the middle of the driveway.
Tissue Box
The criminal went off to the left, near that log,
and down the hill a ways.

photo: Thoughts of Raige
We could see the tracks going off the driveway, headed down the hill off the driveway. Other tracks could be seen, perhaps the coyote we saw last week, and maybe a squirrel or two. But there was definitely some larger footprints. 
More Fairly Large Footprints
photo: Thoughts of Raige
Then we saw the torn apart remnants of a garbage bag further down the hill off of our driveway.
Our Pillaged Garbage All Around A Tree
photo: Thoughts of Raige
Upon further investigation, we found the alleged bear's tracks all around our house, even right past the front door! 
Footprints Right By Our Front Door
photo: Thoughts of Raige
We didn't hear a thing that night, and we haven't seen the bear at all. I had heard from neighbors bears were in the neighborhood, but this is the first evidence we have seen in our yard.

Last year, hubby actually stood watching a nice sized bear, while he was being watched right back, right out the back door. Thankfully, that fella decided there was no threat and continued on his way.  

Last week, we watched a coyote wandering our yard as well. I was glad to see it, but glad I was standing in the doorway watching from a safe distance. That is how I would like to see a bear in person, safely inside while he was meandering far enough away.

I love nature, the mountains, and where we live. I love that we can witness the beauty of wild animals from the comfort of our home. I can handle a little garbage clean up once in a while.


  1. As neat as it would be to see a bear I'd definitely want to be inside when I did! That's just too amazing that he stole your garbage and you didn't even hear him -- a sneaky bear it seems!! (Guess he wasn't too impressed with the onions...) Ha!

  2. I thought that was funny too, he left the onion trail!

  3. I agree I would want to be inside with a bear close by. Living in the mountains must be amazing!
    Everyday Inspired

  4. I love living in the mountains, Valerie! And yes, watching wildlife from inside does have its benefits.


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