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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Struggling With Prompts ~ Who Cares What I Would Do With One Million Dollars? NaBloPoMo Day 2

Taking part in NaBloPoMo, I look forward to prompts to help me get started some days. If you are at all like me, you sometimes sit there, with a blank screen, and stare. Hoping something comes to you. 

Then, when it doesn't, you scan the internet for inspiration. I try Facebook, Pinterest, BlogHer, Slate (okay, mostly I read Slate to unwind, not for inspiration)

I sometimes am forced to look through my old pictures, try to remember which ones I have used, and try to find one that I can do something with.

That is why I longingly read the suggested prompts that BlogHer suggested. I need someone to jump start my brain and get me moving! And sometimes it really works!!

Sadly, the one posted on BlogHer for the first day did not. The prompt was: 

"If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?" 

I tried, I really did, but who really cares how I would spend $1 million dollars in one day? I didn't even want to broach the subject with myself as a creative exercise! 

All I could think of was all the bills I could pay with that, and how I would want to put a nice big nest egg away to save for a rainy day (as it now has been pouring for over a year and our previous egg hatched and flew the coop months ago).

Then I thought how nice it would be to get out of this rental house and get (read build) a nice house with a great studio and work-space for hubby and me. Not to mention I need some new running shoes, my son's jeans are two inches too short for him and he could use some new shoes too (he grows too damn fast), and hubby's jeans are full of holes and it ain't the 1980's anymore. 

I would love to have these burdens lifted.

THEN, I would meticulously invest and save for the future. Save for our retirement (we have none) and invest for the future of my children. 

Nothing in my brain can allow thoughts of frivolously spending a ridiculous amount of money I will never ever see and could never ever use.

I have far too much need for real money, so this task of thinking about what to do with a million dollars if you had to spend it in one day is just a waste of time to me. 

If only I had the luxury to even think like that.
And really, who cares what I would do? No one would read that, would they? Goes against blogging, where we want people to read our blogs, right? 

Or am I just too cynical. Maybe it would be fun to think about, but I can't help thinking it would all be a waste, unless we could save it, donate it, or put it to some other good use. 

Good use like the nice house, everyone's needs taken care of, and maybe that purple jeep too. Ok, I can dream a little. 

Have you ever dreamed of what you would do with that kinds of money, with the task of spending in one day? What would you do?


  1. I have to much to do already. BUT, since you asked...I would also pay all of my bills off, buy a new home for my fur-kids and I, and upgrade my office equipment. AND, then I would be right back with the usual tasks at hand. I can't sit still.

    Great post!

  2. If I spent all the time legitimately earning real money that I spend contemplating what I would do if I HAD money...I could actually have probably paid off some bills and saved for retirement by now :) I only know a handful of people who DON'T share the American dream of being debt free, and they come from "old money" or don't have kids ;)

  3. I would pay off my debts (familiar theme here!) and then invest it so I'd have a steady income. Then I'd travel and volunteer. And take the odd college class or 3. Or 20. Or... you know. :D

  4. Yes, we all seem to be practical, lol. Paying off debt, and saving for the future. Because we have these needs it is difficult to think more creatively.
    I would add volunteering too, if I had the luxury to. I know some people still work and volunteer, but right now that time is needed to make $. Oh to dream and have that stress off.

    And I DO dream of coming from old money


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