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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Find ~ I Find I Miss The Days of No Worries

This is not the chipper TGIF kind of Friday post. 

I am sorry to put a damper on your excitement for the weekend, but today I am finding I miss those 'good old days' where we didn't have worries other than lava on the floor.
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I am not feeling that chipper! Instead, I am facing a day of unpleasant tasks. Though it will be good to have them done and out of the way so I CAN enjoy the weekend, I am not enjoying the worry and sour mood these tasks bring me.

So pardon me for putting a damper on your joy at rejoicing the favorite day of the week. Though I may get to sleep in tomorrow, I am still dealing with the stresses of the stupid health care crap, and this other one pesky problem.
Some day soon I know this problem will be solved, but in the meantime, I would much prefer to jump on the couch a little. 

This would be a better pastime than the other 'game' we made up as a kids. I hate to even admit it, but our game went something like this:

~We used to gather all our toys and miscellaneous things we had, lay them out on the beds in the bedrooms. 
~Then 2 of us would try to steal as much as we could without being caught by the 3rd person, the 'cop'. 
~If you got caught, you were put 'in jail', which meant you were tied up under our quarter grand piano. (the floor was cold, and it was where the dog slept.) 

We played 'shoplifting'!  

It was a fun game! It had all the elements of sneak, suspense, and adrenaline, plus the added benefit that I never had to try it in real life. 

For some reason, my kids were appalled when I fondly shared this memory. They preferred putting away their toys under the couch cushions, thanks to The Big Comfy Couch.


Needless to say, our couch did not have the space under the cushions that Loonette had. They didn't understand why we were so upset seeing toys poking out from under the cushions, which were now 1 ft. off the couch with toys jacking them up. Ah well, they had fun, and they kinda DID clean up their toys. We just couldn't sit on the couch.

Oh the carefree days! 
What was one favorite made up game you used to play as a kid?


  1. I about spit out my coffee when I read you played shoplifting! That's not one I've heard before. My friend and I played "I Dream of Jeannie." I was Jeannie (of course), and the couch was a cauldron of...lava (what else?) And I would nod and squeeze my eyes shut cueing him to jump on the couch flailing around until I blinked again releasing him from the pit of certain death. Ah...the good old days. :)

  2. The couch had so many possibilities!! I love it!

    If we played your game, no doubt my sister would be Jeannie, her middle name is Jean. I would have been the one lefts in the pit of certain death.

    We used to play war in the basement as well. Thinking about it now, we had some dark and twisted games...we were suburban kids tho....hmmmmm.

  3. We played "Help! Help! The ship is on fire." *laugh * There were these huge (like 10 ft x 5 ft) concrete blocks that were behind our house... so we'd jump from one to the other screaming that the ship was on fire (surrounded by lava, of course) and we had to get to the other ship. Somehow we never got burnt up when we go to the end of the line though... hmmm.


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