Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday! Brown Eyed Girl

A great song to get you out of the Monday Blah's
I was having them big time this morning. 
(Had to pay bills, which was doubly no fun because we are scraping bottom of the barrel - and it is downright chilly this morning!
Not to mention it is MONDAY! UGH!!)
Thanks to a FB friend, this song proved to be the mood lifter I needed.

Being a brown eyed girl, when I was little I thought this song was about me
It came out 4 years before I was born, but when your little, you don't know those things, just that the song makes you feel special. It was what I needed - having a brother and and a sister with light eyes - I though this song was meant just for me.

And seeing this video, where Van looks downright uncomfortable having to be on stage doing this, made me smile. Seems we all have to do things we get uncomfortable doing......

So enjoy this, and your Monday! 
Oh, and if you love Van, you can catch him still touring!!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

And Now For a Moment of Zen

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Funky Friday Find

The stress is really getting to me. I sat down to write this morning (Friday - this didn't get written until close to midnight so is posted Sat.), after driving the kids to school for the second time this week, and took stock of what I thought the day would be like.

I won't bore you with the details of my terrible start to the day, the lack of progress that ensued, and the huge funk that I was in. I will just share with you what made me think my stress and grump was all slightly silly.
Lady J discovered  a small creature, North Carolina's only land turtle
I had to at least get a walk in. I didn't want that failure to add to the beating I was giving myself. So my ever willing companion, Lady J, and I started down the driveway. She ran ahead of me a bit and found this Eastern Box Turtle!It is the third one we have seen on this property.

The first one we found last fall, and it had a beautiful shell.
First found turtle, last fall.
The second we found in the spring, and this one also had a beautiful shell, and was a bit larger than the first.
Second Turtle found, found in spring
He even was brave enough to take a small peek and see what was going on.
Second turtle taking a little peek, look closely
The third one, found today by our lovely tracker Lady J, was special in her own way. It was a bit smaller, had a lovely shell, but seemed to have encountered some bad days of her own.
Third turtle, found today, special in her own way
You see the chunk out of her shell? It is where her head comes out. And then when turned over, you can see some damage near where her back feet come out.
Third turtle, with some holes in her protection
And there is a small nick right at the bottom too. This poor thing has been pretty beat up. Hubby thinks it may have been a dog that tried to pick it up, or even a raccoon, but luckily this turtle can completely close its shell.  This one was able to protect itself, wait until the threat was gone, and then go about her business. Amazing.

The Eastern Box Turtle is the state reptile of North Carolina,  so it's pretty cool we have come across 3 of them in the year that we have been here. And this one, extra special, has a special effect on me. Quite a chunk missing there.
Poor little turtle, that is quite a chunk missing!
This creature made me stop, observe, and left me amazed. It gave me a completely new perspective for my day. 

WHY is the state reptile?

The turtle watches undisturbed as countless generations of faster "hares" run by to quick oblivion, and is thus a model of patience for mankind, and a symbol of our State’s unrelenting pursuit of great and lofty goals.

I may not have great and lofty goals, but I now feel okay for taking the time that I obviously need to achieve my own large goals.  I just need to remember to have patience, and continue on going about my business.

A perfect Funky Friday Find.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Direction


  [dih-rek-shuhn, dahy-]

1. the act or an instance of directing.
2. the line along which anything lies, faces, moves, etc., with reference to the point or region toward which it is directed: The storm moved in a northerly direction.
3. the point or region itself: The direction is north.
4. a position on a line extending from a specific point toward a point of the compass or toward the nadir or the zenith.
5. a line of thought or action or a tendency or inclination: the direction of contemporary thought.
last but not least......
15. a purpose or orientation toward a goal that serves to guide or motivate; focus: She doesn't seem to have any direction in life.

Poem by "Blondie" thanks to
Posted Wed, 11/10/2010

Everyone's life is full of directions,
choose wisely to avoid some corrections,
make sure to include some good connections,
While you travel along on your way.
Before you start, prepare your projections,
and change if you need, upon reflections,
be sure to make several inspections,
so your purpose is served every day.

Life's experiences are collections
of family friends and some defections,
good times mean some happy recollections,
and help to keep the bad times at bay.

Living can take on many complexions,
while mistakes should undergo dissections,
else they can be like lethal infections,
setting your whole course of life astray.
Nobody is without imperfections,
(despite what's said at those elections
and I am not one to cast aspersions)
but there are simple rules to obey.

Live life filled with good anticipations,
with friends you need great communications,
be fussy about associations,
that is important along your way.

Living is not without complications,
but it is good and has compensations,
make sure you allow for adaptations,
life is good and will meet you half-way.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday! It's a Beautiful Day!!

I say that SO much here since we moved. I just can't help it.
There is just something that hits me when I take a minute and take in the surroundings. The thought pops in my head, it is beautiful. What is beautiful? Everything.

Early this morning, the fog was thick and beautiful.
Then the sun came out and is sparkling through the trees. And the cool breeze is coming thought the windows blowing the curtains.The cicadas are singing their songs.

It is just a beautiful day.
No matter that we are completely stressed about money.
No matter that Raige's sales are slow. No matter I have a list of chores to do and projects to finish.
No matter that the path I was looking for is no clearer than when I started looking for it.

All that I have is beautiful day after beautiful day.
That seems to be what this song is about.

We may not have lost everything just yet, soon enough we will reach that point, but we are happier than ever knowing we have the opportunity to walk down our own path.
It's a beautiful day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Featured Artist: My Favorite Charm Maker - Clay Art by Daresa!

I want to introduce you to Daresa
my favorite charm maker. 
Green Rose on Black Toekini's
You may know Raige's series of Rose Toekini's, 
and the Lucky Bug Toekinis, 

Red Lucky Bugs on Black Toekini

and more recently the Cross Toekini's. 

These came to life with the wonderfully creative and exceptionally good quality products of Clay Art by Daresa, and Lucky Bugs Collectibles Shop.
I was lucky enough to meet Daresa on Zibbet, and I quickly found she can read my mind. She is so friendly and sweet, and so ready to tackle whatever idea I have. She always delivers JUST what I had in my mind, and usually even better than what was in my mind.
Like these charms.
Ask and ye shall receive....
I asked her to make butterfly charms, some kind of sun charm, and a Canada Inspired charm; a special request for a Mom and her little girl. And just look at the butterflies! "Bootiful" was what the little girl said! Her mom asked for the sunshine inspired toekini's, and fell in love with these perfect sun charms from Daresa, also in this picture.
dragonfly charms,
now cell phone charms as well

(the little girl already had and loved her Noble Dragonfly Toekini's - charms also made by Daresa)

I asked her to make bee charms  for a special Toekini for my MIL, Bridget, who is often called just "B". They are so great I made a bunch of Busy Bee Toekini's.

Luck Bug making your coffee that much better
Black Mug Cozy Coaster
I have had such fun with her charms. First, of course, they made their way on to Toekini's. But since, they have found their way onto Mug Cozies, and I have a few other ideas in my mind of where they would add just the right touch.

Now, I talk about Daresa like she is all mine, but she does have a shop full of wonderful creations for everyone! 

South Caroline Palmetto Moon Pendant
She is proud of her home state of South Carolina, 
and enjoys creative one of a kind ornaments, 
and offers to personalize each one.
She gets creative with her polymer clays.
Pink Plumeria Flower Set
And has recently taken her talents to many a party.
Ladybug Cake Topper
She is ready for anything you can ask for, and delivers more than you even hoped for.

I, for one, am looking forward to Christmas,
(yes, I said it! already!!),
but only because these are just the cutest little things 
and I am going to HAVE to make something out of these.
Mini Christmas Ornaments!
Daresa is a very talented creator who I am thrilled to have the pleasure of knowing. And if I can get to South Carolina, I am definintely going to have her do my nails. 
A work in progress by Daresa
She is a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years now that has specialized in nails her whole career. She loves doing manicures, pedicures, artificial nails and nail art.  

Be sure to visit Daresa in any of the places she frequents:
Lucky Bugs Collectibles Shop on Zibbet
Clay Art by Daresa on Zibbet
Clay Art by Daresa on Etsy
Visit her Facebook Page
She Tweets and has a Blog too!

And find that piece that is meant just for you! 
I bet she has it, or can make it just as you can imagine it!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Bittersweet Back to School

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my kids.
School buses ready and waiting for the first day.
Bittersweet, you ask?

Bittersweet is actually a color, a variation of orange, so fits into the coming of fall, and in 1949, "bittersweet" was made into a Crayola color, so actually quite fitting for back to school.

But yes, back to school is bittersweet in the adjective sense of the word; producing or expressing a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The kids say they don't want to go back to school, they have enjoyed their summer of carefree days, sleeping in, no homework, no projects or grades to worry about.
The lonely swing
my son and I put up.
But in a way, they want to go back. Though they won't admit it, they like the structure of days with purpose, and of course they want to re-connect with their friends, maybe make some new ones.

For me, it is bittersweet too. I have   enjoyed the summer with them so much. Spending time doing small projects, like putting up a swing, or growing plants from seeds. 
We got so many plants
from those seeds
I enjoyed the lazy afternoons, and evenings in the living room listening to music, or watching movies. 

The lonely basket ball
and hoop
I have even enjoyed shooting some hoops with them, but I usually give up after the first few misses....

I have enjoyed watching them use their creativity in preparing dinners for the family, each having one night a week during the summer to see what they could come up with for a meal.

My son climbing at
I will miss them so much this year. This is one of the very few summers I have had the 'luxury' of just self-employment with Raige Creations and no other job to run to each morning. 

I was here with them whenever they needed, and here to enjoy the whims of 'hey let's go rock climbling!'. I was here to see how wonderful they really are with no outside pressures of school and friends.

Alice's Blue Flower Garden Toekini's
With them back at school, it will leave me to fully devote my days to Raige Creations. I will have no excuse to delay making that scarf, more Toekini's, or try new patterns. I will have no excuse to not finish that quilt I started last winter and have left untouched since. 

So, back to school IS bittersweet. Sad that this summer is ending and our time of togetherness will be regularly interrupted, but looking forward to the exciting possibilities of the new year and the future
A mixture of pain and pleasure.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday! Free Ride

I spent the other evening on the computer in the living room with the boys next to me playing video games. 
The oldest asked me to play some music because he had Marky Mark's Good vibrations stuck in his head. 
(poor thing!)
He said he would rather hear anything besides that....sooo
This was the song he requested!

Wha? I couldn't believe, first of all, that he knew this song at all, and second, he wanted to hear it and sang along!
The mountain is high, the valley is low
And you're confused on which way to go
So I've come here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land
So come on and take a free ride
He was telling ME about Edgar Winter
I was 2 years old when this song hit #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but I do remember hearing it on that AM radio always playing in the kitchen when I was growing up. And I am pretty sure this song came blaring out of my brother's room regularly in the late 1970's and early 1980's. 

Actually, it turned out my son knew more about Edgar Winter than I did! I didn't ever know what he looked like, and was surprised to find out he was Albino, and a Scientologist!
His brother, Johnny, is Albino too, as well as a celebrated Blues guitarist.  

All this my son knew (well, I found out the Scientology part after verifying his Albinism. I thought my son was kidding when he told me so I looked it up).  

Music has always been one of his favorite interests, so I shouldn't have been surprised. But I am frequently surprised at these things that pop up to show me just how great, and fast, my children are growing up. 

They are growing up so fast, and becoming very cool kids, people I love hanging out with, and people I am always learning something from. I am learning from them more now than they are learning from me it seems sometimes.

They go back to school this week, so I am cherishing these nights, when I sit at the laptop while they are in the living room. I love this new pastime of  'hey mom, play a song for us!' and I say 'what do you want to hear?' and they shock me with some great old songs.

I will miss them when they are at school, and have earlier bed times. Hopefully we can still get our music time, and that they will have loads of new stuff to teach me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Falling hurts sometimes...

We walk every day. We never think about walking, we just do it. And sometimes we get so used to doing it we don't pay full attention to what we are walking on

I noticed a few years ago my balance wasn't what it used to be, so I really try to pay attention to what I am walking on. But yesterday, while on my walk, I stopped paying attention right about the time I really needed to be paying attention.
No, I didn't fall on the grate over a section of our driveway. Our dog has even smartened up and goes around it, but cant fit where she goes so I do walk very carefully.
No, I did not fall down after making it to the top of this hill, the first one I come across. I am out of breath, but am careful that I keep going and catch my breath while continuing to walk.
No, I did not fall down laughing at the top of this little hill, at the lovely family of pink flamingo's.  
I actually look forward to seeing them because they always make me smile.
No, I did not fall when LadyJ (our spoiled Cocker Spaniel) saw that squirrel.
And no, I didn't fall when she decided she was going to try to catch it before it climbed up that tree.
I ran into trouble on this gravel road. I walk it every day, even run up it some days to get the blood running a little faster. 
I didn't fall running up, I fell at the bottom, where the gravel meets the pavement. Near that STOP sign, ironically. It was like I stepped on a bunch of marbles on the road. 
My left foot slid right out from under me. I landed on my buttI am okay, strangely it didn't hurt that much. I learned why after a discussion with Hubby.

I went home and proceeded to tell him about my fall. He was instantly worried, and asked "What happened, are you okay?" I explained the marble thing, and showed him where I landed.

He said, "Well, at least you have a lot of padding there!

Thanks hun. That explains it.