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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Last Cookie In The Pack ~ NaBloPoMo Prompt

How frustrating is it when you see a package of Oreo's, or any chocolatey goodness cookie, in the cupboard, get a glass of milk, and sit down to enjoy a nice afternoon milk and cookies session, only to find one lone cookie in the package?
One Damn Cookie Left
photo courtesy of Raige Creations

Or how about getting that package of cookies, then going to get the milk only to find out there is barely a half glass of milk left?

A while back, my oldest son was home from college on break, and this is exactly what happened. The rant that came out of his mouth was like one I haven't heard since he was a toddler and the lizards didn't stop long enough for him to grab one. 

"Why do you people ALWAYS leave ONE thing left in the package?! Seriously, every time I come home I see this crap."


"Yes, every time I come home and get something out of the cupboard, there is only one left in the package! Why can't you people just finish the last one?"

Then he listed off a handful of things that fit this description. He was right! Why do we do that? 

After he pointed this offense out, I have realized he is exactly right. We do this all the time!

So when a NaBloPoMo prompt suggested looking in the fridge and discussing the contents of said fridge, I opened ours and saw this.
Enough for one glass.
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
This bottle of juice has been in the fridge, just like this, for about 3 weeks. With barely a half glass. I would bet you money the orange juice container behind it has the same amount of juice in it.

I started to think about this, and remember finding large bags of chips with just two or three chips left in it, cookie packages with one cookie left (not just Oreo's, the last offenses were with a package of Fig Newtons and the delicious coconut chocolate thing-y's pictured), egg cartons with one egg, bread where only the crusts are left, and just yesterday a box of cereal with just a few little Golden Grahams left (not enough for a bowl) etc, etc.

We joke about purposely leaving one left of everything in the kitchen when my oldest comes home for break this Thanksgiving. One banana, one Pop-Tart, one cookie, one sip of juice, one soda, etc etc. We laugh at the thought of him going on a another rant about our bad habit of not leaving enough for the next guy. 

I suspect it will take little effort to achieve this, as we do it without even trying! 

As for the rest of the things in my fridge, well the strawberries were a nice shade of tan, and the leftovers had lovely shades of green and blue. Apparently we are not good at finishing things off. 

Or else I don't clean out the fridge as often as I should. (I definitely don't clean out the fridge as often as I should.)

What's in your fridge, and how would you feel if the contents of your fridge were exposed?


  1. lol what a GREAT scene with your son. Really. Put that in a story -- make it up. The lizard line is priceless.

  2. Too funny! We had a rule in my family growing up that you couldn't leave a tiny little bit like that... you had to eat it, or leave enough for a whole serving. We heard about it if we only left a tiny bit! Personally, I worry that it will encourage overeating with my kids, but that's a battle for another day, as right now the preschooler barely eats.

    We have regular leftover nights, usually on the weekend. I cook plenty through the week, so I get a break on Saturday and Sunday! And sometimes even Monday! We'll see if this trend continues with the boys are 12 and 15... if what I hear about teenage appetites is true, I'll be cooking double time.!

  3. Sandra, I bet I could write a bunch of stories about what come out of my children's mouths.

    Dakota, yes, prepare to increase serving sizes when they hit the teenage years. We make fun of my youngest, who is approaching 16, as he eats every few hours. And I don't mean he has snacks in between meals, he eats meals every few hours, and always has more than one helping at dinner. Is he fat? NO, too skinny actually. We joke he has a tapeworm. Every single time I ask if anyone is hungry, he says yes.


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