Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~ Helping or Hurting?

These thoughts occurred to me today:

I cannot help me to the detriment of you
I cannot help you to the detriment of me

It also occurred to me I am guilty of both.

This is a fine line we all walk - helping others and helping ourselves. It is an ever shifting line, and often we get all tangled up in that line. 
It came to my attention that my walks and runs, ever increasing in length and exertion, have taken a small toll on the dog. She seems always starving when it's dinner time. I know, she is a dog and always wants what we are having, but lately her demeanor is urgent. Her vibes are - 'I am SO hungry ... I WANT WHAT YOU ARE MAKING'. So much so I am tripping over her as I prepare dinner! 

Also, she no longer pulls me on our walks, well unless a squirrel runs in our path. She walks right beside me, even lags sometimes. That is until we make the turn around to come home, then she is out front again. And today, she looked downright miserable by the time we got home. Cold, wet, and tired. 

Okay, I get it. Helping me to the detriment of her. Easy. Leave her home sometimes, and those days push myself the hardest. Ease up on the days with her. This could be better for me too come to think of it. Maybe that's what my legs are trying to tell me.

The other one is not so easy. 
For me anyways. I am always trying to help others achieve their goals, often at the detriment to myself. My bank account shows this, my greatly increased stress levels show this, my uncolored grays show this, my dirty bathrooms show this. I am working so hard to make the people I represent successful, I haven't made a Toekini in months. My online business has never suffered so much, and now my personal life is suffering. 

I am working so hard I use almost every waking moment to work which means I don't cook very much, I don't clean very much, and lately I don't sleep very much. I thank my hubby for keeping up with the laundry because I just haven't taken the time! And treat myself? Well, I did get a hair cut the other day, but my daughter needed one too so we went together. (motivation was to take care of her....) And last night, instead of coloring my own hair, I help her with hers. 

I get in now. Helping others to the detriment to me. This is as undesirable as helping me to the detriment to others.
Not such and easy fix for me. But then I found this quote.
To give the best we have, we must be our best. And to be our best, we must be sure to remember to take care of ourselves. This line we must not bend. It is easily bent it is so fine, but we must not bend it.

Let's not forget it. Let's master the art of helping others - and ourselves. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday! Drops of Jupiter

She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds my that there's time to change
Since her return from her stay on the moon
She listens like Spring and she talks like June.

I think it would be nice to have drops of Jupiter in my hair.

I want to take a soul vacation and trace my way through the constellations. I want to check out Mozart while I do Tae-Bo, because I am reminded there is room to grow. 

Imagine if the wind could sweep you off your feet, and we could finally get the chance to dance along the light of day, and then head back to the Milky Way.

And then I imagine I would have some deep fried chicken, and a five hour phone conversation, but think I would pass on the soy latte.

A good way to get through a Monday. Especially one that started at 4:45am because of the mind that would not sleep. 

Now let's sail across the sun, and make it to the Milky Way, hope not all the lights are faded, and that heaven isn't overrated. Let's let Venus blow our mind, fall for a shooting star, even one's with a permanent scar, and enjoy the journey of looking for ourselves out there.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Featured Artisan from the On Fire Team ~ Oaklie's Fashions

I have been slack lately in posting these, but back at it again this week, so please be sure to check out Oaklie's Fashions. 

This is one amazing woman here. I LOVE her fashionable senses, and aspire to be a productive as she is. She is the force behind the On Fire Team, and does so much for others. Show Anne some love and enjoy the feature.

Oaklies Fashions

Oaklie's Fashions Featured Artisan

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Monday! In The Beginning

You don't know how difficult it is to sing 'la-la-la-la-la-la laah la' when you are running. I DO try. It must be funny, but I don't care. I try and sometimes I can actually do it. And then the song is stuck in my head all day. 

This is a song from my most awesome playlist my son made me for Christmas. It comes on well into my walk/runs, usually somewhere in the middle. Perfect timing really because this song lifts me a bit and gives me that push I need to keep going. 

Especially when it gets to the part that says over and over:

And we keep holding on
And we keep being strong
And we keep going on
And on and on and on

I know by the time the song comes on I need it. I am about ready to slow down, to take it easy, to start really really wishing I was already finished. But the poet keeps me going, and I keep going on. And on and on and on.
And I am glad I didn't give up, because it really is true, that if you can push through the moment you are ready to quit, the benefits start to come out. If the only benefit is that you didn't give up, that is plenty to get you through many, many other times where you can push through wanting to give up.

So let the miracles begin. Keep holding on, keep being strong, and go on and on and on.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunshine. 'Nuff Said

That is it. Sometimes, just sunshine is enough to make the day great. Add to that 3 days of 2 + miles each day now, and life is pretty good. I thank the return of sunshine for this.

Sunshine makes it glow!
Yes, simply the sun. Even tho it's January, and the cold has set in, the sun was enough. I don't mind the cold, as long as the sun is out. Seeing what it did to this sculpture, I knew the sun has a profound affect on everyone. 
I see people milling about downtown, find that visitors are in fact in Asheville enjoying the mountains in the winter.  They come out when the sun does, walk slower, look around more, bask in the sun basically.

Ominous in the grey rain.
The sun brings brilliant light, uplifts the mood, and gives a nice golden glow to things we see every day and have blended in with the background. 

It had rained for 4 days straight, almost non stop. I gladly took 2 of those days to enjoy the cloudy greyness, but by the 4th day I was more than ready for some sun. Luckily the weather cooperated and gave us some much needed sunshine.

I see this metal sculpture nearly every day. I see it walking to open the door to the shop, I see it gazing outside during slow times, I see it after I have locked to door and am headed to go home each day. But I had never really notices how different it looked based on the weather. 

When it is grey out, it does have a glow, but its grey-ness makes it feel ominous, but when the sun is on it, the feeling is completely changed.

Musicians use as a backdrop.
I see it behind some wonderful things. Talented musicians for instance. 

It is a beautiful and interesting backdrop to other performances as well. Part of what makes Asheville a unique place.

Jugglers too use it 
When the sun shines on it, it brightens everything around it. And it really is an interesting sculpture. The patterns on the metal, the strange shape, the draw it has on all sorts of people who pose for pictures in front of it, the shadows it throws. 

I was ready for sun, both literally and metaphorically. And it seemed something about the literal sunshine also made me see that my grey stressful days would soon clear and see sunshine again as well.  

And though both gray rainy days and bright sunny days are beautiful, it is this change of nature that keeps life going. Without the one, the other would not be so beautiful and welcome. 
The details of it not noticeable in the rain.

The sunshine brightens us from the inside out. It makes us notice details would could not see in the dark. 

If you haven't noticed these things, then maybe you just need to take some time to see how it affects everything around you, and join in on the fun. Then you too may agree that when there is sunshine, that is 'nuff.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Motivation? I lost it.

I lost it. I lost motivation. Well, I lost motivation for running, and blogging. 
I still seem to get up and go open the shop, but that is all I can seem to accomplish these days.

It has been 3 weeks since I blogged! And 5 days since I have suited up and got out the door to run OR walk!! 
Rainy view from work.
Today, I think I remember where I stashed that motivation. It was buried under mental exhaustion and stress, and hiding from the almost non-stop rain. It is still raining, but I am pulling out my motivation to begin to dust it off and use it again. 

Sometimes it takes other peoples words to get me motivated. And other people's ideas. Here are some that helped me dust off my motivation and at least stretch today. They worked so well for me here I am, I am even blogging, and I really hope to get out there and run tomorrow.

These words do relate to running, but really you can apply these to every day, simple living. (All are from Favorite Run.)

--Quit overthinking it. Run for today.

--FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY: Consider taking a short break from running if you think you’ve got the beginning of an overuse injury or you’re truly fatigued. A couple days of rest may be the thing to reinvigorate you. Call this one instant running motivation for three days from now. (I am on day five now...but my legs were telling me to cool it, they hurt at the beginning of each run, they hurt when I walked up stairs. Now, they feel much better, so my motivation from being able to walk normal should get me going again)

--JUST START. If the thought of running your full workout is too much to bear, just suit up to run around the block. Chances are, once you’re outside, you’ll start to feel better and put in at least a few miles.

--DON’T EXPECT EVERY DAY TO BE BETTER than the last. Some days will be slower than others, and some days might even hurt a bit. But as long as you’re on the road, it’s a good day.

Running Race Tee Shit Quilt from Kent Quilts/T-shirt Quilts
--PAY YOURSELF. Set a price for attaining a certain weekly mileage goal. When you hit it, pay up. Keep your mileage money in a jar, and once it accumulates, buy yourself that new running jacket you’ve been ogling.

--IF YOU DON’T RUN ROAD RACES, where will you get all your T-shirts? (I love this idea! Motivation to accomplish 2 things!)

--REMEMBER that you almost always feel better after a run than before it.

I hope some of these can motivate you! It's okay to let motivation hide for a short time, but we can't let it rest for too long. If we do, we forget how nice it really is to be out there, running, walking, doing things, accomplishing things. So pull out your motivation, dust it off, and get moving!