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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~ What Running Has Taught Me ~ Sleep

I know there are a gazillion websites and blogs that talk about the greatness of running. I read them too.

But since I have started running again, after my 3 month break, I have learned some valuable life lessonsEach lesson is great for running, but can be translated into every-day life as well. I will be sharing these life lessons with you while training for the Jingle Bell Run, which I am participating in on December 7th. (Donate HERE).

Today we talk about sleep. How important is rest?

The Sleep.
Last week I talked about how I happily I went out for my first run in my new shoes, excited to get in a great run! But it wasn't a great run, and I walked quite a bit. Not the energizing workout I wanted, but at least my legs didn't hurt. But why was it so bad?

Well, the night before, I only got a total of 6 hours of sleep ~ split into two 3 hour sessions with a 4 hour awake time in between. 

Basically I fell asleep on the couch (a common thing for me) at around 9pm, woke up at midnight, stayed awake until 3am, then went to bed until 6am. 
So, I was tired. Which brings me to.....
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Proper Night's Sleep.
A good 7-8 hours is what most say is the best amount of sleep to get each and every night. I know, this may be tough, and most days I am lucky to get 6 full hours of sleep a night. And this is generally okay - I can still have a good run, and have good energy throughout the day. I may take a cat-nap before dinner, but I can get through the day just fine. 

When I don't get enough sleep.....everything is hard to do, but especially running. The run that day took SO MUCH effort.
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I would run for a bit, then this heaviness took over. My legs felt like lead, there was a heaviness in my lungs. I felt like I was dragging my body along. (my legs didn't hurt tho, these shoes were great!)

I just had to walk. I walked a little bit, then determined to get my run in. I began to run again. After half a song, the lead came back, the weight was heavy, I could barely make my legs move at all. I had to walk again.

This workout was not a good one, it was so difficult that I ended up walking most of it. That was not what I wanted at all. Total waste of the outfit, even though the shoes were mighty comfy. I was just plain tired. I didn't get enough sleep, and it was totally evident in my inability to run for any length of time.
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LIFE LESSON ~ A proper night's sleep is essential to a happy, productive day.
If you are lacking sleep, everything in your day is that much more difficult. After your run, if you started the day out tired, everything takes longer to do. I find my showers are longer, I stand there trying to decide what to wear for longer. Everything moves slower.

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It is hard to think, and forget anything having to do with math. Writing a sentence is strained, heck, even smiling makes my face ache. (quick, what movie is that from? here is the movie, here is the line.)  

A proper night's sleep give you the clear head and energy needed for running, and also a great day.

I could go into studies, reports, and other things that delve into the health benefits, how it aides your memory, makes you happier, reduces stress, and lose weight, etc. etc. etc., but we all know that we feel so much better after a good night's sleep, so it makes sense it helps all kinds of other areas. The info is out there if you need more convincing it will make your run better, and your entire day better. 
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How much sleep do you usually get? If you get less, what is the first thing you notice that suffers?

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