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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ All You Need Is Less

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I am working on having less. I need to have less, because all that we have is stressing me out!

  • Less furniture ~ it is too hard to move and we know we will be moving sometime in the future even though we don't know when.
  • Less papers ~ they are heavy, both physically and mentally. My mother hoarded papers, I am so afraid of doing that.
  • Less Kitch ~ I vow to keep only the most meaningful and beautiful. This is hard to purge, because we are collectors of the unique and interesting, and so have cool old bottles, tiny sculptures, beautiful scrimshaw, hand painted eggs and feathers, great vintage lamps (yes, we have been hoarding lamps of all things). Each thing is great, has meaning and a special place in our hearts. These are the tough things to let go of.
  • Less blankets ~ seriously we have so many! But I feel like I can use them as batting in quilts, so I hang on. But maybe it's time to let a few go.
  • Less Kitchen things I never use ~ will I ever make 2 pies at the same time, will I ever need 3 pitchers, will I ever use that lettuce spinner again? I think NO to all, but still have all that, and more 'just in case'. Just in case what??? I don't know. 

I could go on and on, but I am sure you have had enough of my clutter by now, and already thought about some of the extra stuff you have. It can be burdensome, stressful. That is where I am at this point, burdened and stressed.

After moving last time, I am being proactive for the next move (no, I don't know when that is yet, but know it will be within the next few years sometime. I am being proactive, remember?).

I do not want to bring anything unless it is loved and meaningful. 
So I will try.
source: Pinterest
I am deciding to try to let go of a whole lot, so I am left with what really and truly matters. So I can breathe a little easier.

That is what it comes down with ~ ME (well and hubby too, some of this is his too).
We decide, we try, we organize, we simplify, we breathe easier.
source: Pinterest via Alejandratv

And I will try to spend less time on Pinterest so I can get it all done. 

And I will work on trying to get more of what we DO need. Good times with family, less worry and stress about money, less clutter to make the other two that much better. 

That is all I ask for now, not too much to ask, and not too much to try to accomplish, right? I hope so.

Happy Thursday. May you have all you need, which could very well be less.

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