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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enough Procrastination ~ And Clutter!!

source: alainn bella
Well, hopefully I can get through more of my list, but as you know, procrastination is one of my talents.

This Tuesday, I hope to clear off our dining room sideboard. It is an antique, beautiful, and perfect for collecting clutter. I am hoping to sell it off, with the dining set, and simplify our lives a little more. 

No big, heavy and difficult to move, clutter inducing furniture.

It is a never ending battle we have against clutter. Every few years I get the itch to get rid of a huge amount of things, and this year it is hitting me strong. 

So today, I hope to continue the purging. I have already purged some of our Christmas decorations, de-cluttered my dresser and nightstand (also clutter magnets), filed and got rid of old papers that piled up in another room, and finally have the kitchen pared down a bit. 
My Sideboard Clutter Magnet
photo: Raige Creations
Now on to dining room and sideboard clutter! I know it doesn't look look THAT bad, no Hoarders here or anything. But it still is clutter that weighs me down, and by the way, our coffee table is much worse. Wish me luck! 

Do you try to tackle your to-do-list on Tuesday too? (What was leftover from Monday perhaps?) 

And if you have and tips on getting through everything on your list, and keeping clutter at bay, please share. I love reading organization and decluttering tips, it is motivation for me!


  1. I'm planning a post on this very subject! Clutter - physical clutter, electronic clutter, mental clutter... we hates it precious, we hates it! I periodically go through purges... I'm not experiencing one right now but I suspect after the holidays... oh boy!

  2. lol...we hates it too, but we seem to live with it for far too long....

    sadly, I haven't even cleared it yet, but am working on it.

  3. sorry if I've posted this 3 times! seems this comment process is adult proof!

    Why are you in my house and not talking to me again???? Ugh. I feel your pain on the clutter! It's a losing battle. :(

  4. I had no idea I was even in your neighborhood! So sorry!! ;)

    Seems we live similar lives, huh? Tell ya what, I will clean your clutter if you clean mine....

    oh, and I only got one notice of your comment, so don't know what world you were in with the other two. At least one got through.


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