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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toekini Anyone? It's GIVEAWAY time!

Raige Creations turns 1 year old next week.
To celebrate, Raige is doing her FIRST GIVEAWAY!
I can't believe a year has passed, and how far Raige has come. Certainly, the handmade community and its supporters had something to do with Raige not giving up, and Raige's customers are just the best! So to honor all you wonderful people, Raige is happy to give.
What to give, you ask?
3 New Toekini's

Toekinis have, by far, generated the most buzz at Raige Creations. It seems fitting to celebrate with one of them. 
Every time I have Toekini's on my brain, I think "Life is good today" and this song from Music Monday gets stuck in my head.with these lyrics:
"I've got my toes in the water,
ass in the sand,
 not a worry in the world,
 a cold beer in my hand.
Life is good today, life is good today."

But life is good today, even if it is not yet summer here, and to celebrate - the giveaway will be your CHOICE of TOEKINI. Any one in the shop that you want. Shiping costs will be taken care of by Raige.
Oriental Cirlce Toekini
How do you enter?
First, and this is the only REQUIRED ENTRY:  follow this blog, if you don't already and leave a comment as your entry saying that you follow PLUS  in that comment let me know which Toekini is your favorite by linking to it. If you win, this will be the Toekini that you get!
To find your favorite follow the link to one of Raige Creations shops:
The rest are optional entries - only do them if you want to and can. Each will count as an additional entry, and your first entry stating which Teokini is your favorite will be the one that you get.
Promote Raige and this giveaway :
  • Facebook, blog, or twitter and put the link in a separate comment - each promo is another entry
  • Creative promo - what other ways can you promote Raige Creations and this giveaway?  Be creative (after all, creating is all the raige...) and let me know how you did it in a separate comment, and it will count as another entry.
I will take all the comments from here and assign them a number in the order they appear. I will then use's Ture Random Number Generator to generate one winner. 
Nature at your Toes
The entries will be taken until January 24th, midnight.
The winner will be announced here in this blog on January 25th - Raige Creations Official Anniversary date!  And for those who entered, but did not win the free Toekini, Raige will announce an offer open to everyone starting January 25th.
Fire and Ice Toekini
Thank you for helping Raige Creations grow and be the success it is today.


  1. I follow u here, I follow you there I followed the Fire and Ice Toekinis back to here. :o)

  2. I'm a follower. My favourite is definitely the ladybird style they are super cute! We call them ladybirds, not ladybugs, in the UK. I don't know if you know, but we also size our footwear differently, it might be worth you linking to a conversion chart in your descriptions?

  3. Hiya,
    I already got my pair, so I'm just commenting cos I can :-) and I wanted to say how fab they are and what brill pressies they make!

    Good luck with your giveaway (I'll send myself a note to spread the news when I get home tonight)

  4. I am following you, I tweeted, I stumbled, I fb'd and I love lady bugs.

  5. Following you :-) LOVE these -

  6. Following! Gotta go with the ladybugs...

  7. I am following your blog now...I'm a fellow Zibbeter (Rebecca/ Becky West) Am going now to promote you some! These would have to be my favorite and would be perfect for my beach trip in March!!

  8. Promoted you here :

  9. Promoted you here too:

  10. Also tweeted it :

  11. I've followed ya!

    This one's my fav.

  12. And like I mentioned in convo, here's my FB fan page where I've linked your Esty toekinis!

  13. Hi Raige. I follow your blog. And I love your Violet Orchid, Black Teardrop Toekini,

  14. Just tweeted about your giveaway:

  15. Hi! Congrats on turning 1.... of course I followed you here from Zibbet :-) I think your toekinis are very cute.... Toekini's Bare Foot Sandal- Oriental Fish Bead is my fav... If I happen to win I would give the to my 18 year old sister... she would love them. I personally cant stand wearing anything inbetween my toes. :-)

  16. Oh, when you get a chance, check out my fb fan page giveaway!!!

  17. I´ve joined and my fave has to be this one and I would realli kile to win it! :)

    Ì´ve tweeted your give away.

  18. Promoted you here also this morning! I'll do more when I get home tonight!

  19. I absolutely followed because these are the cutest things ever! Who can choose a favorite. They are all really cool!!

  20. I just started following. I've always wanted some of these sandals. I love going barefoot, and I think they're the greatest thing ever! My favorite is the Fire and Ice.

  21. I'm promoting your giveaway on Facebook.
    My favorite is still the lady bugs that I bought from you for my daughter. If I got a pair for myself I would get lady bugs.

  22. I have been a follower for some time now. I tweeted and mentioned on Facebook your giveaway. Toekini's are adorable!

  23. Love love love it! Going to repost on my facebook, the Oriental Fish is my fave!

  24. I follow and my favorite is the Oriental Circle Toekini


  25. Like I said, the Raige has started a rage (in a good way)...........

  26. Posted to my facebook about your giveaway.

    I hope i did the link right. It may be under my name, but I think it's on my KayzKreationz page.

  27. I'm following, Rebecca!! Love your creations and it was hard to pick just one but I think these are my favorites:

    Keep up the wonderful creations my friend - they are AWESOME! :)

  28. Following your blog :) Facebooking it



    Those are my fave






  32. Shared on windows live (couldn;t find the link to the post)

  33. Thank you everyone for entering! The winner will be announced in the morning!


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