Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Music Monday! Down With The Sickness

Finally feeling almost like normal....
the perfect time to feature Disturbed.

Down With The Sickness.
Because I was so, so sick last week.
So sick I didn't feel at all like myself.
I could do nothing, but sleep and feel rotten.

The sickness...a cold.
I know, that doesn't sound like much.
A cold.
Big whoop.
But dang.
This cold.....wiped. me. out.

No packing, sorting, planning.
No re-stocking the booth, no promoting, no work of any kind. 
At all.
The most I could muster for several days was cooking, and even then I had to sit down in the middle of it and rest. Several times.

Weak, dizzy, congested, coughing, and the headaches!

It brought me to tears.
And it also brought my daughter to tears.
We were the only ones who got sick.
And thus, Hubby and son were the ones who bore the brunt of our illness. 

This could be why they both suggested this song, after I asked for some inspiration because even though I am feeling better, I still was having trouble getting inspired. They had to step up again. 

So I wonder, should I be disturbed that they both have fond memories of this song, from more than 13 years ago?
(Hubby played it every time he was in the car with my son, way back when it first came out, back in 2000....and yes that means my son was about 3 years old when he was jammin in daddys car to this!)

No, daddy-son bonding is good. 
Even if it is with Disturbed.

So, for them, I can share some heavy music. For them, I can step outside my comfort level*, even though I am just starting to feel normal again. 

*Disclaimer: I actually DO like this song, it is one that you just can't help jammin' to, and one that kinda stays in your head, and stays there rather pleasantly....

So let's all enjoy being 'disturbed' for a little bit.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ Think Outside the Box, or Get Rid of the Box?

source via Pinterest
'Think outside the box' 

Yeah, right!

Until all you do is try to fit your life inside boxes.
Which is what you have to do when you move, which we are.

All I do is figure out how to fit my life in to boxes! 
How can I think outside the box?!?!?!

Perhaps my goal should be this:
I am sick to death of boxes. 
I may just get rid of them all!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday! Who'll Stop the Rain?

Thank goodness the rain waited until this morning to come.
But cleaning up the leftover moving sale stuff was a bit miserable this morning.

Cold, windy, wet.

It is said that in this song, Creedence Clearwater Revival use a metaphor of the rain to speak about seemingly endless times of confusion and misery.

That is how I feel after 3 long days of the sale, and weeks of preparation for the sale, and now at least another couple days dealing with the leftovers from the sale. 

Seemingly endless times of confusion (what to keep, what to donate, what to try to sell), and misery (the weather, being outside in cold temps, wind, and rain all weekend, and dealing with 'customers' who want something for nothing, and then a discount on top of that, and when we did not give in to their demands, they left not buying anything!!), and then today the rainy wind while we cleaned up the leftovers just added to it.

So, I wonder, who'll stop the rain? When will I be able to not worry about selling stuff, packing, and moving? 

Sometimes that day when all this is done can't come soon enough. Other days, I feel I need another 3 months. 

We don't have that long, so till then, we will have to endure the confusion and misery, until we have taken off to our new adventure. We will find the sun, and the proverbial rain will have ended. Hopefully. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Walking on Wednesday ~ Hoarder or Collector?

The million dollar question.

One that inevitably creeps into your head when you are preparing for a yard sale. But even worse when hubby puts on Hoarders and refuses to change the channel for 3 hours.

2nd-Hand Tips
You are going through all your worldly belongings, when questions like, "Do I really need 2 bundt pans?" enter your brain. Have I ever baked 2 cakes at the same time? Of course not! So the logical answer is, "NO!, I really don't need 2 bundt pans!!" Then, the thought creeps in, "But maybe I should save one for my daughter who someday might want to bake a bundt cake...."

After you have convinced yourself it is really ok to have only one bundt pan, you move on to more difficult things. Like collections of things hubby has been collecting for a gazillion years, each one painstakingly selected, researched, and purchased, then lovingly taken care of move after move after move. 

With so much we are getting rid of, he starts to worry his beloved collections will be given away to the lowest bidder at the yard sale.

"I don't want to give away my mask collection," 
(no hun, we don't have to do that) "or the thousands of dollars of artwork we have!" (again, no hun, but seriously we could never afford a house big enough to hang all of the artwork we have.)


So this volley of 'Hoarder' and 'Collector' has occurred regularly in our house for the last month or so. Then, we watched Hoarders, and suddenly we were saying "Who needs that set of 6 knives when this perfectly good set of 4 will do? Oh, but I do need to go buy a serrated knife then, you know for the bread and stuff. Yes, I could use a nice new one to go with my smaller set."

So now I am talking about buying new knives because I am getting rid of the set with a serrated knife. 

I never said logic was involved here.
Tag Sell It Inc on Pinterest
Then there is the basement. Where you stuff things you haven't unpacked from your LAST move. (Yes, we still have unopened boxes from our last move down there) The hard question here is "Why haven't we opened these boxes?? What the heck is in them??"

Oh, and did I mention the tools?
Hubby has yet to go through his tools. 
Tools that have been untouched for years, tools he asks me where they are because he can never find the ones he is looking for, tools that are so old their usefulness is outdated. 
There might be some hoarding going on there. 

And I am not judging, except I already went through my yarns and fabrics, and I am proud to say I fit what I wanted to keep in 2 bins, and a large bag of unfinished projects, and a card table top I have yet to pack, and a small bin of unfinished projects. 

That is it! Oh, and I do keep finding charms in various places throughout the house. Charms I cannot get rid of, because I will use them someday, soon. And I really mean it! 

That is NOT hoarding, right?
Well, our yard sale has a TON of stuff in it. I think quite literally a ton. At least it will feel like that as we carry everything outside Friday, set it up nicely, and move what didn't sell Friday it in at night, then back outside again Saturday morning.

Saturday night? I think Goodwill will be getting a visit. 

Unless I decide to have another yard sale, one closer to when we move. Yeah, then whatever didn't sell this weekend can be set out again, and we can try again!
Another yard sale? That isn't obsessive, is it? 

It is hard to tell, sometimes, which way you lean. When does collecting become hoarding? And how do you notice when it does?

What are you? 
Are you a collector, or do you tend to fall on the hoarder side? 
Maybe we can star on the show together!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Music Monday! Afternoons & Coffeespoons

'Times when the day is like a play by Sartre
When it seems a book burning's in perfect order'...

As I sit and stare at the boxes in the basement, living room, and piles of stuff throughout the house, at least I have this peppy tune to make light of the situation.

I am prepping for a yard sale, compiling piles of our things that we no longer need or want. Add to that about 20 boxes of books just picked up at an auction, and I wholeheartedly agree with the lyrics posted at the beginning. A book burning may just be a good idea!
A few of the boxes
But no, these were bought in the hopes of re-selling to make a wee bit of money to actually help us in our move. The reality is that this is a task I am quite overwhelmed with. I love books, but this is ridiculous! 

'Too much of a good thing can be taxing', as Mae West said.
A few more of the boxes
If I had the time, it would be great to sort through, scan some, and read others, If I had time to wear pajamas in the daytime, and measure afternoons with coffee spoons, I would do just that. 
But, sadly, that luxury seems so far off.
And even  more of the boxes
Back to pricing, sorting, and gearing up for a humungous yard sale, with GREAT DEALS on some very interesting and hard to find books! 

I hope people show up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ T.Rusk4U

Welcome to this week's Featured Artisan from the group On fire for Handmade.


Meet Teresa! She is a fellow creator from just up the road from me, here in North Carolina!

Teresa says:
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T.Rusk4U Featured Artisan 2013


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Monday, March 24, 2014

Music Monday! Sweater Weather

We thought it was Spring.
But no.

Even though the calendar says Spring,
Mother Nature has other plans.

I heard this song on one of my walk/runs (got 3 in last week, this week so far, a big fat none...but the week is still young....) and it was a good pace to walk to, a little slow for running for me. Still, kept me going. And yes, I was wearing a sweater (well, sweatshirt)

And Yes, the forecast has SNOW in it this evening!

But, hopefully, it won't be long until we can put our sweaters away. 
And for me, maybe put away for good!

I will be dreaming of no more cold winters......and a Spring that really is Spring when the calendar says so......and walking and running in shorts and a tee! Can't wait.
Video and photo by The Neighbourhood.