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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday...what's for dinner?

Sitting here waiting for dinner to finish (yes, it is 7:30pm and we still haven't eaten!) I am searching my brain for what to write about! I checked the NaBloWriMo blog and none of the prompts spoke to me.

So maybe I will just write about what's for dinner

I had a great idea this morning to pan sear some seasoned boneless chicken breasts to brown them, then put them in the over to finish up. Add some super easy Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (done in 90 seconds!) and voila - and easy scrumptious dinner.

But when I opened the freezer, the package of boneless chicken breasts I swore I bought were not there.
What was? Pork Loin, pork chops, ground chicken, and fish. I really wanted the chicken.

But the pork loin ended up the winner tonight. A nice roasted pork loin with potatoes, onions, and carrots. On the meat, I put salt, pepper, a wee bit of ground hot pepper, chicken rub, and sprinkled with Worcestershire sauce

Basically, I seasoned it like I would have the chicken, except I may not have put on the Worcestershire sauce. I then added cut up potatoes, onions, and carrots to the pan, seasoned them the same way I did the meat, and covered it.

Then I shoved it in the oven at about 7pm, and now I am on the computer while it cooks catching up on everything I didn't get done on the computer today because I was creating

Oh yeah, I have to clean off the table full of what I created.

When it's done, all I have to do now is get up, open oven and make sure it is done, and serve dinner. A nice, fashionably late, dinner at 8pm.

See that steam? YUM! And notice the table is cleaned off, all my creating stuff shoved in a bag, sitting next to me waiting for a clean table so I can spread out again.

Do you have that same problem? Do you have to clean off the dining table before you serve dinner too? 

And do you sometimes have fashionably late dinners too? Or am I alone in the procrastination of cooking?


  1. Ok, that's a recipe that I would like to try! Though I doubt I can get my little boys to eat it. And Daddy hates onions. What's left? Hot dogs! As to the table, since Daddy got a laptop pro, he's taken up office there. ALong with the ants (still!) since I'm not always so good at wiping it off. Kenny likes to watch them eat the poison bait that sits by the fruit bowl.

  2. Sounds and looks yummy! I love one pot meals! I don't usually have dinner that late, but quite often it has to wait for me to clear the table off! I always seem to have something I'm crafting on it, lol. I think that is the sign of a creative mind! I do have a wonderful room upstairs for crafting, but with my grandson in my care, I can't ever get up there! Someday...

  3. Your dinner looks like it was really good, even at 8pm. We always eat late at my house, my husband does not get home until 7:45, so our regular dinner time is 8 pm. I am lucky to have a studio to work in, so no supplies on the table, but always books. I read a lot of books, and they seem to take over the table sometimes.
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