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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why do I blog?

A great blog prompt for NaBloWriMoThe prompt was for yesterday, and as usual, I am a day late and a dollar short. So I decided to do this today. And then I realize today is my anniversary too!

Not that we forget usually, but for the last several years hubby and I have decided to just enjoy each other, not worry about extravagant gifts and grand gestures. (we have been broke for several years now too, so we truly embrace this)

And fittingly, the reason I blog has much to do with my hubby. Though to go back to why I blog stems from why I started Raige Creations, and thus we could be talking about this all day because it is really a long story, if you want the full story. But I won't bore you with that. The short story is I started Raige Creations when I decided to drop out of the corporate world and put my business background to use in MY OWN business.

I have never regretted that decision, even if it does mean we live much more frugally because of it. And blogging is part of the business I created so my family could truly be my number one priority. It has become a wonderful part of Raige Creations that I really enjoy doing.

So, now I will simply state why I blog:

  • I blog to share music - Music Mondays
  • I blog to promote Raige.
  • I blog to be a better writer.
  • I blog to put to words what we all sometimes have trouble working through - Walking on Wednesdays
  • I blog because I like sharing interesting things with others
  • I blog to hopefully someday earn some money writing (someday)

I am so thankful that this is something hubby completely supports, and sometimes contributes to. He is part of this business, even if a behind the scenes partner, he is a partner. The best partner I could have found.

After 18 years of marriage, through which we both have had different jobs, that took us away from each other, we actually want to work together and build something together

That is the best gift we can give to each other.  

But I did get him a little gift for our anniversary this year. I just couldn't resist.

Thanks to Heather from The Pine Cone Tea Cup, I could give him this so we could share it when we get the chance to cuddle, after a hard days work, together. And YES, we still do want to do that after working together all day. Most days anyways. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I wish I had a good business idea like yours. And creativity to make things (and a clue how to run a business, too, I guess). :)

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And happy got your first blog going for this month!

  3. Oh, gosh, that little pillow is better than any sappy anniversary cards, what we usually exchange. Ours was Sept 30th! Happy Anniversary to you! We're on #11.

  4. I hope you're having a wonderful anniversary! We have the same 'no money because we're poor' approach--if we DO have money, we try to do something together--dinner out, no kids, that kind of thing. Great reasons to blog.

  5. YAY!! Happy Anniversary! I love your blog, and all the reasons you do it, although, I'm partial to music mondays and walking on wednesday ;) I hope you guys enjoy your pillow for years to come!!

  6. Happy Anniversary and nice to "meet" you as well! It was your post on FB that got me participate in NaBloWriMo :)


  7. Love your website and your art. I suppose I will be a very bad #NaBloWriMo participant because I am going to be writing as I please and not following prompts. I liked your response to yesterday's prompt. Happy Anniversary to you and your blog!


  8. On my third day for NaBloWriMo I'm going to have to do retro mentions of the first two prompts, since I didn't even realise there WERE prompts. hehe

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    I think blogging is amazing, and I am so glad to have the opportunity to meet so many bloggy friends, such as yourself.

    Keep on blogging, I look forward to your posts.

    Everyday Inspired

  10. Happy anniversary! Your blog and your creations are awesome!


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