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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mini Stockings - and other GREAT gift card holders.

A Zibbet Community thread was started at the beginning of October, called Easy Challenge For the Fantastic Five

A call for a challenge always intrigues me, and apparently other too. I wandered over and saw that Judy, of Portable Graffiti Graphics and the author of The Fantastic Five, was asking us to come up with handmade gift card holders  to showcase for last minute shoppers in December. This thread has sparked the imagination of many Zibbeters, and had me thinking all month about an idea for a gift card holder. 

Finally, Friday morning had me try out a pattern I found for a tiny Christmas Stocking. I needed to make SOME kind of Christmas things for the local gift shop, so I tried it out. After it was done, I realized it fit my business card perfectly so I popped it in there for the photo shoot. As I was taking pictures of it, I thought DUH me, the gift card holder for the challenge!
Mini Stocking Gift Card Holder OR Tree Ornament Small Gift Holder
available in the Artfire shop and Zibbet shop.
So right now I am taking a break from making a whole bunch of these to ship off to customers and for the Craft Bazaar on Sat. I am realizing no one wants just one...ultimately a good thing, but also realizing my fingers hurt a little.....

The Challenge on Zibbet has been a great inspiration for me, and no doubt, for other Zibbeters as well. 
This one, from Nancy of Millions of Stitches, is a great Gift Card Sleeve with Christmas Tree.
Creations by Gena has great little envelopes for gift cards.
Pulpa Paper Products got in the holiday spirit with these Happy Holidays pocket cards
And Handmade Fuzzy took the challenge and RAN with it. Her first entry was these clothes pin Gift Card Holders. One of her famous little mice is painted right on there!
Then she came up with these awesome Santa Pants Gift Card Holder. See what I mean about creativity?
No, Mrs. Clause was not forgotten. Here the Mrs. Santa Skirt Gift Card Holder.

We are not even half way through the list of submissions! But now I MUST get back to making more Mini Stockings! I am hoping these stockings will hold more than just cards. They can fit almost any small gift, candy, money, jewelry, etc. Did I mention they fit Toekini's very nicely too??

Look for more great Gift Card Holders from Zibbeters later in the week here. If you can't wait that long, check out the Pinterest page dedicated to these.
And if you have an idea for one - be sure to get your entry in!

Have an idea you want to see, but don't have time or energy to make it yourself? Comment here and we will see what we can do to create just what you want to see.

And don't worry, tomorrow won't mention Christmas at all....maybe....


  1. thanks Rebecca ! Love your little stockings!

  2. all so sweet! Makes me want to get into the Christmas mood! I better get cracking on my own Christmas show.

  3. The tiny stocking are so cute and perfect for gift card holders. What a fun challenge, looks like their are lots of cool ideas.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Look that it's really cool to make it..thanks for sharing as it might helps me when using for Gift Card envelopes.


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