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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Saturday full of Raige! and Christmas Toekini's!!

I knew I had a lot of work to do today. But I didn't realize just how much I had!
I was supposed to get a package to South Carolina mailed today, for the Craft Bazaar on Nov. 5th Moncks Corner, SC next Saturday, Nov. 5th. But after my coffee this morning, I knew I would never be able to make the Post Office deadline of noon. 
A package of 22 Toekini's had to be carefully packaged, half of which still needed to be sealed. (I seal the ends of each Toekini with wax to delay the fraying of the yarn)  Not to mention I had to take pictures of the latest Toekini's before they took their trip to SC. I needed pictures so they could be listed. 
 Furry Snowman Toekini's - Artfire / Zibbet
Of course the sun was not out. And it was quite cold outside, so outdoor pictures was not going to happen. 

After deciding the deadline would not be met, I decided Monday mailing would have to be the plan. Then I would be able to relax and find the Christmas Tree skirt for the photo background. YES, Christmas Toekini's!!!

The first, the Furry Snowman Toekini's, were actually quite a challenge, if you remember my mention of it in this blog, and thus the last one's I finished. But how FUN are they?! Perfect for your daughter, (the ones in the Bazaar are a size small) on Christmas morning still in jammies, opening gifts
Candy Cane Toekini's - Artfire / Zibbet

The second of the Christmas Toekini's going to SC are a sweet set. The Candy Cane Toekini's. A set -One sized small, for the daughter, one sized medium, for the mom. Yummy. 

Are the charms reminding you of someone? Who is my favorite polymer clay artist? You got it, Daresa, of Clay Art by Daresa. And she will be the one at the Craft Fair with Raige's Toekini's. So if you are in the area, GO THERE and stop by, and get some Raige!
Santa Toekini's - Artfire / Zibbet
What Christmas would be complete without Santa? Santa Toekini's to truly get in the spirit of the season of giving. The ones in the Bazaar are a size medium to large, for the mom to sport. 

The listings in the Artfire and Zibbet shops are made to order, any size you need. Just let me know what you would like ~ Raige loves special requests ~! And don't think I am crazy for being in the holiday mood so soon. Well, I actually do think I am crazy - this is the first year I have planned so far ahead for Christmas

Have you started thinking Christmas yet? Are you one of those that is finished shopping a month before Christmas, or like me usually, running around Christmas eve trying to get everything you need? 

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