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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Night Owl or Early Bird, and Pinterest!

I was up early this morning. Got the kids off to school, and was enjoying the rest of my coffee while online. This is becoming part of my routine, a nice part. As long as it doesn't waste an entire morning.....
While on Facebook, a friend was complaining about being an early bird while her significant other being a night owl.  This I could relate to!

{I am shot about 10 pm most nights, falling asleep on the couch, even computer sometimes. And I usually cannot sleep past 9am. Hubby, on the other hand, doesn't crawl into bed before 3am on a regular basis. And to get him up before 11am is a chore. He is most productive when I am fast asleep, and vice-versa.}

Eggplant Purple Handwarmers
with Bright white button flower
To make a long story short - my friend was saying she must seclude herself to the cold, closed in porch so her light sleeping night owl would get enough sleep. And her hands were COLD! 

Well, Raige makes gloves, perfect ones for still typing and clicking away on the computer, with open fingers. So after a brief chat, she decided eggplant with lime green buttons.  Oh how fun!

Vintage Lime Green StripedButtons
from Button Oddysey
Handmade Lime and Dark Green 
Buttons by Odd Bits and Bobs
I don't have any lime green buttons tho, so began the search for the perfect buttons to go with the eggplant purple hand warmers. And I sort of got lost. I found so many, all could be great, some more lime green than others, but all interesting and had great potential.

How on earth would I show all these to my friend? I didn't have the time, or patience to save all the pictures and make a collage. No one wants to be bombarded with a bunch of links to 3 different sites. What to do? It took me forever to even get these three in this blog!
Green Heart Buttons
(even if I do say so myself...)

I sent the Lime Green Buttons board link, and within minutes, the favorite was picked. Polka Dots! Perfect. 

Buttons ordered, gloves started, and here's to another FUN successful custom order. 

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  1. Pinterest RULES!!
    I have even got a few of my none crafty friends addicted to save their recipes and stuff!! But I hadn't thought of it for showing options to customers!! GREAT IDEA!!

  2. I can sooooo relate to the night owl.The latest I fall into bed is 11 and get up no later then 6.30 on school days. Hubby has swing shift, has to get up on night at 3 and the next at 6.30. So at any given night he is up when I am sleeping and the other way around.
    Great post!!!

  3. Awesome color combination! I am a night owl and my favorite color happens to be purple :-)

  4. Haha, I can absolutely relate. I wake up super early for work, thus setting my internal alarm to EARLY even on weekends. The boyfriend's retail schedule is all over the place, but he crashes around three whenever he gets the chance. Usually I don't mind, but sometimes it drives me nuts if we're both home and there's stuff to do!!


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