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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday was supposed to be work free

Well, it was supposed to free of Raige work. I was going to focus on home stuff, like laundry and dishes and picking up kids from sleepovers. And the morning was full of that. But then I checked the mail, and found a package from my favorite charm maker, Daresa, of Clay Art by Daresa.
These yummy looking candy canes will soon be appearing on a set of Christmas Toekini's.
Also in the works are a set of Snowman Toekini's
And what Christmas is complete without Santa? So look for Santa Toekini's too. 

A first for Raige - Christmas Stockings. I am still working on the idea but the local gift shop (their main web site here - all proceeds from sales in the gift shop in Weaverville go towards the personal care business) would like some Christmas things. I offered stockings, and they said SURE. Just gotta figure out how to get Toekini's on Christmas stockings.....what was I thinking?

I wish I could say I have one of each Toekini already done and listed! But not yet. The first of them will be on their way to a Bazaar down in South Carolina that is November 5th, with Daresa herself and her wonderful clay creations. 
She so generously offered to show Raige's Toekini's with her things at this show. So I will be packaging up a whole bunch along with the Christmas ones, adding some sort of display (also a work in progress at this point), and sending them off to (hopefully) new homes.

I hear now is the time to start Christmas shopping, and if you are going to be near Moncks Corner, SC, then that would be a great place to start. Not going to get there? Email me with your order and I will make sure you get it in plenty of time. (

I am in the usually in the camp that runs around in a panic the week before Christmas trying to find meaningful, affordable gifts because I have procrastinated starting before then.  I vowed to be different this year. We will see how that pans out.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? 


  1. that's so great -- something to work toward. You'll figure it out. I have only one craft show weekend scheduled, but at least that is something to work toward, as the vending overhead is rather pricey, so I need to sell. I screwed up this year, doing too many shows in the spring and summer -- no one is thinking wool in heat!

  2. Christmas shopping for family "check" all done, for friends? nope not done.
    And what is a day off???? Have not had one in years.
    Have fun on your hike today!


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