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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time - goes by far too fast

Each year that passes, we say this more and more. 
I am really feeling it watching my kids grow. Now they are all teenagers, no more tweens. One is driving and will graduate high school in January (a semester early), another will start drivers education next week (gulp), and the last so excited to be going to high school next year.

How fitting, then, that there are only TWO timepieces found at Vintage Raige, and they BOTH popped up in different collections last week!

This collection, Step Back in Time, was all about time, all are timekeepers. Vintage Raige's Sir Turtle watch is in this one, still waiting for someone to give him a new home. 

Sir Turtle, the unofficial national logo for The Cayman Islands, has a special place in my heart, because his home is where I called home for 11 years. My children lived their young lives there, and boy did those years go by fast...

Another timepiece was in a different collection, Well RoundedVintage Raige's Sessions Clock Company Black Mantel Clock is a unique part of this treasury, but just as round as everything else. How did it find it's way into this collection? It is the only timepiece, the only vintage item, in a bunch of handmade items.

Having these items appear in collections, both in the same week, made me wonder why these symbols of time popped up, what message of time was I missing?

These are the only timepieces in Vintage Raige, and both got attention last week. I love stories, finding the deeper meaning. 

I love the stories behind all my vintage items, and I guess I sometimes look for stories where there may not be one

What do you think? 
Was the message here? Or was it merely a coincidence?  
Is hubby right? 
Do I put too much weight on silly unrelated occurrences?
Or am I missing a clear message of fate?

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