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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Collections to Keep Me Busy - Games - NaBloWri Prompt family time

What is your favorite way 
to spend time with your family?

I so value time with my family. My own mother owned her own photography business, and was always running around taking pictures, or in her darkroom processing the days work. I remember missing her a lot, at dinner time and evenings. Maybe that is why I value these times with my own family.

Our dinners usually are full of talk. Sometimes the conversations need a jump start, but once they get going, we sometimes sit at the table with our dirty plates for up to an hour after we have finished eating. I love family dinner times.

A recent development in family time has brought me even more joy. We all end up in the living room after dinner, boys playing video games, me on my laptop, daughter on her netbook, hubby nearby on his PC tower. I play some music, sometimes looking for Music Monday ideas, which everyone has suggestions for. This leads to a wide variety of music choices, and a great listening adventure we all share.

I also have started asking for ideas to create collections on Artfire. This is a fun way to browse the items and showcase them. I will ask  everyone at home here for a theme, and one of the kids or hubby will suggest something. Then I will search and they will help me pick items to go in the collection. I love that they are willing to be a little creative with me.

This collection idea came from my son. He was playing his video games, and I said "Give me an idea for a collection!" and he said, "How about games?"  Bingo! (no, unfortunately THAT game did not show up!)
Would You Like to Play a Game was born.

The kids are getting older, and the time they WANT to be at home is getting less and less. I know that in a few short years, this house will be quieter and quieter. It is these times that I truly enjoy, when we are all just casually near each other, sharing and laughing. And know that these days are numbered. So I am making the most of each one.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your family?


  1. dinner time is ours too. And the most loved from all is family movie time with home made popcorn.
    Have to make a short blog today, got a sick kid and parent teacher conferences.
    Have a lovely one Rebecca!

  2. Ah, we posted something different today.

    My children are in their 20s - sigh - and live thousands of miles away. Indeed, enjoying the present is very good advice.

  3. my kids are grown now. But while growing up we tried hard to always have dinner together. It was a nice way to reconnect. But now, I only have one close. Its nice to spend time with her any way I can. but even just me & hubby enjoy spending time together too. and when I was growing up, we always had dinner together too. but that was before all the push for child activities & the internet. IT was easier then to spend time with family.

  4. My daughter is away at college, but when she is home we always enjoy long dinners hanging out at the table and just catching up on whats been happening in our lives.

    I miss having dinner with her, but my husband and I have been enjoying our quite dinners together, drinking a glass of wine (which I am learning to appreciate)and making plans for all the things we want to do together.

    Enjoy your family time, it goes by so fast.

    Everyday Inspired

  5. I'm totally with you on the family dinners, I loved them when I was a kid. My kids are still very little so meals are more chaotic than anything but the time will come.

  6. I really like that new tradition of yours! My man and I are just realising that we can sit in the living room doing our thing, and neither one of us gets mad. I mean yeah, we wouldn't want to do that all night every night, but if he has work to do and I have 'sorting' to do on my computer, it's perfectly okay.

    Love that pic of the orange. hehe

  7. we recently moved in with my sister and her family and we have very entertaining dinner times. Tonight we tried to perfect paper-rock-scissors-lizard-spock :-)

    (p.s love your new font)


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