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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am Pooped. So please let me complain.

I had a great post nearly ready for today. 
I thought of it late, to be sure, but got the idea, took photos and everything.

Then, had to run son to work, pick up a fixed old computer from the Geeks, drop daughter off at friends, fold laundry, replant a plant (part of planned blog), get dog beds from the line outside (thank goodness they are dry).

This is after cleaning kitchen, bathing dog, spraying flea medicine on her (instant itchy nose), shaved the cat best I could with hair clippers (she has long hair and also needed flea spray, and I WASN'T gonna try to get that spray through all that hair! and she absolutely HATES water to a water bath is completely out, I do  not feel like having cat claws stuck in my arm, thank you very much!), then sprayed the cat with flea stuff, cleaned the floor where cat was shaved (want to cut nose off my face now it itches to bad!!), then showered. Oh, and insert 'did lots of laundry' in there somewhere. 

So after the animals and laundry, driving all over the place, and making sure the rooted plant does not die (because the vase it was in tipped over, did I mention that??), oh yeah, and dust-mopped the whole house because the hairballs were now itching my nose and I have had just about enough of that,  NOW I sit down to write and guess what? I DO NOT feel like re-sizing the pictures, and proofing that nice big post I started earlier.

Instead, I torture you, my fine readers, with complaining about my day. And this was supposed to be a nice relaxing day....

Well, now I am going to relax, dammit. Other than going to Arby's to pick up dinner that is, because guess what? I DO NOT want to cook and dirty up the kitchen because I have had enough cleaning today!

Thank you so much for listening to my rant. 
I am sure that is not what NaBLoWriMo is about, but some days are just like that, no? We all need to let it out sometimes and you all are wonderful for getting through this and letting me do my complaining here.

Have a wonderful Saturday! 
That great post I planned for today should be ready for tomorrow,
 with no complaining.


  1. Let me be the first to say that it sounds like you TOTALLY deserve a nice relaxing evening! I played around all day long and my house is a disaster. But I went to an arts and book festival which was so much fun I don't feel bad about my messy house at all!

  2. Oh gosh, that has been lately my day EVERY day-- I'm completely off a blogging schedule, as I'm just consumed with house stuff. Well, that's during the week, but ont he weekend, there IS all that running around; with kids weekends are more stressful than weekdays! But I SHOULD blog about my bathroom renovations issues, there has to be a story in that at least....

  3. Thank you Dana! for the most part it was relaxing...but seems a flea is in the one area I could not spray the cat - by her eyes! DAMN THINGS!!

    Sandra - I am sorry to hear you have days like this so often. Don't forget to take time for yourself...I can't say I did that today, except here on the computer, but sometimes that just doesn't cut it. I hope you get some relaxation in!!

  4. thank you - I miss my cats, but I certainly do NOT miss the fleas. Many many years ago I found (shudder!) baby fleas, little wriggly nasties, in one of my children's BED!!!! Worst mother in the year, that was me. Hope you enjoyed your peaceful evening.

  5. I'm tired just from reading it. It's hard work being a mom!

  6. no Heather, worst mother in the year, no way. I could tell you stories. for one, my daughter just could NOT get rid of lice several years ago. about 4 treatments later, finally gone. And those darned fleas...son found one crawling on his arm, even after the treatments. ugh! this has been going on 3 weeks now.

    Drena, amen to that! It is hard work, but usually well worth it. though I have to say I am getting to the point where I could do without the least the kids do dishes sometimes...


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