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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Handmade Finds by Made for Me by Oaklie

Great Handmade Finds by Made for Me by Oaklie  is a weekly collections of great finds the Anne, of Made for Me by Oaklie, compiles from submissions by creators. Not limited to any venue, you will see a wide variety of items, and a great theme every week. We all get to vote for our favorites, and the winner receives advertising prizes. 
Here is this week's:
(to vote you have to click here, then scroll down on the left, pick your favorite, and submit.)
It is an awesome bunch of Black, White and Yellow this week. AND it is a great way to find unique handmade gifts each week.

Raige has been honored again to be chosen for this weeks Great Finds, with her Black and White Basket with the cool Button Lace Flower. And it just so happens that Raige is offering this functional basket with classic colors at a huge discount (STILL).
Black & White Basket with Button Lace Flower
You can get it for 20% off! It is in the Expired Items Sale section in the Zibbet shop, and just waiting to go to a new home

It loves to hold nearly anything: hair accessories; bathroom extras like soaps , Q-tips, soaps or toothpaste; makeup; fruit like apples, orages, plums, pears; remotes and other living room garbage (you wouldn't believe the things that end up on the coffee table in our house....); and it can even hold craft things like scraps of fabric,  yarns, tools, or patterns. The options are limitless!
Whatever you want organized beautifully, this basket will handle

Please do vote for your favorite Great Find, and if you want that Black Basket, enjoy the Music Monday devoted to it, and then add to cart. The 20% off will be refunded immediately. 

Want YOUR handmade item in a Great Finds? Join On Fire for Handmade on Facebook, and you should get the notice for submissions.

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