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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Happy Moment this week

It has been a stressful week. I know, I know, hubby tells me I talk too much about stress. Well, these are stressful times, and the beginning of this week was quite stressful!!

But I can focus on one happy moment this week.

What was it? 
And is it sad that this one happy moment for me revolves around food? I will explain.

Fudge is one of those things that I am not real thrilled about. Unless it is GOOD fudge. I have had okay fudge more often than not. For me, okay fudge is not worth eating.

But GOOD fudge is different. Good fudge is hard to find. Good fudge is totally worth eating. But I can't tell you the last time I found good fudge. So it is just one of those things that is 'eh, no biggie'.

So then this week, right about mid week, when the stress is worst, my happy moment happens. It's late afternoon, I am behind in a custom order, behind in blogs, don't know what's for dinner. In a sour mood. In walks son with the mail.

He pulls from his bag a bill, a bank statement (both quite depressing), junk mail. I am less than thrilled. Then he pulls out a box.  'A box?' I say. hmmmm
'Oh my it's fudge. Oh She didn't!'

My friend had done what I asked her not to. She sent me fudge from the best fudge place (she told me it was THE best). I thought I had her convinced that I didn't need it, it would just interfere with my goals to slim down, that she didn't have to spend the money to do that. I quickly forgot about our conversation, and just assumed she had too. But she didn't

After my initial reaction of 'oh no fudge', it changed to 'that is SO nice, she sent me fudge!' 'She didn't have to do that!' How thoughtful, how sweet it was of her to take the time, trouble, and spend the money, to send me fudge all the way from New JerseyIt has been a long time since a friend of mine made me feel so special.

And then I tasted the fudge. Out of my mouth came; 
'Oh my....that is some GOOD fudge!!'

Now I was just plain happy. Conclusion:

Some REALLY GOOD fudge (from a wonderful friend
+ a nice cup of tea = a much needed happy moment.

Thank you Heather V.H. I owe you one.


  1. Awe - Friends are so wonderful. They know what you need even when you tell them you don't.

  2. Good friends know us better sometimes than we do.

    Personally, I am not into fudge. Perhaps I never had the good kind?

  3. That's what good friends are for, they know exactly when we need some really good fudge. You enjoy every bite!
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Absolutely agree - fudge is only good if it's Good Fudge we have a couple of places down this way that make fab fudge! My mouth is watering thinking about it

  5. funny the little moments, things, that can make us happy. For me, it is my one cup Italian coffee maker. I really enjoy grinding just enough beans for it, and having that single cup. Enjoy your fudge, dear! Chocolate and stress do wonders for each other.

  6. Oh yum! I can't think of a better pick-me-up.


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