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Friday, August 19, 2011

Featured Artist: My Favorite Charm Maker - Clay Art by Daresa!

I want to introduce you to Daresa
my favorite charm maker. 
Green Rose on Black Toekini's
You may know Raige's series of Rose Toekini's, 
and the Lucky Bug Toekinis, 

Red Lucky Bugs on Black Toekini

and more recently the Cross Toekini's. 

These came to life with the wonderfully creative and exceptionally good quality products of Clay Art by Daresa, and Lucky Bugs Collectibles Shop.
I was lucky enough to meet Daresa on Zibbet, and I quickly found she can read my mind. She is so friendly and sweet, and so ready to tackle whatever idea I have. She always delivers JUST what I had in my mind, and usually even better than what was in my mind.
Like these charms.
Ask and ye shall receive....
I asked her to make butterfly charms, some kind of sun charm, and a Canada Inspired charm; a special request for a Mom and her little girl. And just look at the butterflies! "Bootiful" was what the little girl said! Her mom asked for the sunshine inspired toekini's, and fell in love with these perfect sun charms from Daresa, also in this picture.
dragonfly charms,
now cell phone charms as well

(the little girl already had and loved her Noble Dragonfly Toekini's - charms also made by Daresa)

I asked her to make bee charms  for a special Toekini for my MIL, Bridget, who is often called just "B". They are so great I made a bunch of Busy Bee Toekini's.

Luck Bug making your coffee that much better
Black Mug Cozy Coaster
I have had such fun with her charms. First, of course, they made their way on to Toekini's. But since, they have found their way onto Mug Cozies, and I have a few other ideas in my mind of where they would add just the right touch.

Now, I talk about Daresa like she is all mine, but she does have a shop full of wonderful creations for everyone! 

South Caroline Palmetto Moon Pendant
She is proud of her home state of South Carolina, 
and enjoys creative one of a kind ornaments, 
and offers to personalize each one.
She gets creative with her polymer clays.
Pink Plumeria Flower Set
And has recently taken her talents to many a party.
Ladybug Cake Topper
She is ready for anything you can ask for, and delivers more than you even hoped for.

I, for one, am looking forward to Christmas,
(yes, I said it! already!!),
but only because these are just the cutest little things 
and I am going to HAVE to make something out of these.
Mini Christmas Ornaments!
Daresa is a very talented creator who I am thrilled to have the pleasure of knowing. And if I can get to South Carolina, I am definintely going to have her do my nails. 
A work in progress by Daresa
She is a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years now that has specialized in nails her whole career. She loves doing manicures, pedicures, artificial nails and nail art.  

Be sure to visit Daresa in any of the places she frequents:
Lucky Bugs Collectibles Shop on Zibbet
Clay Art by Daresa on Zibbet
Clay Art by Daresa on Etsy
Visit her Facebook Page
She Tweets and has a Blog too!

And find that piece that is meant just for you! 
I bet she has it, or can make it just as you can imagine it!!


  1. LOVE Daresa and her work!! Thanks for this great feature!

  2. Fantastic work by both artists! Thanks for such a wonderful article!

  3. Here you have it - two of the most talented ShopKeeps on Zibbet - Ms. Raige (doing the talkin') and Ms. Daresa (doing the clay artistry). Wonderfully said, Raige, and so beautifully done with just the right pictures. Daresa is a solid artist, whether working with clay, or making jewelry, or making people look their best!

  4. What cute little charms. I love the bees, they are so sweet. Daresa is very creative, thanks for sharing her her fun collection.
    Everyday Inspired


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