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Friday, January 31, 2014

I Am Tired of Pressure - And The End of NABloPoMo January's Theme of Pressure

I write about pressure quite a bit.
I am under quite a bit of pressure.

And I am so tired of it.

When I signed up for's January NaBloPoMo, I hesitated when I saw the month's theme was pressure. I wondered how much more I could write about pressure
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Then it brought on the more relevant question of 'How much more pressure could I endure?'

I have felt so much unpleasant pressure in the past year. I went through the pressure of trying to make a struggling business grow, closing said business, moving all the crap out of said business, then the pressure of what to do now? All while struggling to meet out obligations moneywise. This is heavy pressure.

I am sick and tired of this kind of pressure.

So I took on the pressure of posting a blog every day (NaBloPoMo) for January, since it gave me such pleasure when I did it in October and November. But I was not as successful in January, I missed more than a couple days (including the very first day!). 

But that pressure is a different kind of pressure, and when I missed a day, well, I just missed a day. I knew I had more important things going on, and that the world would keep spinning even if I didn't get a post done that day. I enjoyed writing, and enjoyed sharing and getting the excellent feedback that you, my fine readers, blessed me with. 

I am still struggling with the stresses of direction, money, where the heck we will be in three months, that kind of stuff. THAT is the stuff I am so ready to leave behind.

But writing? That I want to keep doing. That pressure will, hopefully, help me with the other stresses (meaning I will make it part of my livelihood {$$} sometime soon). It is something I find very satisfying, and enjoy. If I can earn doing it - GREAT! 

That pressure is not so bad. So what did I just do? I signed up for February's NaBloPoMo, of course. 
NaBloPoMo February 2014
I am coming in to this one with a new perspective though. (And good thing because February's theme IS perspective.) 

I am going in to February with a new perspective. One where I just know our luck is about to change. I feel good things are coming to us. After all, we have worked so hard, we have put tons of effort into the path we want our future to take. We are open to new things, new places, a new chapter, so to speak. (I am not sure what chapter we are on right now, but it would be one heck of a book, someday maybe.)

I know the pressures I have struggled with will ease. 

Perhaps new pressures will reveal themselves, but that doesn't worry me at all. Pressure is not always a bad thing. 

Pressure often makes beautiful things happen. It often leads us to success. 

It all depends on how we look at it. It depends on our perspective.

Have YOU changed your perspective, and then seen things turn around for you?


  1. *Sigh* I am really trying to change my perspective. I think that if I focus on the positive that my brain works there too but I am so, so tired of struggling right now.

    I really hope things start turning around for you. :)

  2. Hang in there chicky!
    I wonder if you saw the quote today:
    Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.
    ~Bertolt Brecht
    The struggle will change soon, and it will be a new one. ;)

  3. 2013 was a difficult year for many, myself included. However, it is time to take hold of a fresh perspective for 2014. Thanx for the reminder that without pressure we wouldn't have diamonds, true. Here's hoping this is your year to feel less pressure, or at least be able to reframe your interpretation of it :)

    1. Thank you Linda! I hope so too.
      And hope for you that 2014 is a better year.
      Sometimes reframing is just what is needed.

  4. I'm feeling very pressured in too many different areas of late - but figuring it all out slowly. I think.... :-) Love the "no pressure no diamonds" - I should have it tattooed on my arm! Happy blessings to all of us!

    1. lol, a good tattoo it would be, Lisa.
      Sometimes it goes slow, but progress is still being made.
      Good luck!

  5. I totally sympathize with you. I had a rough 2013 and I have vowed to change my perspective and am being hopeful for a better year. I hope your year goes well also. I look forward to reading more of your posts this month for NaBloPoMo

  6. I am hearing 2013 was a tough year for many!
    I think changing perspective certainly helps, so good luck to you!
    thanks for stopping by.


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