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Friday, January 3, 2014

Procrastination or Checking Off the To-Do List?

Which do you tend to do?
Well, if you read this blog at all, you will be able to guess.

I would say I tend to do BOTH, but I do tend to procrastinate in getting things crossed off the list. 

If you aren't sure what I am talking about, you may want to click here for how I am always running late, click here for the times I am losing track of the days, and click here for what to do if you waste an entire morning (I have done that a few times you see.....).

Specifically, procrastination is something that plagues me regularly. I do tend to complain about it, too. If you need proof, click here for one complaint in October, and I actually did two posts in November, here for blaming writer's block, and here for vowing to give up this talent of procrastination I seem to possess. 

It's not that I don't try! I DO have lists, plans, I have good intentions! 

In fact, just this week, I made a list, and planned what day I would do what on the list. However, the things I planned yesterday to put off until today now have to be put off again. Not because I don't want to do them you see, I can blame the weather today! 

The things I have to do involve warehouses, and spending time in them. As it is a wee bit cold, 15 degrees right now and quite windy. The high is expected to be a whopping 22 degrees. FAR too cold to go spend time in unheated places. I can wait until tomorrow, when it is supposed to get a little warmer, say above freezing. 
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Plus, today I was going to get back to running. My 'rest' time is long over and I really need to get back out there. (the candy and cake I scarfed down over the holidays are really 'weighing heavy' on me!) Well, frostbite is not worth it in my humble opinion. I can wait another day. 

So what else is on my list? Grocery store. I HAVE to do this one. 

I was supposed to go yesterday, but I procrastinated, figuring I could squeeze one more day out. So now today, in below freezing weather, I have to go get the food pantry staples that we are now out of. Bread, milk, Diet Coke, etc. (yes, a staple in our house, not me, hubby.) This I cannot put off. The wrath of hungry kids and hubby is NOT worth it. 

So you see, for me it is not one OR the other.  It is BOTH. 
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What about you? 
Are you a procrastinator, a 'check it off the list'-er, or some crazy combination?


  1. I love making a list. . .eventually. Found you through NaBloPoMo, let's hope we both don't procrastinate to much and get through this month!

  2. OH the food shopping. I have to face that one today too and it's so cold last thing I want is to walk down the frozen foods asiels…maybe I can "squeeze" out another day:)

  3. Bean, thanks for stopping by! That is one thing I love about NaBloPoMo, meeting new bloggers.
    It has been tough so far this month, did it again yesterday and procrastinated writing, even tho I got other things crossed off my list.
    Here's to a 'less procrastinating' month!!

  4. Sandra, I kept my gloves on through most of the store, especially the frozen food section, lol.
    Good luck squeezing another day, you have to be creative for sure.

  5. The napper is me! :D

    1. aborrowedbackpack, you sound like hubby. he is a napper too!
      thanks for stopping by!


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