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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Rows Short of a Full Glove

A new term for one who be a little less than sane or smart?

Two Rows Short of a Full Glove.

Perhaps! This was ME yesterday.

Literally, and figuratively.

We were on the road, driving our oldest back to college, to his new apartment. He took the plunge and moved off campus, mid-year just to make it interesting. 

I had finally accepted this milestone of My Little Cuddle Bear, and was happy and excited for him. We ordered the futon bed and mattress, one of which would arrive that afternoon. (thankfully the mattress so at least he could sleep on it on the floor until the base arrives. oh the college days...) We got him some dishes, a few kitchen supplies, and a closet organizer, after much discussion and debate over the benefits of this in lieu of a dresser. His roommate had the rest, he assured us. 

So, we were on our way to deposit him in his 'life away from home', I was sitting in the back crocheting my little heart out. I was happily working on an order for a pair of fingerless gloves in my favorite color - PURPLE. Life was pretty good.

Well, that didn't last long. I won't torture you with all the gory details, as you can imagine happen on a long car ride. One speeding ticket later (grrrr....), food and drinks dispersed and now gone, and several tries on the glove pattern later. I finally got the size and fit right on the first glove. I only had to rip it out and start over twice!

I was on a roll. I started the second, which was going much better than the first. I was almost done, and then I realized - I was running out of yarn!

I ran out two rows short of finishing. Two rows short of a full glove.

After 12 hours driving, after running out of drinks and snacks (and yarn), after a long, long day with several irritations, I was truly Two Rows Short of a Full Glove. Figuratively and literally. 


  1. Even though you were two rows short, I LOVE these gloves! They are so beautiful. You really have a talent---I wish I could make nice things like this!

    1. aww, thank you! These are a different pair I sold a while ago actually. I have yet to finish the ones I started this day. Gotta get more yarn and hope its the same color!

      If you would like a pair in your favorite colors, just let me know! I promise I will make sure I have enough yarn. ;)


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