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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Game On! NaBloPoMo, and other things

I have been off my game lately.
Or should I say on a different game?
I don't know.

After the Jingle Bell Run, I stopped running.
After two months of blogging every day, I all but stopped blogging.
I didn't even blog about the actual RACE I ran for goodness sake.

After applying strenuously for new jobs listed on the online sites, I stopped applying. 
(Until today, that is.)

So what HAVE I been doing?

HAVE been cooking more (mostly). 
I even made pancakes for a breakfast yesterday, and we all sat down as a family and ate breakfast, well brunch really it was noon, TOGETHER! We never do that....
And Kung-Pow Chicken and Lasagna, two days in a row!

HAVE been spending time with the family. 
The kids all home on break, Assasin's Creed IV for Christmas (Pirates! We all love pirates and this game is kinda fun to watch, with all the pillaging and plundering and shark fishing and all....)
Then there was The Walking Dead Marathon. I am running on 3 hours sleep right now.

HAVE been concentrating on a new booth, making new Toekini's and listing Bridget's Jewelry.

Plus, I HAVE been taking all the unpleasant and negative people and things out of my life.

So here it is, January 2nd, 2014. I feel in a funk actually thinking about all those things I WANT to be doing but haven't done. Even having trouble getting back to listing the new Toekini's and such. 

BUT, since it is a new year, and dang it 2014 better be a better one than last year, I am getting back to what I like to do.

Blogging, well writing, is one thing I wanted to get back to, so I am feeling the pressure on's NaBloPoMo for January

Yes, already missed a day, but you know me, that is pretty expected at least ONCE during the month. So now that it is out of the way, GAME ON!

Plus, more creating, back to running (maybe will have to be actually because I have already committed to it!), more cooking, and yes I will be applying for more jobs until I get one. (Need that reliable paycheck for a while.)

Bring it on, 2014. Let's make it work!


  1. I might be crazy for deciding to NaBlo again! I got burned out doing it 2011. I'm finally sticking a toe back into the blogging water.

    You have all my best wishes in the job search! I am doing the same thing. This time around, I refuse to look for another job that is going to make me as miserable (negative!) as the last one.

  2. Chavaira, I sat looking at my blank blogger screen wondering if I should do it again. Crazy, we all are! But for me, it is a good crazy. ;)

    Job searching stinks, we start to question everything we ever did. And I too am being a bit picky, only applying to jobs I think I will love, or like at least. So I weed out tons of possibilities, but at this point in my life, I am gonna stick with that pickiness.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. That is what I felt like when I left, Melanie. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. HI, Raige!
    I felt like I was reading a post I wrote and forgot about: your life is as busy as mine! I used to run, but had to quit when I blew out my ankle. I blog, too (or trying to, anyway) and I just opened my second booth in a new marketplace. My stuff is a bit more rustic/country than yours, but then I live in Oklahoma! Good luck on the job search, the blogging, and the crafting! I found your shop on FB, come find mine: FlyingCCreatives!

    1. Hi Cori!
      It is great to have you here - someone who I can share such complaints about booth and blog and run with! Going to find you on FB.

  5. Hey, since you moderate, I wanted to let you know I had to redo the captcha 6 times before I could leave a comment. It is very hard to read, and may be preventing folks from commenting.

    1. And thank you for the heads up on the captcha. I thought I got rid of that, but see it was still up. I HATE those things, so I got rid of it.
      thank you.


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