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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Early Morning TEASE, Then Ultimate Disappointment!

My alarm just went off,
(for the first time...I am a snooze button addict) 
and I was glad that I could snuggle back in bed for 10 more minutes until it went off again.

Just as I crawled back under the covers, the phone rang.

Usually, a phone ringing at this time of morning (6:14 am) means only one thing - SCHOOL DELAY OR NO SCHOOL!

I ran to the phone, somewhat irritated but somewhat happy with the thought of getting more sleep. Too late, missed the call. 

Sitting anxiously on the couch in my PJ's, (which was just a tank top...brrrrr!!!) I waited for the voicemail to finish recording the recorded message and dialed excitedly to hear the good news.

I hear this:
Good morning. Although there are patches of lingering snow and ice throughout the county this morning, for the most part roads are okay. The worst conditions are in the Enka and Erwin District, so ONLY ENKA AND ERWIN schools will be on a 2-hour delay today, Thursday January 16, with no buses on icy roads. All other districts will follow a regular schedule, with no buses on icy roads. To repeat, schools in the Enka and Erwin Districts only will be on a 2-hour delay, with no buses on icy roads in all districts.

Bold text is added by me for affect. How lovely, except WE ARE NOT THE ENKA AND ERWIN SCHOOLS!

What a disappointment! I was pulled out of my last 10 minutes of cuddly warmth for THIS!?! School as usual.


Yes, I growled. 

So I got up, made coffee and did my morning animal chores. I was up 10 minutes early. I can't remember the last time this happened! Kind of like bonus time!! 

What did I do with it? Scrolled facebook. 

How sad is that? I haven't even RUN in more than a month!!!
I will get back to my less pathetic and lazy life soon. Very soon. After I lay down some more.


  1. Don't feel bad; I haven't exercised in 9 months except for 10 minute dog walks.

    1. 10 minute dog walks TOTALLY count! Give yourself some credit Sandra!!!
      I just open the door and let the dog out.....l.a.z.y. lol.

  2. Do you know how much time I waste scrolling (both FB and G+)? Too much. LOL

    1. lol, you and me both, Connie! Just did more time wasting on Pinterest this morning! Scrolling through 1920's that does me any good, wait, it was fun at least...

  3. Total bummer! Now that I live walking distance to work, I never have a snow day ;)

    1. walking to work is awesome! Well, when it's not raining or snowing. There is still that joy of that extra 10 minutes sleep for me though.

  4. I got very lazy over the holidays---didn't exercise for two weeks and immediately my jeans got tighter! Ugh! Went back to the gym this week to get on track….

    1. no kidding! my jeans are tighter too. :(
      good for you, I have no excuse, still haven't gone out there to even walk, let alone run.

  5. I used to hate when they delayed school but didn't have bus service. Bummer your kids had to go to school, and you missed your extra 10 minutes of sleep. You will just have to make up that missed sleep another day :D
    Everyday Inspired

  6. Yup, Valerie, I made it up over the weekend. Slept in 'till 8!!
    I like when school is delayed. I guess it helps that my daughter drives so we don't need to depend on the bus. But she is graduating early, her last day is today, so my youngest will have to go back to taking the bus.


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