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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Walking on Wednesday ~ The Journey Through Year End Crap

I finally forced myself.

I finally started gathering all the year end stuff, in preparation for tax time.

Actually, I stressed myself right into it. 
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We were going over our monthly expenses (always so much fun) and I realized I should really go ahead and get everything in a spreadsheet so we can better budget this year. 

So I had to find all the expenses, and doing so I realized I needed to update quite a bit businesswise to have good totals for year end. I was quite behind. (I am sure, if you read this blog regularly, you are not at all surprised, you know I teeter between giving in to the pressure (aka LATE) or pushing through.)

I like to have a handle on things at least by February so that all I have to do is wait for all the reports to arrive from the various places they need to. Not early, but definitely not late. This is one area that I refuse to be late.

So far, I am on track if I keep at it. But if I don't...well I am not going there right now. 

I am curious, are you an 'early tax preparer' or 'in the nick of time tax preparer'?


  1. My business taxes were easy this year - I had 4 sales, none of which were in my state, just I just had to report it, nothing to pay. Did that on 1 Jan, online.
    Personal taxes, I try to get done as early as possible. Last year, I went a bit too early and had to do an amendment for a bit extra back. This year, I've got a whole new ballgame, because we're married now and he got a job in October. Oh yea, and the college stuff (which I am so glad to be almost done with)... Like you, I'm just waiting for the important stuff to arrive. *mental note - sign up for as many electronic deliveries as possible*

  2. Oh to have to go back and amend - yuck! Poor you. Hopefully this year will be easier. As long as we are not late, I am ok with waiting for the forms in the mail I need, but compiling all the business stuff sucks. The B&M shop stuff can get confusing.

  3. Since my daughter has been in college, we have had to do our taxes right at the beginning of February. So last year I told myself I was going to stay on track with everything to make my end of the year paperwork easier. I am happy I did that, cause It only took me about a day to get everything ready to go for the accountant :)

    Now that you have it started everything it should be a whole lot easier to finish it up. Don't stress yourself out, it will be over soon.

    Everyday Inspired

    1. I should have started earlier I keep thinking. But yes, a start makes the whole thing a bit easier. Counting the days until its over. Thanks Valerie.


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