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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cleaning Out the Filing Cabinet...In This Weather?

Yup, I am cold. 
But, I haven't been outside, but I have been in the basement to store some old files. Old files that we are not supposed to throw away for at least seven years, but now have filled up my filing cabinet so that I don't have room for the new stuff. 

It is the first attempt I have made to take care of year end stuff. Mainly, I am trying to get motivated to compile everything needed for the dreaded taxes. But so far, cleaning out the filing cabinet is as far as I have gotten.

And since under the basement stairs is a good place to store such piles of papers, I was under there digging out my bin of papers. The floor was cold, the basement cold, and my bin was jam packed. This lead to searching for a file box, which incidentally was full of stuff that wasn't files. 

So, I had to empty it, find places for that junk, and then put the new old files in the file box. I was down there for quite a while, in only my fuzzy socks, leggings, and a sweatshirt. Not enough for being in the unheated basement with temps in the teens.

By the time I was done, the cold had seeped through my whole body. And now I just can't warm up. (note to self, next time, wear slippers)

Time for TEA! I'll go put the kettle on, but I wonder, have you started the dreaded task of getting ready for year end and taxes? 

The pressure will be on soon enough, so best to get a head start, I believe. Now, if I could compile all the rest, THAT would be something!

And of course, before I finished writing this, we discovered the other reason I am cold. Our boiler is not working, so another stressful thing. 

No heat, no hot water. 

Joy Joy. 
So, have you started prepping for year end and taxes?
Stay warm my friends!


  1. Yup, was just catching up on filing the other day. I have this folder thing hanging on the wall of the kitchen where every financial statement, paid bill receipt etc goes to be moved upstairs to office and filed. But I have a bad habit of letting it pile up so when I do go to file, it can take an entire afternoon -- which it did.

    1. Oh, I end up with piles in a couple different rooms! I am a pilier. I try to file a bit at least once a week, but then there is always a small pile I don't know what to do with. So I never totally finish. ugh.

  2. I took care of my business taxes on the first, online. I had only a few sales last year, and all were out of state, so I didn't have to pay anything.
    Our personal taxes should be an interesting endeavor... this is the first year we are married, and Ian started working in October. Lots to learn, good thing Turbo Tax is so helpful!

    1. wow, done on the first! good for you!!
      I have thought about trying Turbo Tax, but for the last few years our taxes have been so complicated I was afraid to try by myself, so I spent the $ on hiring someone to do it for me. Maybe soon I will have a much simpler life and the be able to try Turbo Tax. Some day soon I hope! ;)

  3. Oh dear! I hope your boiler gets fixed soon... there's nothing like a good cup of tea or washing the dishes to warm up...

    1. We have been drinking a lot of tea lately, Dakota! In fact, my oldest son, who never was that in to tea, was glad I sent a tea pot back to school for him. He is moving into an apartment so now has his own 'home' to have tea in! Luckily he shouldn't be having heat problems like us.
      Thanks for the well wishes, our heat is fixed, at least for now.


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