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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Views From My Kitchen and Thoughts on a Less Than Perfect Life

source: Thoughts of Raige
Some days, the days when I wake up less than chipper, when I haven't yet found my positive thinking and hope or a good day, I am thankful for the views from my kitchen.

Out past the tree line, there is a mountain I can see most days. There are lots of trees and nature is evident all around us. It almost feels like we are out in the country, away from noise and developments and crowding. 

But in reality, a main road is on the other side of the house, we can hear traffic. We are down the street from several housing developments, and we hear dogs barking day and night. Our closest neighbor is pretty close actually. 

We are within walking distance to Main St, a small village street with restaurants and shops and even a local mechanic's garage. 

Though we still have plans for our dream house, our perfect place, the means to do only what we love, this is good enough for now. For this is all we can do right now. We can only dream of a better location, a better house, a better life. A strange place to be at this time in our lives, when most people our age are settled into their dream lives, but nonetheless, we are here.

I could be in a kitchen that had no view, that was smaller, that wasn't in this beautiful area. I could have no one to help me through these tough times. I could be hungry with no way out of the situation. Things could be worse, much worse. We have been through much worse. 

I know we will find a way, sort it out. There are opportunities, we have experience and knowledge to get us through this. We have done it before, we will do it again. 

In the meantime, I will enjoy my views. 
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  1. I think Raige we all have dreams of the perfect life. And then if we had that perfect life it would probably seem imperfect. I also have a view of trees from my kitchen window and sometimes I fantasize that I'm living in a lake house. THAT would be my perfect dream.

  2. I so miss living near a body of water. I miss the ocean. That is a dream we still have too, living near the ocean. But for now, we are here and I try to find the beauty in it.

    You are right that life is never perfect, we would always find something to dream about. But for now, even just the dream to pay the bills and live less stressful would be great. For now, I would take that in a heartbeat.

  3. What a lovely view you have from your kitchen, and taking time to enjoy it each day is a wonderful way to lift your spirits. I know about tough days and working to make things better. Everyday is something new and everyday we have to put on a smile and keep moving forward. I vowed to myself this year that when someone ask me how I am, I am going to say great even if I don't feel that way. Hopefully as the year goes on each day will get better and better and I will feel great everyday.
    Happy New Year,
    Everyday Inspired

    1. Yes, Valerie, some days it is all I have that is positive, but at least I have that.
      I hope each day goes get better, and that you feel great everyday. On those days you don't, well know there are great days ahead.
      Happy New Year to you too!


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