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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why I Got Up At 6 AM On A Saturday? Driving.

Why did I get up so early today?

Since we moved the business out of its downtown location, and I no longer have to work 6 days a week, including all weekend long, I have completely enjoyed sleeping in on Saturdays. I do still wake up, but the freedom of not having to get up, going back to sleep....ahhhh. There is nothing quite like it.

But today, alarm went off the normal weekday time. I got up by 6:30 am (yes, I like to press snooze for an excessive amount of time), made coffee, fed the animals, the normal morning routine.

WHY? My youngest son had to meet his drivers ed teacher at 7:30am!
photo courtesy of  Travelers Point.
Yup. It has happened. All of my children are now drivers. I now have to dispense the advice that has been handed down from my father
My youngest is now on the road. He took the class, and now is out there with all those other crazy drivers. I honestly don't know if I can handle sitting in the car with him while he drives.
Not that I think he is a bad driver, but after his first day of driving, he said "It's kinda like driving in a video game, but better."

photo courtesy of Eileen on Pinterest
I should mention here that his driving in video games is rather horrible! He can't stay on the damn road!!

The last time I was the required adult in the car with a new driver, (I have been through 2 new drivers now) I noticed just how incredibly tense I was. I had trouble breathing, I was on the verge of panic the entire ride, every time! This is not because my daughter or my oldest son was a bad driver, it was because I was so worried that something bad would happen.

Visions of accidents, crashes, going off the road, all going through my head. I was unreasonably anxious each and every time we got in the car. This time, I really don't know if I can handle it.  It is almost like torture! 

But this is what we parents must endure, for our children. I will not let any of my immense anxiety show. I will be the calm force of knowledge. Stressing #4 on this list, Don't Panic.

I might feel better, though, if he didn't tell me that his sole motivation for getting his drivers license was so he could get his motorcycle license.
Vintage Motorcycle 12
photo courtesy of
No worries there, haha. No wonder my hair is grey and my nerves are shot.  

Feel free to share any driving advice you may have learned along the way. This list may help jog your memory of how you learned to drive. I would love to hear your suggestions.


  1. not looking forward to that time. Still have a few years. So why did you move out of your downtown store? And did you open up somewhere else?

  2. overhead was eating us alive, that is why we moved out. we are setting up booths now, downsizing. much more manageable.
    keep checking our FB page for details.

  3. My little sister just started driving, and I'm like, "You are not old enough to drive!" but I guess she is. My husband wanted to get a motorcycle, but his dad didn't let him. They're scary!

  4. Here in NC they can get their permits before 16 if their grades are good.
    So young? yes. But as long as they keep their grades up and have no infractions, they are good to go!!
    Hubby has a motorcycle so there will be no argument.
    I love riding them, but scary, yes.

  5. *laugh * Oh my goodness this brings back memories. My mom taught me how to drive and it was a traumatic experience for both of us. It wasn't until my husband retaught me how to drive that things got smoother. My mom got all tense and jumpy like you're describing... in fact, she STILL does that when I drive and it is seriously annoying. I feel like I'm on hyper alert with her in the car.

    The best driving advice I got: Most curves have a constant radius... turn the wheel just a bit to take the curve and leave. it. there. You do not need to adjust until the road changes directions.

    There are exceptions to that rule, of course, but it made highway driving so much less terrifying.

  6. Great advice, Dakota! i add to that do not speed up on the turn.

    It reminds me of the time my daughter thought she had to press the gas while going around a turn to get on a highway. I thought the car was going to tip right over!!!!

    I know that showing my anxiety will make the driver nervous, so I try not to, I really try. Torture though.


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