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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Serendipitous Sunday ~ Who Knew It Would Turn Out This Way?

"Serendipitous Timing"
Uttered to me today by a wonderful new person I met.
Before I jinx anything, I will just say a few things.

All my worry last night, lack of sleep, and stress about getting everything done, led to a huge relief of sorts. After some driving around and few phone calls, I made the best phone call which made the end of my day rather pleasant.
photo courtesy of photobucket

Of course, lots of prep, planning, organizing, logistical figuring was figured into the day. Working to achieve a smooth transition out of one location is not an easy thing. 

But if all goes well, this wonderful new person will be saving me from dread and unpleasantness beyond what I could handle at this point. AND, as it turns out, I will be helping her in a way she didn't anticipate happening at this time, yet wanted to. I am bringing her closer to a goal she has had, she is bringing me close to a goal I have. Serendipitous.

We met not quite by chance, as most serendipity quotes go. It was through a bit of research, panic on my part, plus reaching out to anyone who would listen. This met with and research and dreaming on her part, and seems to be leading to something that we both want, things that would benefit each of us, and the other. 

photo courtesy of Corie on Pinterest.
It is still early, but as I said, if all goes well, this will work out smashing for both of us. I should sleep like a baby tonight, but really there is still so much work still to do to make it all work. But it just might work!

For anything to work good, lots of good work goes into it. 

(Hey, did I just do a quotable quote? I will put that into picture form tomorrow. Remember my tendency to procrastinate?)

Keep your fingers crossed, this Serendipitous Sunday will lead to a Magical Monday.


  1. That's great news! Thinking positive thoughts for you!

  2. Thanks Sunfire! hugs!!
    More news on this will come by weekend, I hope.


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