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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ but it's Thursday! Where have the days gone?

Okay, I lost a few days this week. Last thing I knew, Monday was finishing up and the week looked good. Now, it's Thursday and I am trying to figure out what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday!!
Days of the Week Underwear.
Need some in adult sizes me thinks

I haven't walked in the last two days (I know, I know! I can't say I have walked every day since my birthday. Don't worry, I am chastising myself so you don't have to.) I haven't listed my new Toekini's, I haven't made any new Toekini's, I barely managed to pay the end of the month bills. What is going on? 

Want it?
Here is Amazon link
I know part of the culprit. Kindle. I found a book (for free) that I liked over the weekend and decided I would 'take a break' and just read. Well, that was the weekend. Turns out this book was part of a series, and so I got the next book, and then the next, and now have the next. It is the Solomon and Lord series, by Paul Levine. It seems I have gotten trapped in an alternate world of books. Does that happen to you too?

You just might see this guy
in downtown Asheville. 
Another thing that messed up my schedule this week was that I had had to be downtown by 8am both Tuesday and Wednesday. (Part of that demo project I mentioned last week, except we are not in demo mode anymore.) 

Today I have to go downtown again, that is several hours out of my day again. You just never know who you might run into, whether it be the musician all in white, or the beggars asking for money or cigarettes, or the Krishna followers giving you books about peace and love.

Off to 8th grade graduation.
Never happy to be posing for
a picture at 7am.
Add to that, I have to take my youngest shopping for an outfit for his 8th grade graduation. Yes, they are doing a graduation. Needs a dress shirt, dress pants, and a tie for goodness sake. 
Yes, we did have to watch a Youtube video on how to tie a tie. Hubby doesn't own a tie, and though my dad showed me when I was young, that skill is long gone.

To prove how I have been losing days, I wrote this on Thursday, and then all of a sudden it's FRIDAY! 
Does anyone else have trouble keeping track of the days sometimes? Does it make you feel lost? Do you get stuck in alternate worlds, get bogged down with chores and obligations so much so that you put them off? 
How do you then get back on track? 

Have a great weekend all - maybe next week I can keep up with the days.............


  1. HAHA!! I lose days too, nice to know I am not the only one!! It's worse when Monday's are holidays!!
    Your son looks handsome, and congrats on graduating!!
    I have yet to be sucked into the reading books on a device... my hubby has a nook, but I can't seem to do it!! LOL I do get sucked into reading though, and if it's a series, I will disappear for days!!

  2. Oh, yes, I have been where you are! There is never enough time, especially because I have SO many things that I want to, LOTS that I need to do & those that I'm thinking about doing.

    I feel that I am pulled in many directions at once. I run a shop, create all of my own products & manage a craft challenge blog ( - If you want to share a creation with us!) Not to mention, I have social medias that need to be kept up, such as blogs, twitter, Pinterest, Facebook & it goes on & on!

    I can't say it enough, but I need a crew of people! This way I can focus on what I love - arts & crafts :)

    Lots of joy to you!

  3. I know what you mean, those Monday Holidays always mess up my week. If your going to get lost in your week, reading is a great way to get lost!
    Everyday Inspired


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