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Thursday, August 4, 2016

First Day of Vaca = Car Trouble

Of course. The first day of my vacation, I get in the car to make it to the early morning cross fit class, and turn on the windshield wipers to get the dew off - NOTHING.

I should have been preparing for this, I know. Last week the noise started. A loud, tired whirring when the wipers were on.

But did I prepare? Nope.
Who ever fixes anything on a car unless it completely stops working? Especially a 20 year old car.

I am left with the question - worth fixing the wiper motor to sell or just unload as is? We have been talking about selling this one for a slighty less crappy piece of crap.

Tough call. The part locally is twice as much as is should be. We don't have all the tools to follow the instructions on the You Tube videos I have spent the morning pouring over. But who would pay good money for a car that immediately needs repairs?

That is the problem with old cars. I am just not sure I want to spend time on my vacation to muck around with this. Perhaps just order the part and give it a try....and then take to the mechanic if/when we realize this is over our heads.

I went out and looked at the one there, and think that I can handle it. But, could be overly ambitions as I remember of the time I said 'I can check the oil, no problem, don't worry about it I got it!' Then, proceeded to check the steering fluid. The oil thingy is in a very hard to reach spot on my car, I learned.

Oh well, I learned. I learned I desperatlye need an oil change too.

Time for a new used car methinks. Think I can use this pic for the ad to sell it, this is from when it was new to me, and I still liked the car. Got to get in the right frame of mind to convince someone this is the car for them.
So, I will spend one last effrot, money-wise and time-wise, to get this crappy car on the market and then try to find another, less crappy, car to get me around. Would be nice if it fits all the grown kids too. Hopefully the sale of this, and a wee bit more on our tight budget, will lead us to something better.

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