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Monday, October 24, 2016

Music Monday! You Get What You Give

It's been a while. I keep wanting to get a Music Monday done. I keep picking songs, even have a Two for Tuesday picked. But when it came to writing, I was at a loss. Nothing to give.

Yes, I have written about having nothing to write about. A few times, and then some more. It is every writers problem, at one time or another. So I will save those songs when I feel the reason I picked them in the first place.

But this song I heard, and I just felt like writing. I was avoiding the Debate last Wednesday, actually. Hubby wanted to 'witness history' or something like that. Me? Nope. I honestly have such a strong dislike for Trump, that listening to him at all gets me in such an annoyed and angry state it takes me a long time to recover from. I haven't uttered much about the election or the candidates for this reason. It is best for me to just put headphones on and listen to some good music and stay in my happy place.

Anyway, to drown out the blathering on TV, I put on my headphones and started a very decent playlist on YouTube and enjoyed some good 90's music. This song came on, and I loved the happiness in the video. The lead singer just looked like he was enjoying the crap out of the whole song. Then, everyone running through the mall was having a ball.

Yes, it is time to enjoy the crap out of stuff. Enough election crap. Enough negative crap. Enough fighting. Let's just have some plain old fun! 

Wake up kids! We got the dreamers disease! 

Okay, yes I know this song is about being fake. New Radicals' front man Gregg Alexander said he chose this setting because he sees the shopping mall as a metaphor for society—a fake, controlled environment engineered to encourage spending. But the title says it all, really. You do get what you give. If you don't give anything, you don't get anything. And it is peppy. 

And peppy was much, much better than the debate, though you could draw some similarities to the theme of the song {fake} and the presidential candidates {fake}, I won't go there.

You've got the music in you
Don't let go
You've got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don't give up
You've got a reason to live
Can't forget
We only get what we give 

I think I will continue to listen to music until all the blathering about the candidates and the election is over. Actually, I will continue after that as well, because music is my happy place. And I will fantisize about letting puppies free in a mall, because that would be so much fun!

If you are curious about the is a good one.

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