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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Yep, It's Fall ~ I Have A Cold

It used to be the norm. Change of season = Onset of the Common Cold.
But now that my kids are older, well not even kids anymore, we don't get sick regularly anymore.
I love this aspect of children growing older, by the way.
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Used to be me and the boys got strep throat ever few months when they were little. They were prone to it and without fail every time they got it, I got it. Hubby and daughter didn't seem to be affected, but me and the boys - every damn time. And the colds, we got those every other month! Kids in school = Colds every other month.

And I don't even want to tell the story of that stomach flu they brought home from school. Let's not go there. (Besides that it hit every one of us 5 days before Christmas the one year that I was hosting a huge, like 20 people over, family Christmas. That goes in the books as THE WORST.)

As they kids grew and went off to college, we noticed seasonal colds, flus, sore throats, etc virtually were non existant to us. And let me tell you I relished in the fact that we didn't get sick very often.

Then, this happened. Hubby started complaining that he was getting sick. There was some doubt on my part I have to say...after all you know how hubbies can complain at the slightest discomfort and love to be babied. But it was true, he had a cold. Now, this time, for him, it was just a slight congestion, a few sniffles, and lots of complaining of how terrible he feelt. I have gotten used to this. I encouraged orange juice and rest, and gave lots of sympathy and attention, thankful that I didn't have any of those symptons. He didn't even need a box of tissues!

Then it hit me, Friday night. The onset of congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing. I was weak, and feeling terrible. I had a roll of toilet paper next to me at all times! (we were out of tissues, again)

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I managed to get to the grocery store early Saturday. Okay it wasn't early - I slept in till 8am! (I am normally up a little after 6am on days I am not up at 5am to make it to 6am yoga or cross fit class.) So I got to the store before I felt like real poopoo. I came home, took the cold medicine and parked myself on the couch with the box of kleenex and spent the entire rest of the day between heavy naps from the medicine and waking hours with kleenex constantly wiping my nose. I was wiped out! (no pun intended...didn't do that on purpose..teehee)

Today, I feel only mildly better. I got up at 6:30am, took meds and coffee. I felt good enough for a 3 mile walk - but not run. (I do think that the medicine and coffee helped with that) But the heavy naps still are necessary.

What do I mean by heavy nap? The nap that you suddenly need because your body and head are extremely heavy. Thus, the sleep is the heavy, 'I am not lifting my head or eyelids until this feeling goes away' kind of sleep.

My nose is red from wiping, I am sneezing, Yes, this all sucks.

I completely blame hubby for giving this to me, by the way. He got it first, 3 days after store, and like clockwork 3 days later I got it. But why was I so much mroe congested than him? Totally random explantaions : I have allergies...he doesn't have tonsils....who knows really. Who cares this still sucks. (And after 23 years of marriage, I am allowed to blame him for things like this, right?.)

Back to wiping nose, and I think it's time to take more meds, and perhaps a cup of tea with honey, and the inevitable medicine induced heavy nap. Thank goodness it is the weekend. Hopefully tomorrow I will be better, who can call in sick for a measly common cold, right?


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    1. Aww, thank you Frauke! I will, but just had to complain a little bit. It really has been a while since I have been sick.


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