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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Sunday Wog Fall and Good Samaritans

I got to sleep in a little today, a nice Sunday, perfect for staying in bed a little long, just because. I got up a little after 7am, but I was feeling very guilty about not getting up earlier to go for a run/walk, or Wog (walk/jog) as I now like to call it. I was a little groggy, but got on my running gear, decided that coffee after the run would be better than before the run, got my Tom Tom Runner searching for a satellite, and turned the ipod on and headed out. 

Photo By Charlesjsharp - Own work,
from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0,  
The 'Go!' beep went off on the Tom Tom , so I started walking. Got on the road and I heard this banging on metal. Strange, but then I saw the culprit. A woodpecker, probably the one I saw in the Almond tree yesterday, was searching for food in the gutters. Cool.

I decided to start to run, and after a little trouble getting going with all the thoughts going on in my head - the questioning of the run, the little bit of soreness as my muscles warmed up, the wonder of it all that I was actually running a mere 20 minutes after I got out of bed, etc. - I eventually got in a 'zone'. The music was good, it wasn't unbearably hot, and I was just running along. I forgot all the reasons I was questioning this run, I was tuned in to the music and the breathing and the pace, and I felt pretty good. 

Ironically, Skinned came on the ipod, and I was totally in the 'Running Zone' (I only made it to #3 on that list as it turned out....)

I waved to other runners, enjoying all the views and smells of beautiful flowers, plugging along. Suddenly, I was falling! I was headed down, and then I was rolling. The music suddenly stopped. I didn't quite know what was happening! 

By the time I realized I had fallen right off the road, the edge of the road dropped about 3 inches to the shoulder, I was on my right side, ipod in the dirt. I looked down at my left knee and saw the blood. I was a bit stunned, but righted myself and got the ipod, all the while actually cussing out loud that I actually wiped out and fell OFF the road! 

As I was getting my bearings, I noticed there is a car stopped next to me and I hear:
 'Are you all right, Miss?'
My first thought was:
 'Damn, how embarrassing, they probably saw the whole thing!'
Then I realised:
 'It must have looked pretty bad if they actually stopped to check on me!'
Then thought:
M. Scott Byers
 'Wow, they actually stopped to check on me, that is so nice!'

I was fine, and I told them so. I just skinned my knee good, and I told them that too. I also added:
 'Hey, thanks for stopping to see if I was okay'.

Because, really, it was nice that they stopped in the middle of the road to see if I was hurt. Who does that anymore, these days? It was so nice to see that these kids (well they weren't really kids, but probably in their twenties) were nice enough to stop and ask if I was okay, and be there if I needed help. 

I tried to keep running because really I didn't feel hurt. I ran on for a little while, but when I saw that blood had dripped all the way to my ankle, I wiped it and decided I best turn around and go home to get cleaned up. No one wants to see a bloody Wogger. 

When I got home, I realized I was missing more skin than I had originally thought. That really didn't bother me. What I kept thinking was how nice it was that someone stopped to see if I was okay. Well, that and that they called me Miss. That made me feel old. But really, I was so glad to know that there are still good people, good young people, out there. I told the story to Hubby, and he said 'their parents raised them right'. 

Right he is! If they listened to the majority of people out there, they would have kept driving, but instead they had the goodness that must have been passed down from their parents, and they stopped to help someone was down, literally on the side of the road in the dirt. Sadly, this seems rare these days. I wish it wasn't, and I am glad I got to experience this all too random kindness. I hope they know they did something very special, it was greatly appreciated, and hopefully they will never lose that urge to help those that may need help. 

My Sunday wog, though cut short, a bit painful, and no doubt will leave me with a nice big scar on my knee, was also a wonderful example of random kindness. I didn't get the 3 miles in that I wanted, but got something much more rare and wonderful - Good Samaritans.
Source: Postitive Success Group

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