Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Music Friday! wha??? Friday and Music? Crazy For Sure ~ I'm In Love!

A spectacularly chaotic, crazy, what the heck? type of video. I have even felt like the drummer when the backdrop actually drops on his head. 

Perfect. This is how my weeks are lately. So I embrace the chaos. 

Yes, it is Friday. MUSIC FRIDAY! I missed Music Monday - I have had trouble keeping track of the days really. I don't know if it's Monday, Wednesday, Sunday etc. I work at the shop all days but Tuesday, and my son was home for a long weekend. The high school kids have random days off, but didn't have Columbus day off, the bank was closed so couldn't do my Monday deposit.

You can see how I am confused this week. So It's Friday! Why not some music to go with what crazy times we've been through lately. I'm In Love!!

And suddenly today I realized I never posted this yesterday, so story of my life again. LATE.

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  1. lol. I'll be lucky if I get up my tale tues; we got our puppy monday and it has turned my days upside down as when I last brought home a newborn. This little one is up at the crack of dawn and ready to go!


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