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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fondue Friday!

Yesterday I mentioned fondue and my first attempt at creating a great fondue.
Well, chocolate is seldom bad, so it turned out good. But somehow I forgot to add water to the bottom pot (duh me), so I had to rescue my hardened chocolate fondue. Luckily, some chocolate milk saved the day and finally people started eating it. If nothing else, it looked beautiful on it's dedicated table and smelled GREAT. 

I am definitely going to try it again for Thanksgiving, when my oldest will be home from college and we will be all together again as a family. Besides, he is the one that will probably dip anything in chocolate and eat it.

** Side Note: When I was pregnant with him I had big Ho-Ho cravings and ate a lot of them, and strangely he is the one who loves chocolate the most. I had bologna cravings when pregnant with my daughter and she is the only one who like bologna. With my youngest, I ate everything, no particular cravings like the other two, and strangely he likes just about everything.**

Since yesterday I have heard so many great ideas for fondue, like pound cake dipped in chocolate! YUM. 

I am excited to experiment and try things, so have been searching for ideas. Pretzels! THAT would be good too. 
Of course! Apples!
How I could forget bananas I don't know, but would have never thought of oranges.
OK - marshmallows?? That seems like overkill to me! But the kids would probably love it.
Please share what great Fondue tip and recipes you might have (not strawberries, I know and let's all have a Happy Fondue Friday!

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